Lee Young Joon has a capable and patient secretary in Kim Mi … I found her decision to stay an interesting choice, because in the end, after spending thirty days with the mindspace that she was leaving, she ended up realizing that she was already in the job that was perfect for her. Park Min Young has a pollen allergy so that she cannot go near any flowers. K-drama gods. Yes, you can watch this drama don’t just wonder if you can watch this drama or not. K-Drama Episode 3 & 4 Recaps and Reviews| Korean Drama Reviews, Life On Mars Korean Drama | Plot | Reviews | OST | FAQs ». The cute actor, who plays Young Joon's older brother, had several supporting roles in K-dramas. There's so much warmth sa mga tinginan and lines nila. If you are watching other genre of drama at the moment, do watch this drama to balance the emotional impact of watching many Japanese or Korean drama to your life. I would love to buy her outfits—especially her cute and comfy-looking loungewear!). Overall, I'm really heartbroken—because the series is over and I don't know when a next great one like this will turn up again! When he asked the reason for her leaving the company, she said that she wants to love someone and marry someday and if she is in the company she cannot able to do that. I am really into this drama from the very first episode. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Korean drama OSTs: What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Kdrama OST are. I also *finally* understand Park Seo Joon's appeal in this series—Lee Young Joon is cuter and more relatable compared to Ji Sung Joon in She Was Pretty, IMO." He is very self-absorbed and thinks highly of himself, so much that he barely acknowledges the people around him. He's literally quite close to perfect. He also played a chicken shop owner in While You Were Sleeping (2017). A hardworking woman who kicks ass at her job as a secretary for a major company's vice chairman decides to resign. Park Seo Joon (Lee Young Joon) who doesn’t want to lose her trying to persuade her not to leave him. I know that both PSJ and PMY are sunbaenims in the K-drama scene, but I was doubtful about their chemistry at first. Spoiler alert: He was not just some narcissistic chaebol. You mustn't be childhood friends before u fall in love. ), Romantic Comedy Korean drama - Top 10 [Till 2019], Korean Drama for Beginners - Top 10 [2019 Updated!!! For nine years, she's served as the secretary of the vice chairman of a merger-acquisition corporation. – And definitely not a science fiction or high technology such as AI kind of drama (many drama on this kind of thing is not believable). Park Seo Joon who is full of self-confidence, conceited and a lot of confidence in his looks. Oct 27, 2020 AM EDT - Victoria Marian Belmis, K-WAVE - Dec 31, 1969 PM EST - Victoria Marian Belmis. Find out more here. Judging from the its webtoon, What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim is: – Definitely a RomCom drama – a kind of drama that is liked by many ordinary people who just need to laugh to release feel good hormones (endorphins). In general, this holds true, but the tropes WWWSK brings are executed in a much different manner--over-the-top comedic, and at some points borderline parodic. isn't your usual rich boy-poor girl story where their biggest hurdle is the former's parents. ), Time Travel Korean Drama - Top 10 (2019 Updated!!! He does not want to lose her so he offered a big offer to her yet she refused his offer. – Not a gloomy, misery, melo, and full of mentally violence drama (too much gloomy drama is not good, we need something cheerful or that can make us laugh… we’re not masochist right?) Tae Hwan (23) was born on February 21, 1995, while Seo Joon (29) was born on December 16, 1988. Recent episodes of the tvN drama provided more information about the horrific event that left Young Joon with ligature marks on his ankles and Mi So with an inexplicable fear of spiders. ], What’s wrong with Secretary Kim OST part 1 Love virus – Kihyun & Seol Ah, What’s wrong with Secretary Kim – It’s you – Jeong Sewoon OST part 2, What’s wrong with secretary Kim – “Wanna be” (GFriend) OST part 3, What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim OST Part 4 / 김비서가 왜 그럴까 OST Part 4, « Are You Human? Given the said secretary's flashback, viewers learned that the woman who might have abducted Young Joon might be related to Mi So as her guardian. Every episode ended with a cliffhanger that made you hate yourself a little for watching the episodes right after broadcast. This drama also has excellent actors that made the interpretation of the webtoon is as expected so far. LOL!). However, What's Wrong with Secretary Kim Episode 10 provided viewers with a vital clue as to why Mi So developed arachnophobia. Summary: The old plot of rich guy poor-girl has been twisted, played with, and put in a modern-day context with light comedy, amazing background score, cute gifs, and an over-the-top chemistry between the two main leads. finally conquers her financial struggles and decides to quit her job as a secretary, the two lead actors and the director have the same last names, the other (with a super funny photo of Seo Joon!) Sure, he's strict AF and doesn't give employees a second chance, but he believes he's always been a good boss to Mi So. I must say, I'm torn between Park Yoo Sik and Mr. Yang as my favorite. – Not a detective or legal or action (full of violence) drama (we don’t want to get used to see violence, right?) Kim Mi So (Park Min Young), a diligent woman in her late 20s, finally conquers her financial struggles and decides to quit her job as a secretary. But the series received great feedback and even topped ratings in Korea—with many fans saying how great of an actor. ), High School Korean drama - Top 15 (2019 Updated!!! Am not just aiming at dis drama but most of their dramas the lead actors must know eachother one way or the other wen they were little. They said the actor didn't really have a lot of similarities to the character, so it was hard to picture him as such. (From struggling millennial to vice chairman real quick! —Yela Lao, "I like how What's Wrong With Secretary Kim?