It was summer, the windows were open, you could hear from the office the people on the street. “Tongue technique” similar to the one C. uses. I told Chris the story and he told me Sophie had told him a while ago about a dream in which some bad people wanted to tie the children from the kindergarten to a wall and Sophie wanted to save them all. The second leading question was “did daddy upset you?” Grandma asked her when she was with Sophie in Vienna. Other episodes that seem suspicious to me: – his raised finger, while Sophie sits on his hand. Child’s age: two and a half. Then I told him this was really obvious, he couldn’t pretend everything was ok and Sophie was completely normal, because she was not. *This article's cover image is for illustrative purposes only. I’ll try again on 3 November. I won’t tell daddy what you’re telling me now, Sophie… In front of the building where Mr Lackinger is located, he threatened me that if I told anything to his parents “he would make sure I wouldn’t do any more damage to anyone in the future”. She was afraid I would hate her, like C.’s parents do. I provocatively asked C. if his mother had to deal as well with her child telling her how his father was licking his genital area. After visiting the Vienna Children Center, I learned that it was better to ask only open questions, such as “how, when, where, at what do you want to defeat daddy?”. “Men’s. Nonsense. I’ve been postponing the discussion with his parents for almost 2 years. “Sophie, who was in your dream? Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The psychologist seems to have done wonders. But all doubts came back, this time even stronger. Sophie, I want you to be ok and I don’t want anyone to force you into doing something. Is anybody licking you?” But I remembered this when I heard “I’m not telling”. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Sophie answered “because of this lamp” and pointed at the lamp above. First I did not want to ruin their Christmas, then their winter holidays, then their Easter, then Hannes’ birthday, then Roswitha’s , etc. The next day, in the morning, I was tired and I wanted to sleep in, but Sophie came into my bed and whispered in my ear “mommy, you may touch me wherever you want”. This time he went right away and washed his hands. A while later, I dared to ask her “what did you mean, Sophie, what should I have done, Sophie?”. First I would like to ask him [the psychologist] if in such cases you really have to share everything with the father, and if the child does not feel betrayed in this case. Other issues that I noticed and which might be relevant: – in the summer of 2009 Sophie said she wanted to go to the babysitter’s house and I asked C. to pick her up on his way home, around 8 pm. “Where?” These Fit Moms Inspire Thousands on Instagram with Their Kid-Friendly Workout Routines, Most Anticipated Film: Winter 2014 Edition, Most Anticipated Film: Spring 2014 Edition, Anticipated Upcoming African American Films (Winter 2013 - Summer 2014). I answered “I have been wanting to tell them for a long time, but you wouldn’t let me”. I told C. that if he’s pushing it and spends 5 more minutes alone with Sophie, I’ll file for divorce and take him to court with criminal charges. Then he asked: “Sophie, do I enjoy this?” school. 21 Feb. 2010 You know it! He immediately came to tell me, so that I would not find this out from her. Yes, the most beautiful and the strongest, so that I can defeat daddy. After Sophie fell asleep, I called C. in Vienna. When I asked, a few months after this, how could he say such things, he said that he just wanted to bring me back “with my feet on the ground”. Subscribe to Ottawa for all the latest and greatest stories. In the spring, C. offered to pass a lie detector test. When I made the mistake to comment “I have written confirmation from Mr Schwärzler that you too should attend individual therapy”, the tears miraculously vanished and he went back to the deny-it-all stance. ( Log Out /  I AM OVERWHELMED BY THE SITUATION. I told him this was too much of a stress for the child, he should stop immediately and go to bed. And that he had pulled down her pajama pants. Born in Llanelli, South Wales, Sophie Dee moved to England to attend. Then he told his parents that we (my mother and I) believe he was a pedophile and that we both did our best not to leave the child with him unattended anymore, an upsetting situation for him as he could not play in a free and relaxed manner with the child anymore, like any other family member did, and all this because we were obssesively paranoid. Chris went to pick her up at around 4 pm. – In December 2009 C. was playing with Sophie on the bedroom’s floor and he spread her legs so that her panties dropped. –  the grandmother said that she was going to change her diapers while Sophie was in her bed, but she stood up and yelled “no, daddy no” (Vienna November 2008)