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The Ninth Sister refused to help Vader and when he overpowered the bounty hunters, they retreated and stole the Ninth Sister's speeder at gunpoint. In 1184 Pope Lucius III required bishops to make a judicial inquiry, or inquisition, for heresy in their dioceses, a provision renewed by the fourth Lateran Council in 1215. When Karr Nuq Sin, a Force-sensitive teenager seeking to understand his connection with the Force and the ways of the Jedi, visited Dok-Ondar's Den of Antiquities hoping to find Jedi artifacts, Dok-Ondar showed him the Inquisitor lightsaber. However, the Sixth Brother betrayed Ninth Sister, cutting her leg off and leaving her to fend off the last of the troopers alone.

The Inquisitor went there to find the Jedi Mususiel, who stayed to save the others. After several encounters, The Grand Inquisitor succeeded in capturing Kanan, but was defeated by the latter in a lightsaber duel during a rescue staged by the rebels and Kanan's Padawan, Ezra. The Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister survived the encounter and managed to alert Darth Vader, who vowed to put an end to the Jedi threat.

the Fifth Brother and the Seventh Sister spent several months pursuing Jarrus and Bridger. The Dark Lord of the Sith killed Second Sister for her failure and weakness. Content approaching.

The Grand Inquisitor's identity is still lingering in some form, bound to an ancient Jedi Outpost by some machination of the Sith, as a trap for those who would oppose them. Meanwhile, the Seventh Sister and the Fifth Brother kidnapped the infants Alora and Pypey above the planets Chandel and on Takobo respectively. However, when arriving at Coruscant their communications were deliberately jammed, stopping the Ninth Sister from sending their clearance codes. Get exclusive access to content from our 1768 First Edition with your subscription. By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. By this time the antiques collector Dok-Ondar acquired a broken lightsaber that once belonged to the Grand Inquisitor.

[53] The Tenth Brother was an exception, possessing two separate shoto lightsabers. This brought them into contact with the Ghost crew and Ahsoka, who defeated them in combat. Formerly a Jedi Temple Guard during the era of the Republic, he now answered to Darth Vader in the Empire's ongoing purge of the Jedi. Leaders: [31], At one point, a female Inquisitor was on Dathomir when she encountered Jerserra, a Dathomirian from the Nardithi Nightsisters, a sect of the Nightsisters. One of the infants they took was the daughter of former Jedi Master Eeth Koth. Inquisitors frequently use Force-telekinesis to throw and pull back their lightsabers while they are set in double-bladed spinning mode, as a ranged attack that clears a path through their enemies. Vader's goal was to turn the Sixth Brother into a juggernaut, but sadly this meant he lacked any skill or finesse. Please update the article to reflect recent events, and remove this template when finished.

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Later, she explained to the uneducated Skywalker that Vader and the Inquisitors had hunted down and destroyed the Jedi in the Great Purge, leaving her to believe that anyone who aspired to be a Jedi was nothing more than a fool.

The Inquisitors can use their lightsabers as some sort of helicopter mode for flying to places; the lightsaber spins extremely fast and the Inquisitor can control the direction they go. General information

In the end, Ahsoka and Kanan teamed with Maul to defeat the Inquisitors. [56], At Dragon Con 2018, Rebels writer Henry Gilroy explained that in choosing former Jedi to join the Inquisitorius, Palpatine kept an eye on aggressive and selfish Jedi and those who could possibly be turned into Inquisitors.[57]. Shortly afterwards, The Grand Inquisitor arrived and, unaware of Ahsoka's identity, decided to hunt her himself, but not before informing Darth Vader.

Affiliation They quickly succeeded in gunning down the Tenth Brother, although the Sixth Brother and Ninth Sister were able to deflect their shots. Like a Jedi fighting with two lightsabers at once, however, this also divides the user's focus, making them somewhat more unwieldy. The Grand Inquisitor's identity is still lingering in some form, bound to an ancient Jedi Outpost by some machination of the Sith, as a trap for those who would oppose them.

This was actually Anakin Skywalker's old apprentice Ahsoka, and she was able to kill him with relative ease. [8] One of Vader's first training sessions with them included teaching them loss by expending at least one of their limbs, such as the Sixth Brother's left forearm, the Fifth Brother's right hand,[14] and the Ninth Sister's left eye. Vader also sent the Eighth Brother to hunt down the former Sith Lord, Maul. I know Luke Skywalker fought the Grand Inquisitor's ghost or something in the comics. Organization type Ian Goodwillie is a freelance writer based out of Saskatoon, SK, Canada.

A one-stop shop for all things video games. None of that explains where the Inquisitorius went or what happened to them, though. About one year after the rise of the Empire, an Inquisitor known as the Sixth Brother was active and searching for Force-sensitive children. However, the female Inquisitor wasn't finished yet and as the shuttle ascended, she used the Force to pull the baby from her mother's arms. [21] The Inquisitors also developed interrogation chairs to assist in their questioning of suspected rebels or Jedi.

The Emperor isn't one to share power, so the Inquisitors are what he allows to exist, keeping them on a short leash - i.e., he doesn't have them trained as full Sith so they'll never be powerful enough to turn against him. Mira begged her to let her go, appealing to her woman to woman. None of that explains where the Inquisitorius went or what happened to them, though. [54] Should they be identified as such, the cadets would be abducted and taken into custody. They may have simply moved on to filling other roles within the Empire, though it's more likely Darth Vader "retired" them the same way he did the Jedi.

Members: The other type was the murus strictus, a high-security prison, where inmates were kept in solitary confinement, often in chains. In the EU, the head of the Inquisitorious, Jerec, is one of the Imperial Warlords that controls parts of the Imperial Remnant, and tries to harness the trapped Force potential of the Valley of the Jedi, which has all the 'souls' of the Jedi and Sith killed at the Battle of Ruusan in it.