Playa de Las Americas is a popular place to work, close to the beach with lots of bars. Contact us today to find out more about applying for exciting hospitality work abroad. For Spain summer jobs, we can place you in jobs for hosting, management, catering and more – we can even find jobs designed for couples who don’t want to be away from their spouse. Spain may be known for sangria, and paella, but it should also be known for its great job opportunities. So you can rely on us to find top talent, whether you need an entire team or just one or two summer staff. Lanzarote - A rock island which is a quiter than the other islands - more relaxing anyway. The islands are some of out top destinations to live and find work, and here you can work in tourism, resort, hospitality and customer support. You will act as a counselor and be in charge of groups of children with groups of around 8 to 10 children, there will also be other local and international workers helping. Do you have a position like this that you’d like us to recruit for? Whether you dream of working by a coastal resort or at a luxury villa, we can help you find an environment to suit your needs. Sometimes this can be a 24/7 role but you will also get free time. Even if the job you’re applying for is based in a ski resort in the Alps, a palace in the Middle East or a Private Household in Europe, you still may need UK immigration to give you the right to work here because as a UK-based recruitment agency the majority of our clients are also based here and so employ their staff on UK contracts and second them overseas on UK work permits. The salary can vary and you will be informed of this prior to joining a placement. To work in Spain you might need to know the local language for some jobs, for example being an au-pair but for most jobs you won't need to be fluent. If you’ve not worked in the UK before, or want to find out if you’re even able to, it can be hard to find the answers. If you are keen to live and work in Spain search short term, seasonal, summer and work experience placements for internationals and English speakers throughout the country. If you enjoy being around children you might like to work at a summer camp in Spain, there are summer programs like Pueblo Ingles which has been running since 2004 and offers activity camps for teenagers who come round all around Spain and the world to take part. Position: COUNSELLOR CAMPS - Do you like working with children? Cities on the mainland offer culture, history, bars and lots of places to see. Summer Camp job posting site for Spain, Barcelona, Madrid, Europe, DE, ME / Asia, UK, London, UAE/Dubai, SA, Ireland, India, Canada. But the most important qualities to have are a positive attitude, willingness to learn, a sense of adventure, and bags of personality. Locations for the camps can vary, usually you will fly to Madrid and then the camps are in more rural villages. Summer Jobs in Spain. All our butlers are of the highest standard and have completed butler training to gain the […], Dubai - United Arab Emirates ⁠ There are lots of different jobs available to English speakers and international staff like working as an au pair, teaching, summer rep or in the hospitality and tourism industry. Interested in gaining work experience? We hand select individuals based on their skills, experience and personality. Successful candidates will also get perks such as covered travel costs, free accommodation and food, as well as a weekly salary. Don't expect to get paid a fortune for a summer position - sometimes you could get around 800 euros per month which will be enough to cover costs and also leave free money to enjoy yourself. There are usually structured games, sports, theatre, activities and learning sessions and the best thing is you will get paid! Post jobs for free in USA, CA, NY, TX, FL, OH, IL, NJ, PA, GA, MI, NC. We get lots of enquires from people from all around the world including countries like India and South Africa who are keen to secure employment in Spain but as you might have realised this isn't that simple. Website listing Summer Camp jobs in Spain: Work in Education jobs -Camp Monitiors, Counselors - Summer Programs, Counselor Camps, Counselor Camps, Counsellor Camps. Easily browse, save & apply to all our roles using our new online platform – click below to start using! Our best advice is to contact the recruiters listed on our website who will be able to help you secure work legally in the country. Spain has a working arrangement with both New Zealand and Canada making it easier for citizens from these countries to gain employment here.