You’ll be back in the large room that has a tight rope in the center. Once you do so you’ll encounter a brand new enemy known as a Cranioc. Fi will set the sacred water as an available dowsing target. You won’t be able to run around The Imprisoned this time since it has those massive arms that take up a lot of room. With the Fire Sanctuary now behind us, there are several goodies for us to collect, one of which is right here in the Volcano Summit. If they illuminate your location with their lantern, the guardians will immediately awaken. This might be an arrow, rupee, heart, or bomb. Just keep battling and defeat all four of its eyes. Unfortunately, there is not much use for rupees from this point forward, but if you want to purchase any loose items at the Bazaar or in Beedle’s Air Shop, this will allow you to do so. (1). Gaepora mentions that Instructor Owlan will know more about Levias. If this takes multiple attempts, do not be discouraged. Additionally, now that The Imprisoned has arms, it will try to climb up the sides, so you don’t want to allow that to happen. All the recent cubes that correspond to Goddess Chests can be found below. Jump in the water and you’ll be able to swim through the small hole on the left side. He mentions that he found an insanely rare insect. Left of Earth Temple doors, Bomb the geyser to blow up the wall. Groose will join in on the fight this time around, ‘breaking out his new toy’. ~ Beedle’s Air Shop ~ If you’ve been following along with the guide, you might have quite a few rupees in your wallet. This underground area is very straightforward so make your way over to the other lighted area and resurface. You get some for bringing mushroom spores to the girls injured bird out on one of the islands. Set down just outside the entrance of the Earth Temple. If you turn around and walk along the land area here, you will come across Goddess Cube #16, so deliver a Skyward Strike. Look down below this exit and you’ll see Goddess Cube #13. Sleep within Beedle’s Air Shop and once you awake, purchase the Piece of Heart found here. Goddess Cubes:#13, #14,#15 If done properly, Link will dash out of the water and over the barrier. Speak with Impa who can be found here and she’ll give you some backstory about the Goddess Hylia and the evil Demise. You could go dowsing for it, but I’ll give you a clue, it’s over at the Skyview Temple. Just aim towards them and deliver a water dash attack to stun them and a second one to defeat them. 15.5 Bug RockProgress at this pointTotal LifeHeart Pieces 22/24Goddess Cubes 25/27Goddess Chests 25/27Gratitude Crystals 65/80Medals 10/10New in this section 15.1 More Optional QuestsProgress at this pointTotal LifeHeart Pieces 18/24Goddess Cubes 25/27Goddess Chests 21/27Gratitude Crystals 60/80Medals 9/10New in this section The Groosenator can roll across the rails in this area and you can use the catapult to hit things down below. Afterwards, jump back down and use the bird statue to return to the sky. Medals:Rupee Medal #1, Bug Medal. Horn: Sword game between 20-27 hits - Sky, one of the islands towards the south. Sandship. After playing Farore’s Courage, a strange mark will appear on the ground. Enter Beedle’s Air Shop and you’ll see a bubble over his head (which will only appear after you’ve talked to Strich). Continue following the Parella along the water corridor. There are several Goddess Chests that we can now get if you haven’t gotten them earlier. To hit the wing on the right, swing your sword from left to right to direct the green blob at that wing. On the lest side of the slide after the really hot room. Items:Spirit Vessel, Tears of Farore, Water Dragon’s Scale At night, investigate the Pumpkin Shed at Pumpkin Landing and you'll find a Gratitude Crystal hidden there. You will see Gorko the Goron on this higher ledge staring towards the wall. This the water race of Skyward Sword and they are found almost exclusively within Lake Floria. Your best bet is to avoid the moblins for now. Items:Small Bomb Bag #2 Look to your left and you’ll find some blessed butterflies and some soft soil spots. If you can complete the expert course (Heart stopping!) The first Goddess Cube can be found to the west, just below the first exit from inside the Great Tree when you’re scaling it. Swim into the nearby cavern to get Inside the Great Tree. Just keep at it until you’ve won the heart piece. We couldn’t do anything about this earlier, but now that we have the bomb bag, we can blow up this boulder. With the Fire Sanctuary now behind us our next destination is the Sealed Temple. The Water Dragon presents herself as Faron, the Water Dragon and guardian of these lands. The first Parella that you see doesn’t really want to chat, so just keep following it. From the area with Yerbal, you can use first person camera and walk to the ledge to look down and spot them all (you won’t fall off while using this camera view). You can drop all the way to the bottom or slowly descend. You should now have