other economic intelligence we have collected. View the profiles of people named Philippa Dunne. Cumberland Advisors is proud to sponsor this conversation, which presents skilled professionals in a transparent and independent forum. While it’s true that there have always been dramatic shifts in climate, the drivers of those shifts can be measured, and they do not fully account for what we are seeing. Can exports save us from a recession? Download TLR 3 12 2014, 12/11/13 We all know that. the 25 largest states, and are known by traders around the world for A stranger ran over, said “It’s okay to scream,” pulled the board off, and raced me across the sand to the vet’s office. non-farm benchmarks would be positive and huge, we cautioned, based, as They really do run back into burning barns. They are watching the cash flow into the state coffers so This is the kind of work What’s it like rehearsing with Skype? We’re the ones who track monthly withholding and sales tax receipts in A firefighter staggers in the wind. much of a boost, and, perhaps oddest of all, challenged Upstate New York is once again BJ’s strongest sales region. Join Facebook to connect with Phillipa Dunne and others you may know. Can’t we just keep it at 4? Philippa DunnePhilippa Dunne was hired by John Liscio in 1996 to work on special projects, and in 1997 began full-time work as the "research department," specifically to develop her own set of states for our monthly surveys of state tax collections and to handle the burgeoning demands of The Liscio Report. “environmental regulation” explanation; a sudden sales that was definitely not the result of the then-popular Bloomberg; and around the web. I know that sounds cerebral for a bloody sketch but these would be characters that you’d work on for a thousand years, these were the ones in your back pocket since year dot and you’d always be building on them. the data, that there was no evidence for this, in fact the risk was The Paradise fire has set records, but the recent Woolsey fire that flew to the beach in west Malibu, bad as it was, isn’t up to today’s standards. Frequent contributor Hale Stewart was a bond broker with Vining Sparks, where his clients included mutual funds, insurance companies, and money managers, until he decided to go to law school that is. For more information on how to join us in this important conversation at the January 25th GIC-USFSM conference, please visit www.usfsm.edu/climate. If you want to know more about our chocolate chips, please visit our Privacy Policy page. Can you imagine the Feds raising rates a relatively modest 10% in the current environment? I grew up in Malibu, where fires were a central part of my childhood. If you’d like to see how we did during stretches not included here, please contact us. We mention that they’ve been seeing each other for twenty sessions and it’s really obvious that they’re kind of sick of each other but he’s obliged to go for certain reasons so that’s why they’re still working together. State revenue estimators “take the ax” to their forecasts. Cargill’s Gregory Page agreed to be on the board of bipartisan Risky Business, which aims to put a price on all of this. Work martyrs who can’t buy a house Phillipa Dunne is an actress and writer, known for Motherland (2016), Dublin Stories (2009) and The Taste of Home (2010). Download TLR_04_03_08, 03/12/08 For certain Worms stuff I used to really come up with backstories for certain characters because I thought that some of the characters that I had might rub people up the wrong way so I wanted to have a good reason for why they were the way they were. Your second click will download the full issue .pdf file of WOWS' latest issue to your computer, a process that -- depending on the file size and your connection speed -- might take more than the blink of an eye. Sometimes a bunch of tumbleweeds thud into the house: the Santa Ana wind. A Journal of Independent Research, Analysis, Opinion and Insight. -378K.) Edgy debtors and a history book Incomes (& Fed policies?) It definitely helps. He’s also frequently quoted or cited in the media, including newspapers ranging from The Asia Times to the New York Times to the Times of London. TLR's Philippa Dunne Connects Dots in Economics & Culture; Listens 10/09/20 In a week that started with news of a Covid-denying President’s infection with the virus and only turned more bonkers from there, I wanted to speak with no one more than my old friend, Philippa Dunne. Sometimes sirens race up the highway; by the time I was five, I could tell which canyon they turned into; and sometimes I would first see reflected flames flickering in my window. I recently visited friends in Santa Barbara and finally saw firsthand the incomprehensible destruction in the path of the fire and floods of last year. Philippa Dunne is co-editor of two independent macro-economic newsletters: The Liscio Report, with a trading focus, and Sightlines Bulletin, which takes a longer perspective. Lock. We wrote this report cataloguing the burgeoning costs of our fraying infrastructure, including both the crumbling rocks and gravel and the rusting research edge, State revenue officials are encouraged by recent receipts. You, with Diet of Worms, (writer-director) Giles Brody with The Mess Around, Stephen Colfer & Hannah Mamalis with Dreamgun and Edwin Sammon with Republic of Telly. Of course we fine tune our So it's easy for you to find and enjoy high quality content from our wonderful contributors. The Third-Party may have a privacy and/or security policy different from that of Cumberland Advisors. on the Fourth of July as a patriotic plea. HeadStuff is all about putting buckets of interesting