This is a great way to network and ask questions to those further along in the educational path. Doing fieldwork to gather data for analysis or to assess habitats. There are a dozen more sub-disciplines of ecology to research, which makes this career field interesting. Graduate school can be competitive; therefore, we also encourage you to volunteer, complete related internships, and get as hand-on-experience as possible. Within the realm of fish and game warden careers, ecologists often work for government agencies, environmental groups, conservation charities and research institutes. 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Hartmann Award, ‘Evolution Nailed It’ Seed Funding Competition, The superheroes of nutrient detection living in our oceans, University congratulates Australian Academy of Science Fellows, Treasury goes green with the help of University researchers, Dr Chris Murray and his passion for preservation, New podcast from Geography Postgraduate Society, Dark matter to shed light on the universe, Unravelling modern biology with computational methods, Gift adds up for next-gen maths education, How Australian wildlife live with bushfires but the price can be high, ARC Linkage grant success for Woody Meadows project, Why Australia's severe bushfires may be bad news for tree regeneration, Is Donald Trump anti-science? (It’s fast and free!). Federal and state game wardens are law enforcement officers and wildlife conservation specialists, so having a degree in an area like environmental science or wildlife management is just as important as experience in law enforcement. If you want to be an ecologist, you may also be interested in one of these related careers: The information on this site is provided as a courtesy. For example, if someone came up with really legitimate evidence that global climate change was not happening, many biologists and ecologists would probably be thrilled to hear it; until then, though, they work with what they have, which argues the opposite. To learn more about aquatic ecology, visit the Regional Aquatic Monitoring Program (link opens in a new tab), which provides an Introduction to Aquatic Ecology. The successful candidate will perform habitat and impact assessments, lead surveys throughout the area, provide quality control for field data collections and reports and conduct water-quality tests. Ecologists' work is essential to conserving Australia's ecosystems and its biodiversity. Professor Stephen Wing is based in the Department of Marine Science at the University of Otago in Dunedin. They may also work as advisers, consultants or advocates, helping local companies or governments operate in a way that will not harm the environment. Communications and interpersonal skills. Often, politics is nowhere near the top priority, the search for more knowledge and understand is. Ecologists study nature, including fauna, flora and other organisms, with a focus on how these organisms interact with one another and the environment, in an attempt to preserve and protect species and ecosystems and solve environmental issues. Develop ecologically-based methods, which improve CFT surveillance to prevent outbreaks. As an ecologist, you would normally specialise in a particular type of environment, for example marine or coastal areas, or a … University looks for these in addition to the academic achievements accomplished while earning your bachelors degree. The aim of their work could range from balancing the needs of the environment to coming up with ideas for land management. How do we protect our unique biodiversity from megafires? For this reason, the kind of work ecologists do can vary significantly, ranging from studying microbes in soil to investigating the impact of pollutants on a river ecosystem. . Examples include terrestrial (land), aquatic (water), applied (concepts and principles of ecology), conversation (management of biodiversity), and evolutionary (evolution). Khan Academy is a free resource for students and adults. What Does a Plant Ecologist Do? These programs usually involve a combination of classroom, field and laboratory work and culminate in the writing of a thesis. Collecting and analysing data to determine environmental conditions and restoration needs; Developing and communicating recommendations for landowners to maintain or restore environmental conditions; Planning environmental restoration projects, using biological databases, environmental strategies, and planning software; Communicating findings of environmental studies or proposals for environmental remediation to other restoration professionals; Conducting site assessments to certify a habitat or to ascertain environmental damage or restoration needs; Developing environmental restoration project schedules and budgets; Creating habitat management or restoration plans, such as native tree restoration and weed control; Supervising and provide technical guidance, training, or assistance to employees working in the field to restore habitats; Applying for permits required for the implementation of environmental remediation projects; Creating diagrams to communicate environmental remediation planning using geographic information systems (GIS), computer-aided design (CAD) or other mapping or diagramming software. But I also get to write, and I get to analyse data. What a video to learn what an ecologist does.