They eat us now, they eat us later Their fearless humor and sarcasm has become their social media trademark. The most effective strategy is to stay true to your brand’s core values and channel your social platforms to cultivate a brand voice that is consistent with your brand identity. These are […]. @McDonalds So you’ll still use frozen beef in MOST of your burgers in ALL of your restaurants? The brand’s Twitter dig received more interactions than McDonald’s original tweet! It’s interesting to note that Wendy’s had a fresh start on Instagram from July 18, 2019, and deleted all of its posts published before that date. Wendy’s has also been able to accomplish the balance between sounding too pushy with their promotional content and engaging content. This is exactly what Wendy’s did. A really high mention rate for a brand suggests at something non-typical – it could be angry customers or a controversy or even a viral campaign. How can that be? It’s a shame Bradley can’t spend his whole day on Twitter. You couldn’t tell it was us.”. 1,258 Followers, 970 Following, 226 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Wendy Levra (@fitwitwendy) This report was put together using Unmetric Analyze. Social media is all about immediacy and interactions on social platforms are about one thing – people want answers and they want them now. The move marks an evolution of Wendy’s social strategy, which is now focused on adding value to users of each individual platform that it dabbles in. Category . With a hybrid reality in the offing, rethinking perks to include ways to make working from home better for employees has become a focus for leaders. Twitch’s over 17.5 million daily active users are gaining growing attention from companies well beyond the traditional gaming world. — Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow) April 15, 2017, The race for Retweets is on! The popularity of the post lies in the history of Wendy’s social media roasts. By benchmarking Wendy’s against the top performing brands from North America, it is quite evident that Wendy’s could do more to translate their social media chops on Twitter to Instagram. This level of consistency leads to consistent engagement by keeping your audience hooked to your social profiles. The brand tweeted 35K times, i.e. The brand ran 7 campaigns during the year. The hint of red and white, the colors consistent with their brand logo and product packaging, is found in most of their posts and is an exercise in visual branding. “We treat it with a certain artistic reverence that is still approachable through stories around quality, heritage and service.”. An online feud with your competitor may not be the most practical marketing strategy, but Wendy’s and their beef with other brands on social media seem to have worked wonders for them. Photos also saw higher engagement than videos. Season . When there’s an on-going global pandemic that’s crippling whole brand categories, it was hard to hear the CMOs speaking at the ANAs. At the time of writing this article, Wendy’s added 243K new followers on Instagram, bringing its total follower count to 650K in 2017, registering close to 60% growth rate. Everyone on Twitterverse took notice of Wendy’s, including celebrities. Not just on Twitter, Wendy’s have also successfully utilized the little-used tool for Facebook success – responsiveness. In 2017, Wendy’s replied to over 20K tweets in an average of 15 minutes per tweet! “That is something you do when you’re first starting out and you need to grab a lot of attention.”.