Rub to summon genie who takes you into instance Azhar's Penitence zone to receive and complete mission "The Gauntlet of al-Azhar". Tales exist of old, buried cities and civilizations, but the land holds its secrets well. After major updates to travel, they are all linked without the need to visit each one. However, this is not recommended if you want to gain faction with a specific court as you will end up with all three factions hostile to you. The Sinking Sands is the zone which binds together much of the Desert of … **Please note: Sinking Sands is part of the "Desert of Flames" expansion for EverQuest 2. Crocodiles and caimans share the remains of the Oasis of Marr with spectres and shade prowlers. Many consider deserts to be vast, empty wastelands of dust and sand. Interactive gravestone on the ground. GAME GUIDES GAMES EDITORIALS DOWNLOADS. Well, there's definitely more life than in the Sahara. Ultimately, you will want to go to full faction with each of the Courts, one at a time, if you wish to do the major quest for this expansion, The Courts of Maj'Dul: Of Fate and Destiny to become a Hero of Maj'Dul and gain the Ring of Fate. El'Khazi, Purveyor of Fine Carpets - northwest of the docks in the Sinking Sands ( -1320, -226, -589 ) Copy. Offered no quest at level-47, Just outside the Bay of Anuk a little to the east, standing at the top of a rock out in the water, is a Forlorn Specter. Narrow pathways lead away from the Port toward the dunes which give the Sinking Sands their name, the Stilled Sea. Taking a little extra time to be mindful of one's surroundings, one will begin to see the full range of color and beauty that only a desert can offer. - (partially taken from Sinking Sands Creature Catalog), Beyond the Port, however, other inhabitants make their homes. Most unsettling is the recent incursion of undead creatures, specifically mummies. Seen from ship it appears barren, bland, and inhospitable. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. To make travel here even more daunting, the only water source, the Twin Tears, is guarded by warring factions, the Aliiz Raef Ew Lizardmen and the Anaz Mal Gnolls. There also two nearby camps that also offer quests of the same level. Welcome to the Sinking Sands and the Desert of Flames! This is the entry zone for the first expansion of EverQuest II, Desert of Flames. It provides transportation between the Skystrider Launch-Dock to the Moors of Ykesha. Bootstrutter's Trail Guide to the Desert of Ro (House Item), (by Yokatsu, Mistmoore Server). Each Court has a headquarters in the city of Maj'Dul and a representative at the Port of Tears. ... Everquest 2 Soundtrack 29 Loading Screen - Duration: 0:49. Alternatively, to gain faction directly, you can kill rival faction members in Maj'Dul, and turn in their Insignia Coins to the appropriate Court Counsel in the Tower of the Moon . Seen from ship it appears barren, bland, and inhospitable. NOTE: A discussion page exists which may contain more information. Gives you access to a banker, mender, broker, merchant, and quests within the Court headquarters in Maj'Dul. - (Source: Bootstrutter's Trail Guide to the Desert of Ro (House Item)). Threads of the Desert (47) Scouring the Sands (52) Rocky Correspondence (55) The Spirit of Ab'Zheri (57) Fahad Nuhayd. The gentle coloration of the natural flora and fauna is soothing, with pale grey-green sages flowing into the soft golden sands. This site is not associated with and/or endorsed by the Sony Online Entertainment. These two groups treat any passerby with great hostility. If a specific Court faction and/or Maj'Dul residence is your goal, then choose one of the three Court NPCs and only do the quests they offer. There is no doubt more to this land, but it is hard to distinguish rumor from fact. Ambassadors from the Courts of Maj'Dul and other local populace introduce new arrivals to the current situation of the desert. Without screens of trees or many rock formations, one might feel that every danger found here is easily seen and avoided - however this is simply not true. Good standing with one of the Court factions brings the following benefits: EverQuest 2 Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The Courts of Maj'Dul: Of Fate and Destiny, Allows you to purchase a license to rent housing in Maj'Dul, and to be given the residence quest (which gives you the, With better faction standing, you can earn a special Title from the Court, and will be given a Court quest timeline, completion of which is necessary for the signature heroic quest, The recommended levels on some of the following quests were raised in.