Hold on there, you need to login to post a comment... Luigi Can Be Unlocked As A Secret Playable Character In Super Mario Bros. The very first stage to where impressions are at its most important can be deceiving to what lies ahead. I played this game on PC a while ago and it was a major snooze-fest. It looks and sounds excellent, its action is fast-paced and brutal and it nails the look and feel of the classic '90s titles from which it takes its inspiration – all whilst performing impeccably in both docked and handheld modes. @MARl0 It unfortunately runs at 30fps. Really enjoying the retro FPS Renaissance going on lately!, Welp, that’s that. In Project Warlock, you play as a time-travelling sorcerer who busts around the gaff like Doctor Who with a sonic boomstick while painting the walls a lumpy shade of red. The world may be burning but it also always has in some form, so don't forget about your own mental health. Just 60fps or damn that kinda sucks. They're not particularly hard to find; just keep an eye out for cracks or discoloured areas on walls as you whizz by, but they do give things just a little more in the way of replayability. It does take some warming up to after being thrown in the deep end. Um. The sprites in this game just look.... not great to me. The lack of rumble feature can make it hard to know when damage is received, and the casual difficulty is pretty much the same as the difficulty above minus the risk of having to laboriously play out a whole chapter when three lives are lost. I can't wait to play! Not for me but kinda hope more devs go with FPS with enemy art like this. Just saying flawless performance doesn't give enough information, and Nintendolife has a track record of getting that wrong as well. Also, keep an eagle eye out for a handful of familiar faces from classic shooters that you'll find hanging around a few stages throughout the game. As far as stories go, and very much in keeping with the games from which it borrows; the narrative here is wafer-thin and some pretty generic flavour text at the end of each of the game’s five zones is all you’ll get in this regard. Project Warlock (Switch) Review by Paul Roberts June 26, 2020 When the armies of hell want to take over the earth you need the toughest Warlock around. I havent been into the genre since the early 2000's when I was playing Unreal Tournament. With some small tweaks, I managed to deal with the more fiddly issues. But I'd prefer to try and provide the tools to make them better informed than just slag them off. The larger than life 2D pixel art of enemies are diverse in design and self-contained within their own time period, and the death animations are wonderfully animated when tearing a shark demon apart with a chaingun. So one foot in front of the other it is, even if sometimes they're small steps or you've got to get a mate to help carry you a distance, or you're carrying a mate yourself. @Coach_A It is both mental illness and immorality. I found myself dying so much more in the opening level than I ever did during the rest of the game. If you like mazes filled with hardcore monsters and plenty of gore, this game will probably be of interest to you. My other half is on the vulnerable list so we're shielding as a household. Is it 30fps or 60fps? It looks like nobody is really interesting with the idea. Um dos melhoresshooters que ja joguei s, a altura dos classicos. It also comes with lots of graphical options with retro shaders allowing you to adapt C64, Amstrad and Spectrum colour palettes which can then be tweaked to your liking, while bloom, motion blur and scanline effects are also on offer. It always feels like the game isn't for the players. - @DevlinMandrake opinions are "I don't like this and here's why". It does my head in. This is a straight-up old school experience; a brutal, bloody strafe-fest with great big meaty weapons and hordes of hellish abominations that looks fantastic and runs flawlessly in both docked and handheld modes on Switch. Beyond your spells and weapons, you’ll also earn points to pump into strength, life, spirit and capacity stats whilst gradually unlocking a bunch of perks which make you heal quicker, gain XP faster, sprint at a lightning pace (perfect for the inevitable speedruns) and so on. In order to exit each stage, you’ll need to work towards locating and destroying a red demon lock which will require you grab a number of different coloured keys to open locked doors and flip a few switches here and there, but this element of things never threatens to become meaningfully taxing or complicated and the game very cleverly keeps you from getting lost by always beckoning you in the correct direction with fresh hordes of enemies. I would love to see similar looking game with an online multiplayer etc. Buckshot Software's debut effort is an easy recommendation for retro FPS fans and one of the better shooter experiences currently available on Switch. There are some light RPG elements in place where you can level-up and earn tokens to enhance weaponry, magic abilities, as well as increasing the usual health, mana and strength stats. I was burned already recently by Ion Fury, so I'm not buying this game until I know for sure how it runs. I can’t keep up! As is typically the case with every generation, the new age that follows are usually forced to endure the earache from their parents reminding them how easy they have it, and how rubbish their pop culture is when compared to their own. @Darlinfan The unnamed Warlock then heads towards a dystopian future of cybernetic war machines, until finally diving down towards the fiery depths of Hell itself. Like the style. FPS games are my weakspot. @JayJ @Dragonslacker1 if you read the review you would have seen that the reviewer said the game feels too easy in anything under Hard mode. Some of us having been playing FPS' since Wolf 3D and like seeing games made in that vein from fans and gamers who share a passion for that era. Take care dude. Scoring PolicyReview copy provided by Crunching Koalas. Evolving your characters stats may potentially aid a sense of progression and achievement in the higher difficulties. Got it, thank you! My brother and his wife have both got it, and it killed my Dad back in April.Bigger issues than arguing over games. We reckon, especially if you’re an experienced fan of the genre, that sticking this one on hard mode keeps things much more challenging over the course of proceedings.