Fernando: Fernando has some interesting damage-over-time effects and can take people down after they’ve run off as a result. Wield guns and magic as a legendary Champion of the Realm, customizing your core set of abilities to play exactly how you want to play. Zhin: Zhin is a tricky flank to play. Ying: Ying can be fantastic in the right hands, but is tricky to get used to. It is funny because every character in Paladins can hold it's own. Here is a Paladins tier list so you can sort the heroes from the zeros. He is particularly adept at area of effect attacks and works great in combination with a lot of champions found in the upper part of our Paladins tier list. Avoid the bottom of this Paladins tier list. He’s a huge threat as long as he is with a DPS character, so find a friend and drag them into the fray. Moki: Moki is distinctly average and that isn’t good enough. Cassie: Cassie has always been pretty good too. While there is a huge selection of options available, we thought we would pick a few of the World of Tanks mods for you. She has a few good AoE attacks for clearing a room or weakening enemies who have huddled up. Koga: Koga is a great damage dealer and is also good at avoiding damage, thanks to his abilities. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. He can focus on one target with his magnums or clear a room with The Law. ©2019 Green Man Gaming Limited. He also has a nice wide shield to defend with. Use our Tier List Maker to generate your free Tier List and share it with your friends. Not a great choice. Get all the info on all the guns in Ring of Elysium, and prepare yourself for your next victory. Maeve: Maeve used to be a powerhouse but has been reduced to a tier 4 hero thanks to patches and other heroes. Viktor: Viktor is a perfect jack-of-all-trades vanilla character—a very good choice for anyone learning the game. In this way, we will know which are the best alternatives to play or the one that best suits our style of play in the case of slightly more experienced users. Talus: Talus is good for hit-and-run tactics. Intel gathered in order to put this tier list together consists of data from the Paladins pro-scene, the Paladins subreddit, and other influential Paladins players. He is a good choice if you feel like you need to control the flow of the battle and herd enemies into an area. Ash: Ash has a very limited range and is easily punishable. Trademarks are property of their respective owners. She has great survivability but not quite as much damage. Sha Lin: Sha Lin has fantastic damage potential, stealth, and very fast attacks. The objective of each game varies depending on the game mode. PaladinsGuru - Paladins's leading source for player profiles, elo rankings, guides, and builds. Grohk: Has been nerfed into oblivion, unfortunately. This is a great choice if you like to lead the charge instead of hanging back. Connect He’s great for zoning and clearing a point. However, Paladins is a very dynamic game. Notice, this is a tier list for PC players, not console players. She has fantastic DPS and is great for finding enemies and letting your team know—an excellent character for nearly everything. If you are worried about your aim then this is a great choice to guarantee you can still contribute to the team. Tier lists can work in a game like Super Smash Bros because a lot of factors are fixed. Dredge: Dredge deals out splash damage with his basic attacks, and his abilities reflect this. Inara: Inara is a strong zoner and her ultimate stuns, bypasses shields, and deals out damage. Buck: Buck is a strong flank that deals out good close range damage. He has fantastic mobility and great damage output.