NASA Selfies is pretty simple. Now you can surprise Fido and make him the envy of every four legger at the dog park when you send him straight to the Cigar Galaxy, which is obviously on his bucket list. Users of the app click on the event they are attending, then, once they are at the venue, the app provides coordinates so the user knows precisely where to position themselves and at what time. The app is part of the space agency's celebrations for the Spitzer telescope's 15 years in space. All rights reserved. It's no secret that cats prefer to stay home, which is why sending them into space virtually is the best way to let Fluffy get all of those out-of-this-world feels. Check it out! Your iguana has probably been plotting its escape since you brought it home so don't be surprised when your reptile friend peaces out to head to another galaxy where it can get itself a pet human. “You might be in the Grand Canyon, for example, and the app will tell you whether the satellite is set to pass over.” But, even this advanced technology won’t be able to take a space-to-earth photo in thick cloud. It showed a village of people spelling out the words Act Now on a beach, with the image captured on camera from space. Free Spelfie app uses satellite cameras 400 miles above the Earth to take photos of users. I used one of my cats as a model and she looks absolutely thrilled to be out exploring the far reaches of the exotic Crab Nebula. 2020 Bustle Digital Group. If you're not selfie ready, take a snap of a finger or toe and it's away your body parts go to the Mountains of Creation, which is apparently somewhere in space. Spelfie spokesman Anthony Burr said that in future the images will be available within a matter of minutes rather than hours. Seriously, you can starting sending space selfies right now from your iPhone or Android and add your snaps to these hilarious space-selfie tweets. If you've had a really stressful week, and you've watched absolutely everything on Netflix, unwind with a glass of wine and a trip to space. You snap a selfie and then choose which Spitzer image you want for a background. Fluffy after realizing that the Christmas Tree Cluster is not a bunch of giant Christmas trees to knock over. Because, priorities. This is total introvert goals. NASA Selfies app puts you -- or your pets or friends -- into a spacesuit and lets you pose with any number of gorgeous galactic views. What's more, the app also teaches you space facts so you can show your NASA selfie to your grandma and convince her that you travel to space on the weekends with your cat. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Unlike cats, dogs love going for a ride. A growing number of authorities around the world may be banning selfies – most recently the Japanese city of Kyoto put the kibosh on the taking of photos in its geisha neighbourhood – but one company is hoping to cash in on people’s desire to capture memorable moments, by introducing “the world’s longest selfie stick”, in the form of an app that takes photos from space. Before you commit to your space vacay, let the NASA Selfies app show you what it'll really be like to hang out in another galaxy. If you've always dreamed of blasting off into outer space, but that whole leaving Earth thing kind of freaks you out, the NASA Selfies app lets you take your picture in space without leaving home. allows users to take a selfie at the exact time that a satellite camera captures their location from space. Take a selfie from SPACE! The app launched the humble selfie to infinity and beyond allowing users to key out their background in real time, replace it with one of the super cool outer-space photographs and enhance it with customisable lens flares, moonlight effects and a range of showcase filters. The app launched on the Spitzer Space Telescope's 15-year anniversary. While a lot of animals have already traveled to space, now Fluffy and Fido can slow their FOMO because you can send them to the Milky Way right from your phone. The app is available for both iOS and Android. NASA Selfies is pretty simple. They then take a photo of themselves at the moment the satellite is taking its photo and later the same day the app sends back the satellite image juxtaposed with the selfie to be viewed in its gallery. Options range from the Andromeda Galaxy to the Spider Nebula to Zeta Ophiuchi, a giant star located in the constellation Ophiuchus (the serpent-bearer). To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the launch of the Spitzer Space Telescope , NASA has released a delightful NASA Selfies app for iOS and Android phones. Available for everyone, funded by readers. It’s really fun. NASA Selfies app lets you take your picture in space.