Also, there is another brand of Bulgarian yogurt called Trimona yogurt that contains 6 grams of sugar per cup. Trimona Yogurt Bulgarian style yogurt made in New York! I don’t know how long they ferment their yogurt, but 6 grams of sugar seems okay. Just like a good wine that needs to age in an oak barrel to bring out the best of its flavor, this tangy and tart flavor is the required proof of the quality of the yogurt.”. Standard practice is removing calves shortly after birth, with extra points given for unique ways of managing calves. The whey fraction contains the highest quality protein in milk, along with a number of essential minerals, like calcium. The best youghurt that I've tried lately. I remember waking up my wife in the middle of the night and asking her to taste the last batch that just came out, holding a spoon of yogurt before her half-asleep face. No preservatives. It has not been strained – it still contains the whey. Two times per day is standard. FIND US! I was born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria – a crossroad of many ethnic cultures and religions. Overall: Name: Seth . Fewer points are given as oversight declines. Cornucopia's scorecards were made possible by generous gifts from Dr. Rebecca and Mr. Laird Malamed and donors like you. Trimona Yogurt. register & get the inside scoop. We want to preserve that history and continue the tradition by using it on our very own cups. The citizens of Plovdiv gave it the nickname, “Trimona”. Sliding scale based on policies, enforcement, acreage/cow, days/year on pasture, and permissible exemption. Shop Trimona Yogurt Plain Bulgarian - compare prices, see product info & reviews, add to shopping list, or find in store. Real Bulgarian yoghurt. Item is not available at this retailer in, Yo Baby Drinkable Yogurt, Organic, Whole Milk, Peach, White Mountain Yogurt, Organic, Bulgarian, Probiotic, White Mountain Yogurt, Bulgarian, Non-Fat Probiotic, White Mountain Yogurt, Bulgarian, Probiotic, White Mountain Bulgarian Yogurt, Organic, Probiotic, White Mountain Bulgarian Yogurt, Non-Fat, Organic, Probiotic, Wallaby Organic Organic Whole Milk Plain Greek Yogurt, Clover Sonoma Organic Plain Greek Whole Milk Yogurt, Trimona Yogurt, Organic, Bulgarian, Plain, Personal shoppers pick all the highest quality items for you. Customer Reviews . Back to List $4.99 . Fro-yo girl here. That said, once you open a wholesome Trimona yogurt, please feel free to go nuts by adding nuts, fresh fruit, honey, or whatever your healthy heart desires. 100% grass-fed with independent verification of standards. Farms that sell organic calves and buy conventional replacements receive the fewest. And a city older than some of the oldest cities in the world: Rome, Athens, and Constantinople. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. 2) We whole-heartedly love yogurt One time/day receives the most points. Farms that allow young stock to receive antibiotics (under one year), receive the fewest. The price for this product is set by the individual retailers and varies among them. Nothing is removed and nothing is added. They write: “My name is Atanas Valev and I am the founder of Trimona Foods, Inc. All ingredients sourced from inside the organization or on the farm receives the highest points. Split operations with conventional dairy on the same property receive the fewest. Fresh Groceries at great prices from all your favorite stores - in as fast as 1 hour! which translates to “sour milk”. To learn more visit our website: Animal Welfare Approved and Biodynamic certifications receive the most bonus points. Great tasting yogurt. 3) With this whole-hearted love, we believe that yogurt Ingredients from confinement factory farms and/or imported ingredients receive the fewest. Corporations that have a history of skirting the organic rules receive the fewest. Why should YOU care? Farms that completed the survey in detail received the most points. This is what we call natural and that’s how our Bulgarian yogurt was born in New York. Thank you. I loved the taste of the Trimona Bulgarian yogurt. Markets both organic and conventional products (split operations), Disclosure of Information for Verification, International Certification Services, Inc. (ICS) (farms certifier); Ecocert, ICO (processing and products certifier), Two times a day (standard protocol on legitimate organic dairies), Removed shortly after birth (standard practice). Real. We do not strain our yogurt and we keep the healthy whey. It all began late at night in my cramped kitchen. 100% organic farms receive the most points. Nothing artificiaL. Various levels of extra credit given for 1) providing full organic systems plan, 2) providing details on all farms (multi-farm brands, details on largest five required), and 3) sourcing feed on-farm or domestically. Gluten free. We are young, on the move and ever expanding! I love the whey and slightly sour taste. With respect to the concern of fraudulent grain imports, this brand's suppliers grow most of the feed on-farm, with some purchased on the open market. No artificial hormones or antibiotics. Whether it’s a budding rock band practicing in their garage, a writer scribbling her tale on some napkins, or an artist sketching his masterpiece on some old notebooks, our story is no different. It's tart and creamy, just what I like. And we taste amazing! Despite the sleepless nights and failures, there was some indescribable excitement about making yogurt in my kitchen. This Bulgarian Yogurt is made in a certified organic farmhouse creamery in New York state.