Fabrics wore symbols appointed by virtue of faith, thus spinning and weaving became sacred. These young men wear all-white costumes with embroidered vests and black hats and boots. JULY, 2012: Celebration of a traditional Romanian wedding in traditional dresses at July, 2012, in, Wedding in traditional dresses. [11], In Maramureș, traditional straw hats (clop, pl. Their heavy vests are decorated with tassels, and their shirts are cinched with woven sashes. SIBIU, ROMANIA - JULY 31, 2018: craftsman in traditional medieval clothing carving, Bride in traditional hungarian clothes. This woman and her girls are from Mila 23, ROMANIA, DANUBE DELTA, AUGUST 2019: Danube Delta women in traditional costumes. Hats are more close to the head in comparison with the high conical hats that men in other regions wear. The climax of the artistic value of traditional costumes was reached in the mid-nineteenth century, when ennobled the Romanians bodies throughout the country. In Moldavia can be found cioareci without creți that are worn in the working days. RusClothing.com is designed to be the best place to find most authentic collection of Russian clothing. The cioareci are peasant pants of white woollen cloth (dimie, pănură or aba) woven in four threads, therefore thicker than the ițari. Women in traditional costumes. Men and women dresed in traditional clothes in Maramures Romania, Traditional romanian house interior. Socio-economic conditions of the feudal period and administrative-territorial units that made up the so-called "countries" gave rise to specific types of costumes with local specificity for the Romanian lands. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. These ladies from the Romanian region of Bucovina wear heavy vests which can be trimmed in fur and straight wrap skirts with red trim. The fotă is made of woollen material or cotton mixed with wool, woven on four heddles. We want Russian clothing to be the combination of traditional folk art and today Russian fashion. Since 3500 BC and until year zero has passed from the sacred weaving to the vestment, the ritual reaching from the imposing space of the temple to the household hearth. Romanian dress refers to the traditional clothing worn by Romanians, who live primarily in Romania and Moldova, with smaller communities in Ukraine and Serbia. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! It’s also the culmination of endlessly reading people who do know what they’re talking about, like Dr. Ian Hancock, Oksana Marafioti, and others;  talking with intelligent friends about the topic at length (thanks, guys) at parties and in class; working with my bright bunch of students; and staring at the photo of great-great grandmother Mathilde, the last dancer in the family, unless you count me (and usually I don’t). Woman wearing Romanian traditional clothing and selling handmade souvenirs at a food festival in Bucharest, Romania – 2019. And not to forget famous Russian wool shawls. Dacian women wore shirts rippled at the neck related to the Romanian ie. For example, women portraits carved on Trajan's Column after the Dacian wars provide information about their clothing. And of course, all old folk costumes were richly embroidered in Romania like in other countries. The main element of the men’s and women’s folk clothing is a white chemise which was made from linen or cotton. They wore simple leather shoes (Romanian: opinci). [14], Among the elements that should not miss in women's clothing are the "head coverings". In Muntenia, the stripes are replaced by compact woven decoration or heavy geometric embroidery, covering the whole surface except for the area which is overlapped in the front. AUGUST, 2012: Celebration of a traditional Romanian wedding in traditional dresses at the Ieud Village, Traditional Romanian Clothing, Romania. Petrescu, P., Secosan, E. and Doaga, A. Girls National Folk Dress Romania. This type of fotă is still found in north Moldavia where fote made of hemp or flax were formerly worn in some parts in summer. In poorer areas basic clothing with little or no embroidery has always been worn. The Romanian boys in this photo wear long white pants, white shirts, and long black vests. Women also wear a blouse similar to the men's shirts but longer. Traditionally, men wear white pants, the white shirt, a hat, belt and overcoat. A women in traditional clothing at weaning lambs festival in Buzau, Romania, Ie is the traditional clothing of the Romanian woman. This article is the culmination of flipping through countless magazines, many tumblrs, pinterest pins, fashion blogs, and saying “THIS ISN’T GYPSY FASHION!” aloud to myself in various humors of rage and hilarity.