stuff in one place. No ideology, no agenda, just a straight take on breaking economic data. real terms, preparing our subscribers for what was to come. Phillipa Dunne, Actress: Motherland. We're all about the quality, and support good writing and reading. Basically we start off the play hating each other and not really seeing eye-to-eye at all. Everyone involved in the play has a strong sketch background. Adapting to a Changing Climate: Challenges & Opportunities, https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-11-22/what-wildfires-and-hurricanes-mean-for-the-global-economy, A Look Inside the Montecito Disaster Probe, https://www.amazon.com/Two-Mile-Time-Machine-Abrupt-Climate/dp/0691102961, https://www.imf.org/en/News/Articles/2015/09/28/04/53/sonew070215a. anomaly in US history, and that housing prices have indeed fallen in No, I’d be the fucking worst. It’s all about tourists coming here to flex their currencies, which means our manufacturers aren’t getting It helps, a lot, if you are sitting on valuable mineral resources. Philippa graduated from University of California and has a Master’s Degree from Wesleyan University. It’s all come together really organically which is such a relief, because we didn’t end up putting any work in, but the more I read the script with the guys it was like yeah just leave it alone and it’ll do its own thing, just bloody relax and let it happen because you know chill out would ye? Our work speaks for itself, and here we’ve selected reports that cover a broad range of what we do. independent research outfit located in New York City. About The Report. The fires have always been unpredictable and terrifying, but they have moved into a new dimension. Cue in the creative destruction of a true market economy. “Really, when you look at this graph, you have to wonder how retail sales recovered from their recessionary depths.”< He caught the attention of John Liscio and as the "resident wise man" he crunched stats and analyzed them for John from the report’s very first days. Attention Paid-Up Subscribers: To read or print the entire current issue as a single document, use the "easyprint" feature in the "Nav bar" to the right to open it, or any of WOWS' individual features, as an Adobe PDF file, and then print it. Yes. Sweden took a successful and painful stand, which included raising overnight rates 500% to defend the krona. Download TLR 01 13 2009, 01/08/09 Could it be a recession? Alternatively, you can click "more" at the bottom of this paragraph and then click the red Adobe icon that appears. argued that hidden weakness in the labor market was bound to show up Our perspective allows you to make intelligent decisions no matter what political or economic outlook you embrace. View the profiles of people named Philippa Dunne. Total farce. How deep do you go into creating a character for something like this? Sign up for our FREE Cumberland Market Commentaries. Does that affect how you all approach a piece like this? This page has details on her comedy-related work. Download TLR_07_05_07, 05/10/06 soon. The news will keep getting worse From our rooms there we would stay up all night, looking out across the bay as the unspeakably beautiful flames winged up and down the mountains, seemingly in silence although we knew they were panting. After law school, he opened his law practice focusing on transactional work. The first female firefighter in this country was Molly Williams, Volunteer #11, a slave owned by a New York City merchant. Then the psychotherapist gets called away unexpectedly and a situation take shape so he pulls a load of strings thinking it’ll make it better but it makes it a whole lot worse. A Friendly Chat with Philippa Dunne of Couples Counselling, Poem of the Week | Some Morning by Mary Lee, NO ENCORE #240 | TOP 5 TV SHOW THEME SONGS / JOSH MCCLOREY INTERVIEW / ANNIE REVIEW, Pints of Malt #81 | Straight In, No Kissing, The Behavioural Vaccine | Room to Improve Vs Self Compassion, Up To 90 | Emma is Gene Hackman and Fungie is Dead, NO ENCORE #239 | PADDY HANNA | THE HILL | TRACK BY TRACK, Instagram Pick of The Week | David Whelan. Arachnophobes beware. We all spend so much of our time clicking through reams of content and sometimes not reading anything of interest at all. Philippa Dunne Co-editor, The Liscio Report; freelance singer/continuo player Greater New York City Area 500+ connections It’s brilliant. David R. Kotok In addition to It did take out the Spahn Ranch, where Charlie Manson and his crew lived (no comment), but also the iconic Serra Retreat, a real loss. When we started this play, especially when Giles said, “Do what you want with your character. This is one mighty unusual weak-dollar environment. Apparently, the IMF rechecked their work when they saw their results, and we rechecked ours. We drove through the slide area: Geologists are still calculating how much the mud (A Look Inside the Montecito Disaster Probe), the consistency of honey and traveling at up to 27 miles an hour, was needed to launch “giant boulders” down the washes. national employment trends. There are tremendous opportunities in the renewable energy sector, jobs that would help balance the increasingly unequal opportunities available to our working classes. Frank Nutter, head of the Reinsurance Association of America, told writer Eugene Linden a quarter of a century ago that “global warming could bankrupt the [reinsurance] industry.” Linden also points out that while the Insurance Information Institute was singling out Florida as having the greatest exposure to the combined effects of a changing climate, Governor Rick Scott and Senator Marco Rubio went on record to dismiss the threat.