#LindahlsLife LINDAHLS KVARG is incredibly versatile. Available in a 500g pot, Nestlé Lindahls Kvarg Natural has been created for the whole family to enjoy plain, or as an alternative to Greek yogurt or cream cheese. “The yogurt can be made using standard production equipment without additional equipment for adding protein, equipment for straining the yogurt and equipment for disposing by-products of straining,” ​said the patent application. Nestlé’s claims that its patent-pending process, invented by US-based Nestle R&D duo Matthew Galen Bunce and Rajiv Indravadan Dave, produces yogurt products with a protein content of up to 14% “without straining the milk at any stage and without adding protein to the milk at any stage.”​. Nestlé added that regular skim milk, where all cream is removed from whole milk, is "not capable of providing a high protein content without using added protein or straining the yogurt."​. NESTLÉ Greek Style Yogurt comes in 3 variants – Natural, Strawberry Field and Peach Harvest (with real fruits pieces added for fruited variants). Every 2 servings of NESTLÉ Greek Style Yogurt Natural 135g provide 24% of adult daily protein requirement. You are currently on the Nestlé Singapore website, Nestlé Singapore’s Anti-Corruption, Gifts & Entertainment Guidelines (For customers & suppliers), Celebrating 100 Years in Singapore with You, Pan-fried Minced Meat with Water Chestnut Patties, Button Mushrooms with Fish Balls and Seaweed Soup, Prawn and Mango Salad with Citrus Dressing, MILO - Ministry of Education (MOE) Youth Triathlon, Nestlé Management Trainee Program (NMTP). { Cheryltiramisu27 When measured, the reduced-lactose skim milk mix was found to contain 3.2g of lactose per 68g serving (4.6%) and a protein content of 6g per serving pre-fermentation. Moreover, it has no artificial colouring. Trust me, it tastes heaven!? Learn about Nestlé’s brands and what we’re doing to make our products tastier and healthier. Every 2 servings of NESTLÉ Greek Yogurt Natural 135g provide 24% of adult daily protein requirement. Greek yogurt is more rich & creamy and this is suitable to serve with some fruits. Manufacturers, Greek yogurt untuk menurunkan berat badan kerana kandungan gula yang sangat rendah. function sanitize_gpt_value2(gptValue) With one container (200-gram) of Greek yogurt offering 18 grams of protein, you would need to drink 2-3 cups of milk to get the same amount. You can savour it on its own or have it with fruits, nuts or just about anything. Greek yogurt products, which are manufactured traditionally using straining methods, typically contain around 10g of protein per serving.

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There are 2 main reason for choosing it. NESTLÉ Greek Style Yogurt is the perfect indulgence as it is healthy. Nestlé concluded, therefore, that "​using lactose-reduced skim milk in yogurt as disclosed herein enables an increased protein level without additional lactose and, as a result, prevents gritty texture due to lactose crystallization. dataLayerNews = {};