Ontario PC MPP Sam Oosterhoff, age 21, announced his engagement to Keri Ludwig on Twitter on Oct. 20, 2018. Durant la campagne pour l'élection partielle, l'évangéliste Charles McVety accusa Brown de tenter de museler Oosterhoff sur la question du nouveau programme d'éducation sexuelle. The Oosterhoffs weaved through the crowd, stood with their son, and posed for more photos. The article that CBS released, which details what is occurring in Iceland, bears a headline which asks the question “What Kind of Society Do You Want to Live In?” I know what my answer is, Mr. Speaker. On the likelihood, under Bill 28, of children becoming the object of up to four "parents" battling it out for custody. Sam opposed the ant-family Bill 28, which purged the terms "mother" and "father" from society's collective vocabulary and legislated that children can have 4 legal parents. Aidan Johnson, a Hamilton city councillor who believes he's the first openly gay politician elected in southwestern Ontario, said that Oosterhoff owes LGBT families an apology. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Le précédent étant Reid Scott (en) du Co-operative Commonwealth Federation à 21 ans en 1948. I can attest to that.". I had the chance to meet with the Niagara Down syndrome society last month, and we talked about the enormous social, economic and cultural contributions that individuals with Down syndrome have brought to the Niagara region and all of Canada. Are there any circumstances under which you believe a woman should have access to abortion? Oosterhoff also wrote a supportive note on Twitter about the activities of the Association for Reformed Political Action, a group affiliated with his church that has held anti-abortion rallies and argued same-sex marriage sets society on “the slippery slope to polygamy.”, Aidan Johnson, a Hamilton city councillor who believes he’s the first openly-gay politician elected in southwestern Ontario, said Oosterhoff owes LGBT families an apology. Join me in that work.". | Legal Information | Privacy Policy. ], Describing Ontario Bill 28, which purged the terms "mother" and "father" from society's collective vocabulary and legislated that children can have 4 legal parents. I want to live in a society where individuals with Down syndrome are cherished, loved and respected. But little is known of Oosterhoff beyond the skeleton details of his biography: a home-schooled kid from a large religious family, who spent time in Ottawa as a legislative assistant on the Hill before getting elected during his first semester at Brock University. , I didn’t find this page helpful. When Oosterhoff eventually attempted to leave in a pickup truck, the rabble decided to take action. Member, Select Committee on Emergency Management Oversight August 19, 2020 This means if a physician is unwilling to kill his patient, he must refer that patient to a physician who is willing to do the killing. Après l'élection, il panifie poursuivre ses études en cours du soir et durant l'été. All Rights Reserved. Earlier this year, the American broadcaster CBS reported that Iceland is eliminating Down syndrome through the use of abortion. All Content Copyright 1997-2020 LifeSiteNews.com. Many have credited the victory to his hearty ground-game in the riding, as well as the appeal to the region's many social conservatives with his denunciation of the Liberal government's updated sex education curriculum. Speaking out against Iceland's use of abortion to eliminate children with Downs Syndrome: "I rise today to speak to a tragic reality occurring in the country of Iceland, and to draw attention to a concerning rise in lack of respect for human value, dignity and worth for those individuals and families impacted by Down syndrome. A big part of his life, clearly, is his religion. ottawa march for life, Raymar Landscaping's Joanne Wanders said he shovelled snow for her company alongside her son. Will you support measures to stop funding abortions with taxpayers' money in Ontario? The reality is that Iceland is not eliminating Down Syndrome; they are eliminating people. Oosterhoof, who he and his wife Rada have known for years, stopped by during the campaign and pledged to push for a better deal. Other parties with whom the Liberal government consulted to formulate this program included radical gay activists groups like Gay Ontario (now Queer Ontario) and Egale Canada. Since the original preview of the curriculum in 2010, it has come to light that it was written under the direction of a man, Benjamin Levin, who has confessed to child pornography related charges. The interior of the store is shadowy and frigid; Milos keeps the heat down and more than half the lights off because of soaring hydro rates, he said — $550 a month these days. That’s not simply because pro-lifers are aware that the media and the politicians will lie about them if given the chance. The Ontario Liberal government of Kathleen Wynne & Dalton McGuinty introduced a sex ed curriculum for the 2010 school year that would have forced public & Catholic elementary schools to encourage masturbation, celebrate homosexuality and gender identity confusion, and teach about anal and oral intercourse. Ayant suivie une éducation à domicile, il est également membre de l'Église réformée canadienne et américaine (en). sam oosterhoff. Star Newspapers Limited and/or its licensors.