The only way to make sure this show is renewed for season 4 is to watch, watch and watch this series some more as quickly as possible. Why do you think Cesar wasn't able to learn from Spooky and wound up repeating his family's history?Iungerich: Well, we hope that we nuanced it enough that you saw his — you know, when he talks about [how] his family crest is the gang sign, that's his future, and that that he was born with this future.
What's on Netflix is a website of Posterity Information Technology Ltd. Chapter Twenty-One The fallout of the kidnapping situation, the gang rivalries, what happens with the rest of the Roller World money, and Monse’s school situation should be the main things explored in the new season. Previous season So I think it's almost like she wants to stay to keep the relationships solid. This is a spoiler-free article up until we talk about the potential plot of On My Block season 3 a little later on.

Although it’s far too early to tell, it’s likely the series will stick to a 10 episode format and most of the cast will likely return. 4,8. According to social media posts from the cast, On My Block season 3 wrapped production in October. I was shocked to see that Jamal had joined the football team. And now Ruby’s dad is sleeping in his room, making it difficult for Ruby to attend to some *ahem* personal matters in the privacy of his room.

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Below, we shared the expected release date for On My Block season 3 and what we expect will happen in the new season.

In mid-August 2019, the series officially began filming its third season. But in that moment, he's a little nihilistic to the idea of [how] this is just what's expected of him.

So much of this season was about the search for Lil' Ricky, but in the end the kids gave up looking for him. Read at your own risk!]. And it's the two sides flipping, right?
But who could be behind the kidnapping? First Aired - YouTube

Jamal famously hated football, so what can you say about how he wound up changing his mind?Iungerich: I think if you really look at it through the prism of he didn't want to play football when we first met him out of fear, and then to see him leading the charge to find the RollerWorld money and then going down and leading the charge to save Cesar and find Lil' Ricky — I think you see a kid who has walked into the fire and confronted his fear, who is no longer fearful, he's fearless. It's going to make for a very complicated interesting story but it's heartbreaking because it's so real, right? as part of the whole fabric of the show. I guess so? To recap, On My Block just returned to Netflix on March 29th, 2019 for its second season. The Core Four plus Jasmine (Jessica Marie Garcia) gathered to see Monse off and promised that the distance wouldn't change anything.

Spooky will also play a bigger role in the new season.

This presents a problem for Monse, who was planning to leave and now has to delay her plans.