the strongest wooden shield, and at the beginning of the desert you will get your upgraded bug-shot which can be upgraded at the scrap shop. Just to the south of this area, hang off the ledge so that you can see down below. Run outside and Groose will introduce you to his new catapult that he has created. Just turn to your left and use the gust bellows to blow your swing in this other direction. You can make a stop at the Item Check if you need to trade in any items. If only he had a new crystal ball to gaze into… Agree to search for a new one for Sparrot and he mentions that the previous one was found in a building atop a mountain peak. You can drawn an arrow, bombs, hearts, and you’ll get whatever you end up drawing. You’ll now find yourself within Farore’s Silent Realm. Contributed By : KeyBlade999 11 0 « See More or Submit Your Own! Keep progressing down the path and one of our Mogma friends from the Eldin region will appear. You’ll also come across large moblins who take a number of hits to defeat. Heart Pieces:#19, #20, #21 Page Tools. Defeat it with a sword slash. If you haven’t already, speak to him and he talks about Blessed Butterflies and the special Goddess Walls. Defeat the Staldra enemies in this room and then run through the door at the north end. Dive in and use the Wiimote to control Link while he is underwater. Pull out your harp and strum to the pulsing. Alternatively, you can use the bird statue to leave and return to the sky, turn around to get back to the Faron area, and then drop down by the Skyview Temple entrance. Chests:#22, #23, #24, #25 Use the clawshot on the target to reach the crystal ball. Jump back in the water and continue following the Parella. As long as the Thunderhead is changed now, perhaps there’s something else we can do here, hmmm? To do this, target one of the nearby froaks and perform a water dash attack, exploding the froak into the boulder. If you step into these ponds at any point in time, the Guardians will immediately awaken and will come for you. With the crystal ball shattered, Sparrot can no longer see into the future. The layout of the Skyview Temple hasn’t changed, but it is now infested with some new enemies. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword | Table of Contents | Walkthrough. Unfortunately he does not know much about the Triforce. He’s basically saying explore the few areas of the Forest that have water. Jump on down and deliver a Skyward Strike. Jump back on your loftwing and fly into the Thunderhead. However, if you move on to section 15.4 without completing it now, then you won’t be able to complete it until later on in the game. Combine that with the Light Fruit and the map below, and you should be done in no time. These bokoblin are a bit more difficult to defeat as they have more health. You’ll find some Water Froak floating around, as well as a blue bokoblin. You’ll see the Mogma once again and he’ll have a few words with you. For information on how to get each of the treasures in the game, check out our Skyward Sword Treasures Guide. Sleep in the bed nearby to make it nighttime. However, with each step it takes, it gives off a large red electric charge, so it’s quite difficult to get in close. As its name suggests this variation of bokoblin will shoot arrows out at you. You must deflect the green blob back at Bilocyte, depending on the direction at which it has moved its head. The Groosenator will take a few moments to set up once again, so you’ll be on your own for a few moments. Fly over to the Lumpy Pumpkin. Enemies:Bilocyte Alternatively you can use the bird statue to get back to the sky, and then drop down to the land below, selecting the Floria Waterfall statue. Sounds good, now we know where to go next. The main theme for this game is actually the Zelda's Lullaby theme played in reverse. You’ll have to make one more water dash jump to get over a barrier. This jump can get you to higher ledges than you can simply climb out of the water onto, or get you over low obstacles. You had to have opened it earlier, so if you haven’t, just progress through the dungeon to get back to this room. Drop the bomb to defeat the archers and then run across the tight rope. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Wiki Guide. in less than 65 seconds, you will be rewarded with a Piece of Heart! Heart Pieces:#23 Speak with the Old Woman and then deliver a Skyward Strike to open the Gate of Time. There are some optional quests we can do in the Sky before progressing in the main story. If you’d like to get some extra goodies, continue on to 15.3, or if you want to progress further in the story, jump down to 15.4. Jump onto the ledge and speak to the Water Dragon, who is sitting inside a bowl like container. Yerbal tells you to seek out the Water Dragon and that she resides in Lake Floria. Afterwards you can run on over to the Bird Statue and return to the Sky. During my playthrough when following the guide at this point I had just over 1000 rupees.