Game Depending on your age, you may have been in diapers when Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto 1, Wild Metal, and Grand Theft Auto 2 came out. There are many great things to come, check back to keep up with all the changes. 1 point. It's easy stuff. Just one click to download at full speed! Happily married to the most beautiful woman, © 2008-2017 | All content is the property of its rightful owner. A futuristic strategy game which was launched just after the first GTA, it offers some novelties in the genre. Aside from the GTA game, the company has published other types of games including ‘Wild Metal Country,’ ‘Italian Job’ and ‘Midnight Club series.’ Currently, the company is working on Agent which is set to be released soon. If anyone needs help editing levels via the scripts, I can help. 10.00 /10Miami Shark 10.00 /10Hedgehog Launch 10.00 /10American Racing 10.00 /10Beach Catfight 10.00 /101066 10.00 /10Zombotron 10.00 /10Cursed Treasure: DTMG 9.96 /10Turbo Golf 9.95 /10Zombieland 9.95 /10Bloons Tower Defense 3 9.84 /10Totem Destroyer 9.82 /10Soccer Balls 9.82 /10Infectonator 9.78 /10, 4 Wheel Madness29692 playsMax DirtBike22237 playsAdrenaline Challenge18947 playsDirt Bike18164 playsUltimate Flash Sonic16608 plays, The Bug It's a bit trimmer (40px narrower) and now showing only 12 titles, but the the best thing about it is .... wait for it ..... the 12 titles are new .... well not new-new, they've been available on the site for some time (years actually), but they're new to the slider. 2019-08-14 first! City Siege 2: Resort Siege 10.00 /10Cyclomaniacs 2 10.00 /10Ball and Chain 10.00 /10Utopian Mining 10.00 /10Smoking Kills 10.00 /10Hedgehog Launch 2 10.00 /10Thanks Tanks! Conquer the world with gelatine monsters! 2018-09-03 Welcome to this updated site and its continued fresh take to free online gaming. If you continue, you accept its use. I just made a short cut that did that automatically. JoeZ Closing Skype fixed the hanging setup and allowed it to proceed. 2019-01-13 Note: While in game tapping the F11 key will allow you to change screen resolution. -1 point. 2016-10-15 1999, the year Wild Metal Country was released on Windows. RichUKUSA Made by DMA Design Limited and published by Gremlin Interactive Limited, this action game is available for free on this page. Wild Metal (2000) – This game was originally developed by DMA Design and published by Gremlin Interactive for Windows in 1999. Share your gamer memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you'd like. Build your world based on blocks, and stop others from stealing them. V roce 2000 Rockstar vydal tuto hru v Evropě a USA na konzoli Sega Dreamcast. Wild Metal Country, Free Download by Rockstar Games. answer= I DON NOT KNOW, reason= the controls are complete SHIT!!!!!! 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It ran fine on 8.1 64 bit for the longest time then about a year or so ago no luck, then 10 same, dadjpainter If you have trouble to blast from the past. run Wild Metal Country (Windows), read the 0 point. Tommohawkeye More info here . Another vintage title from Rockstar North, then known as DMA Design, Wild Metal (1999) is a 3D strategic vehicular combat game set in a distant land, in which you command armed roving vehicles to disrupt dangerous automated military units that have overtaken the Tehric planetary system. Note to parents, guardians, etc. We may have multiple downloads for few games when different versions are available. The turret controls are extremely hard to master... most people just use the track controls to aim the tank instead of turret... works fine Reap the benefits with all manner of shady work-for-hire gigs contracted your way. The game pits tanks against one another on various planets, which just isn’t much fun to play. If your game is choppy, tap the F8 key to turn off frame limiter. I installed this on a Windows 10 PC and it worked well. Well that's great you guys can get it to run on Windows 10 etc. controls are odd, but once you learn them its great, bob Or maybe you of age back then which means a) You are old and b) You have already played these games. Rockstar Games, the creators of the classic Grand Theft Auto, now offers you totally for free the second title from their offices, Wild Metal. absolutely love this game. Uzņēmumam pieder daudz mazu studiju, kuras ir izveidotas, lai izstrādātu spēles. Oldtimer 2018-07-28 When I run setup.exe it goes to the User Account Dialog, I answer yes, it seems to work or pause for 5 or 6 seconds, then it simply stops with no window or dialog. Hra se odehrává na třech různých planetách kde se roboti vymkli kontrole a je třeba je znovu ovládnout. Whatever the case may be, Rockstar is giving everyone the chance to re-live the past (or experience it for the first time) by giving away copies of Grand Theft Auto 1, Wild Metal, and Grand Theft Auto 2 for free! I'm running 64 bit Windows 10 version 1803 (OS build 17134.165) Wild Metal Country is great if you want to blow something up quickly . How to play. [24-hours only] (Updated: This is “Standard”), Free AnVir Task Manager (v6.7)! 