Not a retcon so much as an update. He ran into the rain, laughing madly and swinging his sword, while screaming "O Aka, for our shared madness I do this! [4], The name Pelinal means "glorious knight". We don't actually have a source that says Pelinal was from the Late Merethic Era, only sources which recount legends saying someone with that name lived in the Late Merethic and early First Eras. [10] His reputation varies widely., Like most male Imperials, Pelinal was voiced by, Pelinal Whitestrake is regarded by many to be the. However, in 3E 121, during the War of the Red Diamond, the order was split and the Relics were lost again. When the Nords saw the Crusader standing at the bridge of Heldon, after his white hair had become so stained with blood that it turned brown, they praised him and said that their patron god Shor had returned. [3] He freed the slaves of Vahtacen and the Thousand-Strong of Sedor, a human tribe who had been enslaved by the Ayleids at Sedor. [3], When Huna, a hoplite that Pelinal had trained personally and cared for deeply, was killed by Celethelel the Singer, Pelinal Whitestrake went on his first Madness. [6] Khajiiti legends remember him as the White Snake. When he heard of her defiance against the Elves, he came to her at a rebel camp holding his mace and sword, both encrusted with smashed Elven intestines, as well as the sacred Ayleid symbols of feathers and pearls, and joined her cause for freedom. But I should have known. In the First Era he fought on behalf of the human slaves of Cyrodiil using enchanted gifts bestowed upon him by the Eight Divines. Pelinal Whitestrake fought alongside Morihaus as the champion, and by some legends lover[1] of Queen Alessia during the Alessian Slave Rebellion of the early First Era. [5], As the end of his life approached, Pelinal, through forces unknown, realised at the last moment that Umaril survived: "Beware, Morihaus, beware! I thought I'd won. Tiber has been called Colovian, Atmoran and Breton - his history is mixed/unknown/disputed. After this last warning the famous Pelinal Whitestrake died.[6]. This is the most true answer. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Base ID Pelinal Whitestrake has one of the most mysterious backgrounds of any Elder Scrolls legend. [4], The name Pelinal means "glorious knight". In one year Pelinal drove the Ayleid armies past the Niben and claimed all the eastern lands for Alessia's forces. Ref ID Has Umaril the Accursed found a way back? He described another half that along with himself would take her up and reveal their true faces to her. Umaril found a way to cheat death, as I could not. [12], Towards the end of the war as rebel forces began moving closer to the White-Gold Tower, the Ayleids attempted to blockade the northern bridge to the city, driving back Alessia's Nordic reinforcements. The Slavemasters are a cunning breed. Described by Morihaus as an ada or spirit, Pelinal plays the same role as a long line of avatars sent by Shor to champion the cause of mankind and stop the Elves from destroying them. If you would seek for my Relics, I know little that can help you. [13] It was only after Pelinal was bleeding and wounded that Umaril finally came down to fight him. At her War Council, the Alessian armies and all of the Nords grew anxious and fearful at the foresight of storming the White-Gold Tower and facing Umaril and his soldiers. — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 01:57 on 26 July 2008 (UTC), Before the Ages of Man is old lore from way before kotn. His ghost also appeared to the Hero of Kvatch, the Second Divine Crusader, in order to help them defeat Umaril in the Third Era.[4]. After completing the Pilgrimage quest, you receive a vision from him to receive the quest The Shrine of the Crusader. According to this fragment, Pelinal found salvation after his death, freed of his madness, and now acted as a guardian to bring Alessia's soul to the afterlife. He was said to have emerged into Nirn like a Padomaic (pure energy of Padomay himself – the primordial deity, or the creation myth of the Aurbis who personifies the very concepts of chaos and change. It is said that Pelinal "emerged into Nirn like a Padomaic, carried by Sithis and all other forces of change." With the foresight of death I know now that my foe yet lives, bitter knowledge to take to my grave. He described another half that along with himself would take her up and reveal their true faces to her. He would act on instinct and would rarely think about his actions, as shown when he began to mock the Ayleids for their ancestry, leading to his dismemberment at their hands. Altmeri sources suggest that he is one and the same, although it is unlikely that this is the whole story, given his alien characteristics and persona, and the fact that he cannot easily be described as a king or sorcerer.