Link now has two clawshots, making the Double Clawshots. 19.7 To the Top of the SkyProgress at this pointTotal LifeHeart Pieces 42/45Golden Bugs 24/24Poe Souls 57/60Stamps 38/50New in this section. Once you’ve lowered yourself all the way, look at the ceiling to the north in the floor below and you’ll see a chandelier. The cut-scene explains that Hyrule was covered by twilight and the people of light became spirits. Go through it. Open the nearby treasure chest to get a red rupee. Heart Pieces:#41, #42 Defeat the two deku babas and you’ll then notice another spinner slot. Use the hawkeye and arrows to defeat them. Look at the ceiling and you’ll see two deku babas dangling. Run across the blue blocks to the center of the room. Go back across that narrow ledge and then look towards the wall to see a target on a pillar. Pull out the spinner, and drop it in the hole. If you look at the map, you are at the northwest portion of this outdoor area. There is another peahat that you can see moving north and south. Go through the door to the east. This chapter covers the normal mode of the HD version of Twilight Princess for the Nintendo Wii U. Speak with Ooccoo who is on your right and like always, she will come with you. Walk over to the east, but don’t fall to the bottom floor. One of the wind turbines at the southeast corner of the room will shut off. You can walk around this area and defeat the two dynalfos if you’d like. Open the treasure chest to get a red rupee. Items:Compass. "keywords": "twilight princess, twilight princess walkthrough, city in the sky guide, city in the sky walkthrough, helmasaurus, aeralfos, double clawshot, double clawshots, mirror shard, argorok, twilit dragon argorok" Lower yourself down and use your second clawshot to hit the crystal switch to your north. There is a deku baba hanging from the ceiling here. Climb up the ivy and leave through the door to the east. { This pillar will start to fall so quickly claw over to the ivy at the north. Then use it to float over to the lower platform at the north end of the room. Walk to the west end of the room, jumping across a small gap. Use the clawshot to grab onto the target at the west end of the room. Use the clawshot to grab the Oocca you were just using and use it the wind tunnel to fly over to the far right side of the room where you will find another treasure chest. There is a small treasure nearby; open it to get some extra arrows. Then walk to the right of the room and use the Oocca to float over to the lower platform. 19.4 The CompassProgress at this pointTotal LifeHeart Pieces 40/45Golden Bugs 24/24Poe Souls 55/60Stamps 35/50New in this section "description": "Text walkthrough with images to help guide players through The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess: City in the Sky", Use the clawshot on the ceiling target that is just to your right. Jump onto the blue block to the south and then over to the southeast platform. Use your clawshot and climb up to the platform. Items:Big Key The woman in the tower reveals herself to be Princess Zelda. Keep z-targeting the peahats as you hook your way across. Jump across the gap and defeat another tile worm. After several hits, the aeralfos will finally be defeated. Use several Oocca as you float to the floors below, eventually reaching the bottom floor. Drop down to the floor here and defeat two deku babas. The end goal is to reach the east room at the bottom. There are two more aeralfos found in this area. This will activate a wind tunnel at the other end of the room. } We are now back in this tall spirally room where we got the dungeon map, but in a different area. For The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on the Wii, GameFAQs has 48 guides and walkthroughs. Be careful as Argorok will breathe fire out of its mouth during this phase as well. Climb the pillars and grab on the peahats once again. There are three deku babas hanging from the gratings that are under the bridge. Drop down to the bottom of this room and you’ll be in the center of the city once again. Now suspend from the clawshot and pull yourself down a bit. There are also peahats floating around in the air, but they do not harm Link. You cannot hit it with an arrow because of the wind that is blowing. Grab onto the target and then quickly Z-target a second pillar and grab onto there. Use the peahats to get to the east side of this outdoor area and then drop down. Walk to the southwest corner of the room and you’ll see a small balcony with a window. It will carry you southward where Link should grab onto a second peahat. Turn to your right and follow the path. Once you’ve made it over go through the door at the other end of the bridge. Look closely at the aeralfos and you’ll notice that his shield is actually a clawshot target. Transform into human Link and open the treasure chest to get the Miiverse Stamp for the Hylian Letter Z. Poe Soul #57: Walk across a few tightropes outside the tall red building to find the poe on the west side. Walk forward and Link will encounter a new enemy, a Helmasaurus. Jump down to the area below and use the clawshot on the target to get back to the platform on the east. Use your arrows or slingshot to get rid of them and then climb the ivy. He also floats a bit higher, which means Link cannot always