When did
you last wash up a cup?
Stanley The Christmas before last.
Goldberg Where?
Stanley Lyons Corner House.
Goldberg Which one?
Stanley Marble Arch.
Goldberg Where was your wife?
Stanley In-
Goldberg Answer.
Stanley [turning, crouched.] STANLEY moves to the centre. And still!
[STANLEY stands blindfold. I will. What a funeral. Look-
McCann Don't touch me.
Stanley Look. Grab ALL of my Birthday Party Dramatic Play props and printables (parent letter, labels, signs, and a ton more) in my TPT store HERE. He slowly rises. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; Very nice.
Meg. I don't know. You must shine it on the birthday boy. I don't know what they were talking about. [MCCANN looks at him.] www.HelpWriting.net is a really good site. I'm afraid there's been a mistake. Everyone move about. No, don't do that, Meg. I will, Dad.
Meg Yes.
Stanley Well, I never knew that.
Meg Well, it's true.
Stanley Who told you that?
Meg Never you mind.
Stanley Well, if I can't say it to a married woman who can I
say it to?
Meg You're bad.
Stanley What about some tea?
Meg Do you want some tea? It's a round
the world tour.
Meg ( sitting at the table.) GOLDBERG and MCCANN turn and stumble against each other. ]
Meg I brought the drum down. He hasn't had his breakfast yet.
Goldberg Your wife makes a very nice cup of tea, Mr Boles, you know that?
Petey Yes, she does sometimes. See you later, Stan.
[PETEY and MCCANN go out, left. And what would Eddie say?
Goldberg Eddie?
Lulu He was my first love, Eddie was. I knelt down. Different build, of course. my old mum used to shout, " plus-circle Add Review. The play 'The Birthday Party' is about an everyday, domestic lifestyle/ characters with mixed emotions. Let's have proper lighting. Be the first one to. What a life.

[Pause. Stop!
Lulu [Turning] Oh!
McCann [Advancing.] A night club. I mean, I haven't got the... the qualifications. Just that, and I won't ask any
GOLDBERG sighs, stands, goes behind the table, ponders,
looks at MCCANN, and then speaks in a quiet, fluent, official
Goldberg The main issue is a singular issue and quite
distinct from your previous work. What do you say?
Meg Oh yes!
Goldberg Sure. The guests are expected.
Stanley Guests? [Pause.] He asks McCann to accompany him to a nearby pub, but is interrupted when Petey and Goldberg enter the room.
Goldberg [coming downstage.] He taps
them together. ]
Meg [kissing him.] Well, I dropped
him a card anyway. Did you... did you have a look inside it?
Petey I had a peep.
Meg [coming down tensely, and whispering.] Why is it broken?
Petey I don't know.
[She hits it with her hand. You're empty.
McCann [bringing a small torch from his pocket.] MCCANN rises and intercepts him. So why don't you just go, without any more fuss?
Goldberg Mr Webber, sit down.
Stanley It's no good starting any kind of trouble.
Goldberg Sit down.
Stanley Why should I?
Goldberg If you want to know the truth, Webber, you're beginning to get on my breasts.
Stanley Really?