Yuwan Filming & Production Joe Zieja also confirmed that he voices Rowen in Facebook, Twitter, etc. Mysterian Butler Cayman / (voice), Maisy, Red Riding Hood / Deathscythe Nun / Haven - Priest of the Wind / Bone Drone / Mysterian Prodigy Anne / Roly-Poly MK I Elf Smith / Beowulf / Doting Dragoneer Spartoi Mjerrabaine / Mechablade Soldier / Raven Noontide Vampire / 3 years ago. Mysterian Prodigy Anne / Dark Dragoon Forte / Hero of Antiquity / Amelia / Vibrochakram Thrower / Honorable Thief / (voice), Whole Spirited Necromancer / Dragon Huntress / (voice), Pluto / Lute / Elder Mage Of Dragonlore / Laina, Sister of Judgement / Characters, voice actors, producers and directors from the anime Shadowverse (TV) on MyAnimeList, the internet's largest anime database. This is a list of works Lily has provided voice acting talents for. Add the first question. Monk of Purification / Optimistic Beastmaster / Flail Knight / Temple Defender / Lightning Lancer / Silver Paladin / (voice), Ded Moroz / (voice), Isabelle / (voice), Perseus / Supreme Dragonkin Garyu Shadowverse (Video Game 2016) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Icy Warmth Paula / Metal Gargoyle / Queen Magnus the Black / Silver Paladin / Griffin Knight / Prince of Cocytus / (voice), Fashionista Nersha / Dragonslayer Through a strange occurence, Hiro obtains a mysterious smartphone withe the popular digital card game "Shadowverse" app installed. Various Fenrir, Ephemera / Rapunzel Rune Blade Summoner / Dazzling Archer / (voice), Losaria / Pollux / Lishenna (voice), Taurus the Great / (voice), Ultimate Carrot / Remi Wit / Disagreeable Demon / (voice), Viridia Magna / While attending Tensei Academy, Hiro Ryugasaki ends up acquiring a mysterious smartphone. Secret Agent Levin Archer / (voice), Deus Ex Machina / Piquant Potioneer / Magical Marksman Valse / (voice), Dancing Ghost / Wyrm God of the Skies / Axe Destroyer / Ironsting Archaeologist Underworld Ruler Aisha / Giving Gourmet / (voice), Cheerful Cannoneer Jessica / Goblin Leader / Various (voice), Demonflame Mage / Token Mini-Moe: The youngest character of the main cast, being the only main child character in the cast where the majority of the characters happen to be teenagers, adults, and a vampire. Diamond Guardian / Cruel Priestess / Lyria Rayne / (voice), Carabosse / Evelisia / Sonia Protector of Hope / Prince of Darkness / Monster Girl Fran / Wildfang Dragonnewt (voice), Taurus the Great / (voice), Monika Cloudhall Admiral /