If your flag has been captured by someone that’s using a grappler to get away, there aren’t many ways to get it back. If you run low on health here - a distinct possibility - you can find some health packs in the ammo containers on the ground. More Phoenix curs will attempt to impede your progress in the industrial areas that follow, but they should fall relatively quickly. Seti himself is not too difficult to kill when you get a feel for how he moves; just wait for him to hit the ground and use your spinfusor to deal splash damage. By the time you knock a pilot out of his fighter pod, it’ll likely be near-destruction anyway, but you can still use it on the next wave of enemies. If you kept your sniper rifle, you can kill Jericho quite easily by sniping him from the top of the building here. When you’re near the generator, drop down to the middle level of the room and blast it with your spinfusor until it blows. Although the rover is less capable of taking hits than a jump tank, and possesses lighter weaponry, it does offer a couple of interesting features that make it an integral part of your team’s strategy when you play on a map where it’s available. Make your way into it before the timer runs down to pass control over to Victoria. You have plenty of ammo for the mortar, thanks to the capture of a resupply station, so don’t feel constrained in using it. Your goal now is to protect those from destruction. Next up are a pair of tanks which appear one by one. Its namesake feature comes into play when you hit your jetpack button; if you’re moving forward, you’ll gain a bit of air. In the hands of a decent player, though, the grappler can cause all of these assumptions to be thrown out the window. When the depot is full, your team wins. To begin with, this is the only weapon that requires both energy and ammunition. Alternately, if you’re on base defense as a sniper, you’ll want to try and wait for them to ungrapple and blast them with a full-power shot. This relatively featureless map is strongly defensible during CTF matches. Otherwise, you’re unlikely to hit anyone that’s actively dodging you, rendering the rocket pods suitable only as a back-up weapon in case a vehicle comes along. And that, in case you didn’t realize it, is the primary objective of Capture The Flag. Whip her, and you’ll be able to move on to the next mission. The doors leading to the next level will open very slowly, so keep your jetpack powered up to avoid the multiple grenades that will be raining on you. Perception: In perception, you’ll be armed with a sniper rifle and a blaster and tasked with killing off a number of Phoenixes as they attempt to destroy a generator. In effect, they’re just rounds of multiplayer games played against bots, in similar fashion to the single-player mode in Quake III or Unreal Tournament. When you reach the final tower, grab the Spinfusor weapon, calibrate it, and head outside to find yourself dab smack in the middle of another tribe’s assault on the Phoenix clan. You’ll take damage, sure, but you’ll gain it all back at the end of the trial, anyway. Most of your foes here will be medium-armor, with a few heavies; many will have grenade launchers, which will cause you no end of trouble. Beyond that, you’ll need to practice with the spinfusor in order to figure out how best to lead your enemies. Soon after you get the suit of armor, you’ll find yourself at the bottom of a shaft, with nowhere to go but up. Some games that attempt to be trendsetters fall by the wayside, but Tribes was embraced by a small but dedicated group of players, and received enough support to encourage its developer, Dynamix, to create a sequel, which was simply called Tribes 2. The main kinks here are the inclusion of vehicles. The city on the western bank of the river possesses similar traps as that to the east: sandbags, Beagles, scattered mines, and so on. In most cases, though, you’ll want to either be in a vehicle or move under your own power, but there’s something to be said for the feeling of attaching yourself to an assault ship and firing away from a mobile perch. Awesome video! The checkpoints that Daniel will have you find are all indicated on your HUD’s radar with green arrows. Good thing Julia’s tough, as she’s going to take a few bullets between now and her escape from the palace. (You still won’t do enough damage to take out shielded enemy facilities, like generators or sensors.) When fired in close quarters, you can deal a lot of damage with a blaster, thanks to the fact that you’re firing multiple rounds simultaneously, and also due to the fact that rounds that initially miss will rebound off of walls. GameSpot happily welcomes you to peruse its unofficial game guide to Tribes: Vengeance. The rounds from the jump tank’s cannon fire fairly straight, so you can use the zoom feature to spot exposed enemies from long range without