0 point, This is an EXCELLENT GAME and ROCKSTAR website (makers of the game) they rebuild the entire coding and upgraded the game to cater for newer NVIDIA and other graphics cards about 2010 and since then it has worked fine on all versions of windows including win 10 64 bit ( some tweaking required when loading the game, it will load 2 windows of the game, ALT TAB and close 1 of them several times and eventually your mouse will move the arrow in the game showing the game is working 100% fine ) .... ALL FREE UPGRADED DOWNLOAD at Rockstar website ... in the ORIGINAL RELEASE in the 1990s, the maps were excellent ... they appear to have changed map 1 and 2 and maybe all of them making the first few a lot smaller ... less enjoyable .. but as you get to higher levels, it is still big and excellent .... now computers are dirt cheap, I will get a $50 laptop and bung XP and the original release on it, as I still own the original CD in BIG BOX from when it came FREE with my MATROX G400 Graphics card and Gravis Ultrasound Card ( AMIGA HAPPY HARDWARE in the 1990s, MOD FILES sounded brilliant on GRAVIS I wish that company still made hardware today ), Necaras -1 point. Wild Metal Country je akční video hra vyvinuta studiem DMA Design v roce 1999. Please note, you MUST run the program "As an Administrator" or it will not start. Thus Wild Metal offers you a strategy game based on futuristic vehicles, in 3D, in which you have to lead a military convoy with the mission of locating and detaining dangerous combat robots which are invading the Tehric planetary system, where the action in Wild Metal takes place. Won't install on Windows 10 64 bit. The groundbreaking non-linear urban crime game shook up a complacent game industry with its irreverent gameplay, humor and style – and a phenomenon was born. A sensational turn taking strategy and combat game. 1 point, I tried intalling on Windows 8 but wont install, Is there anyone who knows who to fix this please, bambam Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar were the publishers. is this game any good u ask? Contribute I loved playing this game almost 20 years ago but am having trouble getting it to run now using this download. Released under the label DMA Design back in 1999, Wild Metal has aged terribly. Released by Rockstar in the Rockstar Classics collection. Menu. However, Rockstar collaborated on the Dreamcast port version of Wild Metal, which was released the following year. To get Grand Theft Auto 2 for free, do the following: If you have trouble getting GTA 1, Wild Metal, or GTA 2 for free, post below and other dotTechies or I will try to help. Loved playing the game on Windows XP and was hoping I could do it again but no such luck. Earn your respect with each gang. :) REALLY SUPER-DUPER NEWS: After another long absence, I am breaking my silence to announce the reworked "Featured Slider" ... which actually appeared a few weeks ago. More than 16300 old games to download for free! Depending on your age, you may have been in diapers when Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 1, Wild Metal, and Grand Theft Auto 2 came out. Any suggestions? To download Wild Metal for free from the author's website, you have to fill in a short form, which will send you the correct download link via email. To get Grand Theft Auto 1 for free, do the following: Version being given out for free: It’s a game dummy — back then a new “version” was a new release, Supported OS: “Current Microsoft Windows platforms”, Note: Latest version of DirectX is required. Rockstar Games ir uzņēmums, kas izdod videospēles un datorspēles. I tried all the Compatibility modes, with & without Administrator privileges, regular & 640 x 480 resolution, disabled/enabled fullscreen optimizations, toggled high DPI settings, and even reduced color mode but have had no luck. Also, we try to upload manuals and extra documentations when possible. I can't even delete the installer program. 0 point. Wild Metal is technically Rockstar’s first game, but the company wasn’t Rockstar yet. Game I have tried every thing I know to do to run this game.