Z-target him, so you’ll have to manually aim a bit if he is too high. Afterwards a heart container will fall out of Argorok’s body. You can walk along the wall to the north and head west. This one will also carry you southward. Walk across three more tight ropes and then transform back into human Link. Stand at the corner of the ledge and use the clawshot to hit the switch. Items:Dungeon Map. Make your way to the end of the ivy and drop to the platform. Walk over to the west end of the room and use the clawshot to hook over to the ceiling target. Argorok will continue to try to breathe fire at you while you are hanging from the peahats. You can equip the iron boots and the gust will have no effect on Link. You are now on a higher ledge on the other side of the room. Be careful as there are two tile worms lurking around. The door will lock behind you once you enter this room. If you turn to the center of the room you’ll see a large treasure chest. Go through the door. Transform into wolf Link and walk across two tight ropes. Pull out your arrows and shoot the kargaroks that you see just sitting on some of the nearby platforms. The weather suddenly clears and Link is rewarded with the 4th Mirror Shard. This room is actually pretty simple to get through. You are now back in the large center room, which is the center of the city. At the top of the pillars equip the iron boots and target Argorok’s tail. The kargarok enemies are still flying around, so watch out for them. Three times on its back slashing away should defeat Argorok. Just hook from target to target as you make your eastwards. Lower the chain down and you’ll see a pillar that has a second target. There is a rather strong fan with a chandelier located right above it. Walk to the west and open the treasure chest that is behind some grass to get some extra rupees. Go through the door to return to the center of the city. Stamps:Z. Take off the boots and Zora Tunic and then climb out of the water. Grab onto it and equip the iron boots. Once you pass the wall, claw on over to the nearby peahat and continue traveling northward. Now use the newly created wind tunnel to get through a crack in the wall. Link can use the shield attack followed by the helm splitter to defeat these creatures. A big baba waits for you in this area as well as three normal deku babas. This will allow Link to hang onto one target, while hooking over to a second target. More armor will break off and a weak spot will appear on Argorok’s back. Then use the shield attack and finish them off with a few more sword slashes. Once you reach the southeast corner, allow the pillar to fall and you’ll land on a small platform. Once they are on the ground slash away with your sword until they regain their footing. After he stops breathing fire and you get behind him, once again target his back and then slash away. Defeat the worm and then jump across the gap when it is safe. Defeat the Poe that is floating around this area and grab your 57th Poe soul. Use your arrows to cut them down. Grab onto it and lower yourself to a safe platform. Jump over to the platform straight ahead and both enemies will jump over as well. Go through the door to the north. There are horizontal wind tunnels that can blow you out of the tower, so be careful. Go through the door at the other end of the bridge. Remember, don’t let go after you grab onto a target. There is another door at the end but it is blocked by a gate. Once you appear outside, look at the pillar to the left and you’ll see another grating. Walk behind the giant cannon and target the back of it. It’s a good idea to get rid of them as quick as you can because they can get annoying. With the bridge now out of order, you must use the peahats that are floating above to get past this area. Use the Oocca and walk into the wind gust and float towards the treasure chest. Walk to the north end of the platform and use the clawshot on the ivy to get across the gap. There are several pillars that are hanging, with many of them having clawshot targets. Crawl around to the other side and then drop down to the platform in the center of the room. "@type": "WebPage", Open the nearby treasure chest to get some extra bombs. Go through the door to get back to an area that is just north of the center of the city. You will land in a small pool of water with Ooccoo not far behind. With the fan turned on, platforms with grating on them will be rotating around. Use the clawshot on either of the targets and you’ll get through the passage before the gate closes. Use the clawshot and grab onto the grating. At the northwest portion of the area you’ll see some ivy hanging down. Enemies:Aeralfos There is another gust of air as well as a tile worm. A gate opens up at the west end of the room and the door from the above room will also open. Run to the south end of the room and jump across the small gap onto the platform to the east. Midna will transport you to near the entrance of the City of the Sky. Climb to the top of the pillars and then claw onto the peahats. Drop to the floor and you will see two Oocca on the wall to the left. After a few hits to Argorok, he will begin to adapt and change his fire breathing strategy. This is actually a switch which triggers wind to periodically blow from the center of the room.