Clearly, there was mass-confusion around her as the mayor attempted to use his mayoral chain to pull her back up and the sound guy tried to fish her out with his boom mic. “Welcome back, we’ve got a wardrobe malfunction,” he announced as Armytage is seen squirming and studio crew scrambled to help her out.

The talented meteorologist is known for both her presentation of the forecast and also for her habit of wearing less-than-appropriate clothes on air. Not ones to miss an opportunity to deliver to the people, the anchors penned side-splitting messages on dry-erase boards. Thankfully she was fine. We’ve collected some of the most hilarious moments caught on live TV just for you, so read on and prepare to LOL!

The former Dancing with the Stars contestant was definitely her viewers’ daily ray of sunshine on Wake Up America, a popular TV show in the Hispanic community, with highly figure flattering and attention grabbing outfits that turned her into a viral sensation. We can’t really blame her, just take a look at those eyes. This Dutch reporter wanted to make a splash in her interview with the mayor. YouTube/CNN After the ordeal was over he awkwardly looked at the camera, asking, “Was that live? The reporter played the obvious technical error off well though. The matter of transparency has always been a preoccupation for the media. CNN immediately cut to commercial, leaving viewers concerned. This Huntsville, Alabama, news anchor was tricked into announcing her own marriage proposal!

39 Times Tv Anchors And Reporters Did The Unthinkable On Air. Guest expert Robert Kelly was live on air discussing the impeachment proceedings of South Korean president Park Geun-hye when unexpected guests came rushing into the room.

His first, and last day, unfortunately.
These News Anchors Do The Unthinkable On Air 1. Our question is: was this woman already dressed as a unicorn or did she see the reporter and rush to get into costume?

Despite her years of reputable reporting, her most memorable moment, unfortunately, is probably when she was heard yelling “What the f*** are you doing” at co-anchor Chuck Scarborough as a live news teaser ran.

“Ten people, including five children, have been killed after a building collapsed…” Then she breaks into full-on laughter.

She was reporting a story about cannabis legislation in the state and the Alaskan Cannabis Club, at the end of the segment, she announced that she was, in fact, the owner of the business and made a dramatic on-air exit. Kimberly Guilfoyle just can’t seem to stay away from controversy. At the countdown party to the 2017 new year, CNN’s Don Lemon proceeded to get very very drunk. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

Audiences were left cringing during the awkward silence. It may have been just a slip of the tongue or maybe it was an accidental confession but this news anchor royally embarrassed herself on live air. This WTLV reporter in the Jacksonville area was covering a story about a fire in a resident’s home and a road closure when he his segment was photobombed. His first, and last day, unfortunately. That’s exactly how news anchor John Brown felt about the Kardashians one morning.

That is one blunder for the record books. Why don’t you stop by?”.

You never know when one of your innocent flubs will go viral. Alex Wagner- CBS. CNN’s declaration was a tad premature as the race was essentially “too close to call.” After a huge mess, recounts, and courts, George W. Bush was named the victor and became 43rd President of the United States.

We were live? The reporter impressively kept his cool and finished the piece as if nothing had happened.

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So he decided to jump in. In a 2007 segment of his CNN Headline News program discussing nude photos, Beck said to his female guest, Dina Sansing, “I’ve got some time and a camera. Now that’s one awkward commercial break to come back from.

Thankfully she was fine.

I’m afraid I won’t be able to do this. That’s when it dawned on him. Carlson had fallen asleep during the commercial break and his co-hosts lovingly neglected to wake him up when the show came back on the air.