One of the troopers in his unit, Tup, randomly kills a Jedi Master, an act as shocking as it is mysterious. He reveals that the Republic is about to fall, and offers Ahsoka a chance to join him against Sidious. Check out our recommendations to stream this month. By using our Services, you agree to our use of cookies. But after dispatching all three Inquisitors, Maul betrays Kanan, slicing out his eyes. With Ahsoka Tano fresh on everyone's mind after the excellent Clone Wars series finale, and her character set to make a live-action debut in Mandalorian Season 2, old Snips has never been more integral to Star Wars. Afterwards, they convince her mother, the leader of Clan Wren, to rebel against the Empire, using the Darksaber as proof that Mandalore can stand on its own. While a senior in high school she joined a theater troupe. Eventually, Kanan is captured by the Empire, and the Ghost crew launches a rescue mission. First off, it is on this quest that Savage learns who his brother is: The one and only Darth Maul. Looking for some great streaming picks? The first season ends ominously, with Darth Vader arriving on Lothal to deal with the rebels. The Rise of Skywalker left lots of questions unanswered, and even after the novelization filled in some canon and background details, there's still plenty we still don't know. Eventually, Thrawn is able to deduce the location of the rebel base. This blue-eyed beauty was born in Missouri. An all-powerful Ahsoka would not only be able to help Mando and Baby Yoda, but would be able to sense the danger they're in and pose a major threat to Moff Gideon, even with the darksaber. In the aftermath, Talzin sends Savage on a quest to find his brother ... who he doesn't know is Darth Maul. When you hold the spirit of basically the God figure of the Light Side of the Force, there's no real need to conform to the council of people who control how that Force is used. Maybe she was even at the Battle of Exegol, just working behind the scenes to defeat Palpatine. This forces a thrilling final confrontation between Maul and Obi-Wan, which results in Maul's death. Well, not so much. The duo acquire a Sith holocron, and rescue Kanan and Ahsoka from the Inquisitors. Ahsoka then sends the Ghost crew to recruit Captain Rex, who eventually joins the Rebellion. Savage Opress' search for his long-lost brother ends up shaping Clone Wars is a major way. Resistance focuses on a young pilot named Kazuda, who is recruited into the Resistance as a spy. One especially stellar Clone Wars storyline begins on the planet Umbara, also known as the "Shadow World" for its complete lack of sunlight. Her pursuit of dance continued through high school with various dance classes and companies. Yoda is able to pass a series of tests, which allow him to receive training from Qui-Gon that will preserve his spirit after death. Second, Qui-Gon Jinn comes back as a … While transporting Maul back to Coruscant, Darth Sidious executes Order 66, which causes all of the clones, including Rex, to turn on Ahsoka. Ahsoka goes to rescue Ezra from Vader, and ends up facing her former master in combat. The Son zapped the Life Force out of Ahsoka and attempted to stab the Father, and the Daughter stepped in at the last second and took the hit. After Rex and the Bad Batch work with Anakin to free Echo, they turn the algorithm on the Separatists and win a major victory. Ezra, Kanan, and Maul all escape, while Ahsoka's fate is left unknown. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. The Daughter ends up serving as Ahsoka's spirit guide in the form of an owl later on in Clone Wars and Rebels. The Ghost crew launches a rescue attempt, which succeeds through Kanan sacrificing his life. Grand Admiral Thrawn is brought in to destroy the rebels, but spares the Ghost instead, in order to deduce the location of the rebel base. Meanwhile, Maul and Savage continue to plot against Obi-Wan, luring him and another Jedi named Adi Gallia to the planet Florrum by taking control of some of Hondo Ohnaka's pirates. As a fan-favorite character, Ahsoka's absence from the live-action films was always unfortunate, so it's comforting to know she could have been a major part of the story, just not visible to the audience. Her pursuit of dance continued through high school with various dance classes and companies. When the operation goes awry, one of the crew, Kanan Jarrus, reveals himself as a Jedi, and they manage to escape. Ahsoka is then able to capture Rex and remove his chip, bringing back his free will. Another Mandalorian ally explains that the Darksaber is a symbol of the leader of the Mandalorians. Darth Sidious then shows up and defeats the brothers, killing Savage but sparing Maul. Eventually, Rex, Bo-Katan, and Ahsoka take control of Mandalore, and Ahsoka is able to corner Maul. This is as close as anyone gets to discovering Order 66 before it is executed. (Kinda like how Clone Wars injected her into the story of Revenge of the Sith.). Afterwards, Dooku goes to the witches' leader, Mother Talzin, in order to find a new apprentice. The first story arc of the seventh season features Captain Rex working with Clone Force 99, an experimental unit of clones more commonly called the Bad Batch. However, Imperial operative Kallus, now a double agent, is able to get a warning off to the rebels, which allows them to mount a defense. The trio bring Anakin into their realm for complex reasons that all relate to his unique nature as the Chosen One. It turns out that Echo survived his apparent death back in season three, and was partially turned into a machine by the Separatists to learn about Republic strategies. After a fierce lightsaber duel, Ahsoka manages to subdue and capture Maul. Both parties cooperate long enough to create a large crime syndicate to take control of the planet. A young boy named Ezra Bridger gets caught up in a robbery by the crew of the Ghost. Steela, however, dies in the final battle of the Onderon Civil War, leaving Saw to help run the new government. She started taking dance classes at the age of two, and was performing in recitals and on stage almost immediately. These series are thrilling adventures unto themselves, full of innovative animation and nitty-gritty detail. Although the two brothers manage to kill Gallia, Obi-Wan finds the strength to defeat them both and remove some of their limbs, forcing them to flee. Palpatine frames Fives as an assassin, forcing him to flee to Coruscant. Unlike Anakin, Krell cares little for the lives of his troops, and this causes tensions between him and the clones. Season five explores the rebellion of Onderon, a jungle world. Although he isn't able to stop its production, he does manage to delay it. However, this didn't work out exactly as planned. It is then revealed that Ahsoka has been feeding the Ghost crew information about previous adventures, and will now work with them.