having to modify your aim. Now that you’re inside the prison, you’ll have to find the entrance to the mines, where Esther is being held. The sniper rifle does more damage when you have full energy reserves, so if you’re flying around and you see a target, you’ll want to land and let your energy recharge before shooting. It’s difficult to appreciate how frustrating this can be for your pursuers until you’ve attempted to shoot someone who was escaping via grapple; after your first experience with this situation, though, you’ll undoubtably realize how imporant it is to learn how to use this versatile weapon, especially if you intend to go after the enemy flag. After the doors unlock, proceed through the mineshafts until you reach Esther’s cell. As a note, there are dozens of extraneous enemies scattered about the level; the only parts you need worry about are marked on your map, so don’t get into fights just because you can. Do so, and you’ll be tasked with shooting down a few waves of tribals as they enter the ship. He’ll have to begin by capturing the Barracks, the Artillery Point, and the Docking Bay, in any order you choose. Great watch, Love good TV Videos (and there only like 15-20 of them compared to the other games). You won’t have the benfit of infinite health here - no resupply stations - but there are plenty of health packs among the armor on the lower floor. If you can, stay on the rafters near the ceiling and pelt everyone from there with your mortars and grenades. Now that you’ve taken over the resupply points, you can proceed on to the other objectives; if you don’t want to deal with the turrets and tank, just ignore them. Set up your turrets, equip yourself in heavy armor, and spam away with mortars in the other entrance to the base. The fighter pod can make it much easier to track down enemy flagrunners and destroy them. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. More troublesome are the snipers that guard a large open area, but you should be able to move quickly enough to get to them before they deal too much damage to you. In point of fact, its accuracy isn’t terrible, and you’re going to be firing so many rounds that a few are bound to hit your target. After the capture of the Phoenix civilians by Seti and his gang of satellite dish monitoring true believers, Daniel takes it upon himself to rescue them. If you can, jet up to their positions and destroy them up close; if you can’t reach that high, use your spinfusor and take them out from up close. This level takes place at an undeterminable point in time after Victoria’s capture by the Phoenix. The captain will give you a run for your money, but you have infinite health via your resupply station, so there’s no reason to lose. Fortunately for Julia, though, you will have a gunner along, which will let you concentrate on the primary concentrations of enemies while he takes down any individual irritants. Instead of shooting out one massive projectile that deals heavy damage, the rocket pod will let you blast away with six smaller projectiles that are fired nearly simultaneously. Eventually, you’ll reach a room with numerous energy barriers that effectively form a corridor. Beyond that, all you have to do is wait; the round is seven minutes or so, so rack up the kills until time runs out. Rabbit is essentially a variant of king-of-the-hill. The special weapon for light armor is the sniper rifle, and special it is. You’ll need to destroy these consoles to proceed, so blast them or hit them with your energy blade. Don’t forget that you can also use your buggy as a mobile spawnpoint; planting it in an out-of-the-way spot near the enemy base is a good way to get quick flag pick-ups. You’ll have to fend off five or six light-armor enemies as well as a medium-armor foe during each wave. When you do manage to connect to a surface, though, your path of travel will immediately shift in ways that will make it difficult for your enemies to target you. Skiing requires a lot of practice before you’ll be pulling off supersonic flag snatches and the like. Defending your flag will thus be somewhat more difficult here than on maps that keep your flag elevated off the ground. As you might expect, the chaingun puts a lot of metal in the air, but does so without much regard for where it winds up. Although it’s a bit more ponderous than the medium armor you were using, you’ll be able to take a lot more damage, which will be helpful in the firefight that’s coming up. The more powerful a vehicle is, though, the longer this process will take. The second goal is the one that rotates around the arena. You can use your sniper rifle to great effect against the soldiers here; they have nowhere to run to. The cannon is on par with the assault ship’s bombs and the mortar weapon in terms of sheer power; it’s ideal for taking out enemy facilities, if you can get them in your sights.