Ford Racing includes superb features such as 12 Race-tuned Cars, Stunning 3D Graphics, Championship, Multiplayer, Replay Modes, and more. At the beginning, the player select his vehicle from available, choose his mode, and jump into the track to race against other drivers with a task to cross the finish line before anyone. It is the 3rd exciting title in the series of Kaido Battle, and it introduces the elements from the Shutokou Battle series. We'll begin emailing you updates about %gameName%.

Pimp My Ride Street Racing includes core features such as 15 Suppliers, Tons of Challenges, Show off your Skills, 16 Vehicles, and more. Mashed: Drive to Survive is an Action-Adventure, Racing, Vehicular Combat, Single and Multiplayer video game developed by Supersonic Software.

None of tracks in the game are based on the real locations around the world. We need money to operate the site, and almost all of it comes from our online advertising. Finally, in 5.1, the sound proves to be well spatialized.

There are total six tracks available such as springs, Alpine, Coastal, City, Vertigo, and more. The game has several modes such as Drag, Time Attack, Grip, Speed Challenge, Drift, and more.
As often happens, a flagship title is often necessary to really help a new console get off the ground. The rain, fog, and sunshine are rendered well, no doubt thanks to the use of shaders.

You receive "Kudos" points for your style, skill, and willingness to take risks during races.

Test Drive: Eve of Destruction puts you in charge of the player and lets you control a vehicle and race against AI controlled characters in multiple courses. The game several new moves such as Conquest mode, Standard Challenges and Category Races. There are a variety of environments including Deserts, off road Locals Canyons, etc. The difficulty is frankly well proportioned, and you are pleased to advance into adventure mode. In summary, Gotham is a very fun video game, but also one that requires finesse in navigating. Each circuit is full of challenging curves, hurdles, and slippery roads. In the beginning, each race contains four cars, and your main task is to explore the game world, navigate obstacles and get power-ups to obtain weapons. It has two different modes and each offers the vehicles for the year of 1997 to 2000. The ultimate task is to reach the end of each level while drifting his way to overcome sharp turns. Earn enough points to unlock other vehicles and use them in the race to defeat competitors. The game serves as the first title in the series of Ford Racing and brings the thrilling racing gameplay for those players who love playing driving games. Try it out, if you love playing Racing video games. The game features over twenty-eight cars and fourteen different tracks for the race.