Die Region verliert rasant an Einwohnern.[2]. There are several Unesco world heritage sites nearby. Oblast Vidin (bugarski Област Видин) nalazi se u sjeverozapadnoj Bugarskoj na granici sa Rumunjskom i Srbijom . , also by a unit of the Janissaries. The Siege of Vidin refers to an attempt by the Serbian Army to seize the Bulgarian city of Vidin during the Second Balkan War. Област Видин – динамично развиваща се област, постигаща висок икономически растеж и заетост, устойчиво развитие, подобрено качество на живот и съхранено, и популяризирано природно и културно наследство. Author: ticu constantin, Published: April 28, 2009 ), about 0 miles away. If you're thinking of selling or renting your Vidin, Oblast Vidin, Bulgaria house, hiring a home photographer can make a big difference between making money and just breaking even. Reception Vidin in Obshtina Vidin (Oblast Vidin) with it's 54,409 habitants is located in Bulgaria about 92 mi (or 148 km) north of Sofia, the country's capital town. © 2008 - 2020 Tripmondo 18°C (64 °F) Oblast Vidin (bugarski: Област Видин) jedna je od 28 oblasti u Bugarskoj. Located at 43.9931, 22.8867 (Lat. Located at 43.9833, 22.9 (Lat. Vidin: city in northwestern, Vidin (source). Besides the airports, there are other travel options available (check left side). 0,4 mi / Lng. Travel warnings are updated daily. Length: 10:32 min Silistra | Моля, активирайте JavaScript чрез настройките на вашия браузър и презаредете страницата. Die Oblast Widin (bulgarisch Област Видин) ist eine Verwaltungseinheit im äußersten Nordwesten Bulgariens. Tripmondo is a platform that aggregates information about places from various sources and combines them to provide travellers with a solid first impression. The building of Baba Vida is tied to a legend, according to which a Danubian Bulgarian king who ruled at Vidin had three daughters: Vida, Kula and Gamza. ), about 0 miles away. Located at 43.9889, 22.875 (Lat. A home photographer helps with those challenges. Webcams provided by webcam.travel are under the copyright of their owners. We know of 10 airports close to Vidin, of which 3 are larger airports. Vidin, Museums in Vidin Province, History of Bulgaria, History museums in Bulgaria. Blagoewgrad | Обхват и предназначение на принадлежащите земи към водните обекти, Разрешени заварени индивидуални права на използване, Списък на язовирите на територията на Област Видин, Интегрирана информационна система на държавната администрация. Stara Sagora | Battles of the Second Balkan War, Conflicts in 1913, 1913 in Bulgaria, 1913 in Serbia, Battles involving Bulgaria, Battles involving Serbia. Kjustendil | In der Oblast (Bezirk) Widin leben 101.018 Einwohner (Zensus 2011)[1] auf einer Fläche von 3033 km². Author: Mihail Mihaylov, Published: November 18, 2012 Dobritsch | The building, constructed by Polish architects, was finished in 1801. The Krastata Kazarma (Bulgarian: Кръстата казарма, cross barracks) is a former military facility of the Ottoman Empire. PMG "Ekzarh Antim I" (Bulgarian: ПМГ природо математическа гимназия) is a public high school in Vidin, Bulgaria. Необходима е поддръжка на JavaScript, за да работи системата коректно. / Lng. 3700 VIDIN Indem Sie weiterhin auf der Website surfen bzw.