All rights reserved. Use any weapon you want to do the job, just don't get caught doing it. Underrail is has a very in-depth character build system, and it's very min/maxy, so a poorly designed build can even have trouble on easy mode. It’s up to the mods if they want to stick this. Very good guide (especially the bit about noise which took me half a dozen playthroughs to figure out) but Junkyard Surprise hasn't been able to increase your INT for a while now. Don't try to kill or set traps against the rulers of said area. It also doesn't help that your build isn't built for some straight up messy fights. If emptied, you can use action points to go forward for more. Thanks for the tidbits, will edit to provide better coverage for others. The better your res is, the lower damage you'll take for said type. Save your points for stuff that you always use. Everyone's free to kill as long as nobody seen you do it. It all doesn't matter if you are having fun and are learning something for the next time. Hacking and Lockpicking are often put a fair bit number of points but not maxed as they offer mostly out of combat and easier conveniences to players themselves. I think a Heavy Armor/Assault Rifle build would be the most straightforward. You can go higher of course if you like for more crafting skills since a higher level will give you more poitns to spread around between them, but 7 is the breakpoint for the feats, and higher than that and you won't find high enough level craftng materials at a max skill. See, this is one of the things that is crucial yet some people forget early one. Traps are just traps. If you followed my advice on the combat system, it'll not be a big problem generally. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. More points equals to more time before they actually detect you and their eye icon turn red. It came out surprisingly well without feeling like "a sniper build with an assault rifle added on" or vice versa. These skills manage your accuracy, weapon damage, and ability to wield said weapons beyond the damage values said in the item itself. Depending on your answers, pick the corresponding skills the materials need for your choices. This is at the cost of 25% of your base health overall so it doesn't matter when you get it as Pasquale is the only guy that offers to do this. Like partitioning which enemies you'll fight as you come in and out of stealth. Nice OP, should edit for the Psi Intell stuff. Psychokinesis pertains to doing mechanical and electric stuff to enemies with your brain. Grenades, traps and different meds to use depending on the mood you're in. Treat it without thinking it will be a hard game. I hope this guide helps both new and old players of the game! I would also personally require responses, if you can, to be given back in Advatongue. No one. I won't go telling you which attribute does what as everything is fairly intuitive.