This achievement starts at [1:00:10] in the case walkthrough video in “The Hunter Becomes the Prey.”, At one point during the ‘Prey Tell’ case, you return to the Hurst house to continue talk to Tom. If you sustain too much damage, the game will reload at your last checkpoint. Levers 3 and 4 rotate the platform 45 degrees either way, levers 2 and 5 rotate the platform 90 degrees either way and levers 1 and 6 rotate the platform a full 180 degrees either way. Duck into this one until the boulder passes then resume running to the end of the pathway. Pass through the statues and turn right again. Thanks to Marky Mark for the video: Near the beginning of the ‘Infamy’ case, after you are introduced to Orson Wilde, you will be visited by a young woman named Mary Sutherland. If you think you’ve made the correct decision, press to ‘Accept Decision’ and the achievement will unlock. Watson: move the cart to the other end of the tracks. Upon entering the room, you need to use Watson to push Holmes out of the way of an arrow. Next Achievements Prev Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter Guide Is Miss De’Bouvier who she says she is and why has she taken such an interest in Kate…? When walking up to Albeit's house during the 'A Study in Green' case, you will hear Albeit screaming and you will use an axe through a series of quick time events to open the door. Give him CPR with a quick-time event mini-game. Using a series of levers and switching between Holmes and Watson, you need to make your way to this balcony and enter Marley’s office. This one is relatively easy. Near the end of the 'Infamy' case you will need to sneak through an abbey guarded by bandits in order to rescue your companion Orson Welles. Cross the plank and continue. This achievement starts at [44:40] in the case walkthrough video in “The Golem Awakened.”. During the ‘A Study in Green’ case, you visit a man in a hospital named James Byron. Holmes: balance on the beam and jump to the chain, you can now swing and jump to the balcony and you are in and the trophy is yours. Once you have completed the 'exorcism,' the trophy will pop. Once you find your way upstairs, you will need to use the detective's imagination in order to create a distraction. Climb the “ladder” onto the beam and walk across to the end (towards the balcony wall). Run all the way to the wall and turn left. When completing character portraits, it is not necessary to be 100% accurate as these do not affect any achievements. Next, go to the second lever and move the hanging steel cage to the left so it stops above a cart of hay. Warning: This trophy guide might contain some spoilers, but the outcomes of the cases are never revealed. You will earn this trophy after you have made your final deductions and have made a moral decision in the 'Chain Reaction' case. Pushing aside the cupboard, go down the stairs into a secret room. However, most of the other trophies can be missed if you press during their sequence, to skip them. Once inside, you will have to solve 7 puzzles. Use the middle lever to move the cage above the cart. The trophy will pop once you decide your moral choice. During one of the conversations in the common room, you overhear two people talking about how the attempt on your life failed. You will need to keep running between covers to put distance between yourself and the hunter, and will die if you are shot too often. In the final section of 'A Study in Green' you will be battling against your own imagination trying to decipher what happened inside the temple. Introduction: During the ‘Infamy’ case, after gaining access to the upstairs area of The Green Dragon Tavern and causing a distraction (unlocking “Ace of Spades”), you make your way outside. A little ways down on the left is a ladder standing upright against a brick wall with a doorway to its right. Thanks to Marky Mark for the video: This is story related and cannot be missed. Each statue is either smiling or frowning. Focus on the wall and press to look through the slats and you will witness Orson Wilde entering the tavern and the patrons getting ready for a fight. This stage might not be necessary for you because this trophy can be earned during stage 1. After collecting all of the elements of the accident, you will have a top down view of the scene where you need to reconstruct the order of events. Once the puzzle is complete and the secret passage opens, the trophy will pop. Switch to Watson and use your pistol to provide cover for Holmes. After a while you will come to a swamp; once you have traversed the swamp safely, and crossed a fallen tree the trophy should pop. You can use each dot multiple times but you cannot go over a line after you have drawn it. Towards the end of the ‘Infamy’ case, you witness Orson Wilde being shoved into a cab at gunpoint. You need to find an alternate way out of the tomb. Puzzle 4: Falling Floor Tiles Press to pull the carpet away to reveal a ladder down to the sewers. The suspicious man will get out of sight a couple of times but this has no consequences for the trophy, contrary to what the trophy description says. - Does difficulty affect achievements: No It shows where his family had just moved to. Traversing around the buildings and swinging from two cables, you will enter a room through a window (the door to this room was previously guarded from the hallway preventing entering). This trophy is earned at the end of the mission 'Fever Dreams' and will pop on the end credit screen. However, you can still Condemn or Absolve the wrong suspect by making incorrect deductions, but doing so has no bearing on unlocking any achievement. If you do happen to lose the game and carry on playing, don't worry, as you will be able to access this case from the Main Menu once it is completed, and the tournament is very close to the start of the chapter. If you follow this guide, you should have no issues with unlocking all 25 achievements in one playthrough. You will not need to use this lever again but will need to move the cart along the track as Watson. [PST Would Like to Thank Moosh for this Roadmap]. This achievement starts at [10:50] in the case walkthrough video in “Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Detectives.”. Do your best to hide so you are not found. At this point, Watson will need to go back to the first lever and move the hanging fence-like structure back to its original position. As Holmes, make your way up the stairs, avoiding the tumbling statue head. Examine the box and you will find a key, a badge, oil and a ramrod for a rifle. Stool - Overturn (tripping the approaching man), Take Hat (of the man you just hit with the bottle), Push Aside (man you just took the hat from), Overturned Phaeton carriage next to burning lamp shop, Technical cab with the dead driver (next to the electricity), The electric lamppost (deactivate electricity), Scaffolding mechanism (order: pumpkin, balk, lifting mechanism, counterweight, platform).