History and Construction. by Mohamed Ali, the ruler of Egypt in 1830 to France. Luxor travel, special discount holiday packages offers for Karnak Temple and it was connected with it through the Luxor attractions and sightseeing attractions in The same also applies if you book one of our Nile cruises from Aswan to Luxor since all our Nile cruise holidays include a visit to Luxor Temple. The great colonnade of : 20-2-27492300 , 27492301 , It remained populated even after the ancient city’s political decline, and in modern times it has been the site of significant archaeological discovery and tourism. The entrance to the temple is considered one of the most beautiful unique architectural designs. Six large statues of King Ramesses II were built (4 statues with standing and two statues on each side). Ancient Egyptian Art | Poems of Love and Spinning in The Ancient Pharaonic Civilization. We find drawings of the king riding his Pharaonic war vehicle during the battle. We know very little about this princess. Located in the heart of the modern city of Luxor, the Luxor temple, especially the two colossi of Ramses II situated at the entrance of the temple, has become a land mark of the city. One of the obelisks was transported to the city of Concorde in Paris, France, and it is still present. Luxor Temple Egypt History, Facts, Plan, Architecture, Inside, Ticket Price. This temple is considered the pride of Egyptian architecture during the era of the eighteenth dynasty and it is called collectively (Luxor Temple) and the temple is in its essence a rectangle whose parts are located on one axis, and is surrounded by columns with an open or silenced papyrus crown and consists of the following parts: The entrance has two high walls with a slight inclination. Ramses III, The tombs of the The Pharaonic engineer, Amenhotep Ibn Habu, is considered to have undertaken the engineering and architectural supervision of the construction of the Great Luxor Temple. Entrance ticket price for foreign students = 80 Egyptian pounds. WE OFFER BEST Luxor Tours from Hurghada TO VISIT Luxor Temple IN LUXOR CITY. We give you tailor made holiday deals for We find drawings of the military battles of King Ramses II against the enemies, then the last right side. . The large lobby, which is surrounded by tall columns, is intended for priests and is less light. reserved. the entrance to the second colonnade of the Luxor temple Interestingly, records show that Alexander the Great completely rebuilt the chapel during his reign. Information about Luxor monuments, landmarks, historic buildings and museums in Then, we go to the central region. The last of the Pharaonic dynasty 18 and the first half of the reign of the Pharaonic family 19, where the Luxor Temple was built in the middle of the 1350th century and 1400 BC. It includes a first tower reaching 24 meters high and drawings of King Ramses II’s victories in many battles, such as the Battle of Kadesh and the victories of the Pharaonic family 25 of the ancient Nubian dynasty. We give you tailor made holiday deals for After Egypt’s pagan period, a Christian church and monastery was located here, and after that, a mosque (13th century Mosque of Abu el-Haggag) was built that continues to be used today. Luxor Temple, The with Select Egypt, special discount holiday packages offers for And some of her surnames. It is one of six ancient temples in and around the city of Luxor in Upper Egypt, in the area that was once home to the ancient city of Thebes. Fax : 20-2-27492302 items that were transferred to the Egyptian Museum The eastern bank of the Nile in Luxor, Egypt, Researcher in the history of Egyptian civilization, an electronic tourist marketer. The battle was completely described in the hieroglyphic language on the bottom of the edifice, in addition there are 4 gaps between the columns for placing flagpoles and 4 gaps above the edifice for placing the masts. Hurghada Lovers website help you to find Best time for rest and relaxation in Hurghada ELGouna Red_Sea Tours Trips & Hotels Beach real estate investment and more. The best monuments of This is because the temple faced Karnak. Pharaonic drawings and inscriptions were drawn on the cemeteries, representing the offering to the holy boat at the gods’ pharaohs. Building 5, Alsafwa copmpound, Degla, Maadi Cairo Egypt, Phone Luxor hotels with huge savings. But during the reign of the Pharaonic king Ramses II, he changed the path and axis of all the columns and temples. colonnade of Ramses II, he constructed another two huge The Luxor temple is in the middle of the ancient city of Thebes, on the east bank of the Nile. Entrance ticket price for Egyptian students = 5 Egyptian pounds. originally named "the southern Harem of Amun" in the There is another opinion from researchers and archeologists that the reason for the construction of King Amenhotep the Third is this temple due to the satisfaction of the priests of the god Amun, so that he can become king on the throne of ancient Egypt as a legitimate king, where he made special drawings of the god Amun describing him as the god of fertility and called it “Amon Ra Like death of Fei “or Amun Ra, the mother of Thor’s mother”. The Temple of Luxor is one of the most famous ancient Luxor tourist attractions and is placed firmly on the tourist trail in Egypt, attracting many thousands of visitors each year.