Catch up on sleep! See if you can attune your activities to la lune, see if she supports growth and helps you go with the flow…. Resist the urge to leave decisions unmade. Total Solar Eclipse. Get inspired! And if you get off track, you always have another chance to jump back into the moon’s cycle. Right off the bat, you might hit some snags in this phase. Aromatherapy Astrology And The Best Essential Oils For Scorpio Season…, Scorpio Beauty Comes With The Most Intense Intent…, ☆ HOME ☆ ABOUT ☆ PRESS & MEDIA ☆ CONTACT ☆ DISCLAIMER ☆. Blue moons are an extra full moon either during a calendar month (popular conception and definition) or during a season/equinox (the traditional definition used by astronomers). This is the culmination of the action-oriented, waxing energy of the lunar cycle. Sometimes it’s in front of, behind, or adjacent to Earth and the sun – causing us to only see some of the sun’s rays illuminating it. If you have started casting a spell during the previous moon phases, this is the time to sit tight and let the Universe do its job. Enjoy creature comforts, art, and beauty. She explores each phase of the moon and how it can be worked with the improve your life. Magical workings and divinations meant to reveal something hidden are potent during this time. During the Heian period of Japan, moon viewing parties were held nightly during the fall. It could be as simple as meditating, doing a yoga class, or writing a list. Others instigate action during the new moon phase, after planning in the dark moon phase. Most of us don’t have a work environment where we can pause during an inauspicious time. It was going to be a short guide, but… well, now it’s the ultimate guide to everything you need to know! Moodiness can be an issue during a Cancer moon. You can book a reading with me right here! This is a time for banishing – both energetically and with physical decluttering. The new moon energy facilities creative thinking, brainstorming, and creation. To banish something from your life, work during the waning moon (disseminating moon to dark moon). But Gemini excels at list making, so buckle down with your to-dos and take advantage of the energy. Sign up for my free weekly Moon Medicine newsletter to keep track of these. The attributes of the sign that the moon is inhabiting will color the energy of the moon phase. Resist the urge to soothe yourself with alcohol, drugs or food. Not all of our activities follow such a short cycle, however choosing days to launch projects, start programmes or plans can be timed with the moon to harness its benefits. There can be some stubbornness in the air during this moon. It’s a great time to give thanks, for the things that have reached fullness, it’s a great time to consider that which we can now let go of…. Continue to reevaluate what didn’t work in this lunar cycle. Still, block out some time for rejuvenating activities. When we’re in the gibbous phase, remember; eye on the prize! The full moon supports both emotional revelations and release. The words month and Monday evolved from Old English and Proto-Germanic word for moon. I created this guide for subscribers of my newsletter to explain the manifesting and magical potential of working with the moon phases. I like to look at these techniques as a process that can help facilitate growth and change towards goals. Aries is an energetic and action-oriented sign. Moon phase gardening takes into account two periods of the lunar cycle: the time between the new Moon and the full Moon (the waxing of the Moon), and the time between the full Moon and the new Moon (the waning of the Moon). Haven’t had a chance to sit down and read this, Not a tarot related post, although pictured is The, ✨Oracle Insights✨⠀ A more lenient interruption of this phase by astrologers prescribes just sticking to your usual routine. Another excellent time for divination. Spell check, refine and review. The moon has moved from dark to a sliver of light. Take some time to yourself to be alone. Waning Moon (from Full Moon to New Moon)– The shrinking moon facilitates banishing and releasing magick. During a void-of-course moon, rest and indulge in relatively passive activities- it’s a good time for catching up on reading and tv! Even if you work for yourself, it can be difficult. The good news is that void-of-course moons often don’t last long. This website uses cookies to help us track things like analytics and user preferences. Thanks for your support! Growing up in Texas, I’ve heard the saying that a ring (a foggy halo) around the moon signals rain. Also, Danielle LaPorte has moon info from Theresa Reed in her Desire Map Planner. The moon will appear split again, but with its dark half on the right-hand side. Proud Member of: Mediavine Publisher Network Architectural Digest © 2018 - Star Sign Style. This is a great time for intentions and magic that need fast results. Watch out for underhanded upstaging from others who are feeling the effects of this moon. From our view on earth, the moon is continually renewing itself. Engage with your community. Pisces loves sleep, daydreaming, and creativity. A professional astrologer, she has studied both with the London School of Astrology, and The Faculty of Astrological Studies. This is the most introvert stage of the cycle and privacy is paramount as you clear your head before launch into the new cycle. Sagittarius energy brings with it a refreshing honesty, but be careful to not take it too far. She’s losing form. Here’s the simplest way to remember these phases: action and growth should take place during the waxing phase, as the moon grows. This is a great time to fine-tune the details of projects or your space. The first signs of manifestation may occur during the full moon. Star Sign Style - Astrology Fashion And Beauty For The Zodiac With Celebrity Star Signs. This is a time of healing in preparation for the new cycle to begin. Don’t be the victim of foot-in-mouth disease. During the waxing moon phase, the moon will transform from a tiny sliver in the sky to a big ball of light. If you don’t see any signs or synchronicities, don’t worry, more can come later. This might include the discarding of old habits, saying goodbye to toxic friendships, closing a business or leaving a relationship. The Pisces moon can bring with it emotional upset. This phase calls for assertiveness and action. Folks are more willing to compromise for a mutually beneficial outcome. This energy is conducive to deep self-reflection. and I subscribe to Theresa Reed’s weekly Astro-Biz Digest. Moonology is a great resource written by astrologer Yasmin Boland. Do be careful of being too impulsive during this moon. This is a great time to look at your career as a well. During this time, it’s wise to take a tried-and-true approach to challenges. This can be another time in the moon cycle where wrenches are thrown in the gears of your plan. They’re important enough for us to have coined the phrase “one in a blue moon” acknowledging the rarity of the event. The balsamic moon is a great time for planning and dreaming. This is the best time to initiate action on a project. Post off packages! This is the time to let go, release, retire. Photo by Melanie Magdalena. This is an incredibility fruitful time for writing. In astrology, the moon rules emotions. Phases of the Moon Illustration. The moon moves through a zodiac sign around every two days. Both new moons and full moons can be supermoons. Experiment and see what feels right for you. The moon makes an orbit around the Earth every 28 days or so. Be prepared for intuitive insights to come through during this moon. Embrace your inner weirdo! Cleanse your space and body and kick back. An eclipse occurs when one celestial body obscures another. Close off, really let go and go inward. Channel excess emotion into a creative project. The moon is in its closest elliptical orbit to earth, resulting in a larger appearance. In other words, don’t be discouraged that you didn’t let go of all of your limiting beliefs and manifested $5000 dollars by following the moon cycle for a month. This is a great time to reexamine your long-term goals and career. Be prepared for emotions to run a little bit higher than usual during a supermoon.