Any form of government in which there is a ‘rule by a few’, for example, by members of a self-regulating elite having domination over a large society is known as an oligarchic political system. Political theory is considered as the basis and branch of political science which attempts to arrive at generalizations, inferences, or conclusions to be drawn from the data gathered by other specialists, not only in political science, but throughout the whole range of human knowledge and experience. This approach strongly maintains the belief that the thinking or the dogma of every political thinker is formed by the surrounding environment. Prohibited Content 3. They lay emphasis on factual study of political events and try to arrive at scientific and definite conclusion. How to use political in a sentence. Another classification of political approach is empirical analysis of political events. Copyright 10. In its broadest sense, democracy is a way of life in which an individual feels free to act within accepted boundaries of norms and also equal in respects of his/her rights. According to them, what cannot be verified is not scientific. Theorist, Kirkpatrick stated that traditional approaches accepted institution as the basic unit of research but behavioural approach consider the behaviour of individual in political situation as the basis (K. Sarmah, 2007). Unlike democracies, where a variety of groups struggle for a voice in government, the government dictates the society’s values, ideology, rules and form of government. To adapt and change elements of social, economic, religious systems necessary for achieving collective (political) goals. Almond and Coleman (1960) have described the following three main functions of a political system: 1. Traditional approaches are largely normative and stresses on the values of politics. It is symbolic representation about the word ‘political’. Y    Characteristics of Traditional approaches: 1. Additionally, he emphasized that the government is responsible for administering different communication channels. Numerous scholars such as Richard Synder and Charles Lindblom have developed this approach. This approach focus on human behaviour but it is a difficult task to study human behaviour and to get a definite result. C    Different demands have different levels of support. He explained political systems as a special system of interaction that exists in all societies performing certain functions. The main criticisms levelled against this approach are mentioned below: In the mid of 1960s, behaviourism gained a dominant position in the methodology of political science. These procedures are defined as approaches, methods, techniques and strategies. R    Modern approaches include sociological approach, psychological approach, economic approach, quantitative approach, simulation approach, system approach, behavioural approach and Marxian approach (D. K. Sarmah, 2007).