Narbacular Drop Full PC Game Overview. Games should give players the opportunity to create their own story because those are the sorts of experiences that they're going to really remember. I reply that we're looking for jobs, or something of that sort. Narbacular Drop is an environmental puzzle video game developed by Nuclear Monkey Software. /Filter /DCTDecode PC. Or they're a big budget game with a lot of substance but a lot of violence that isn't appropriate for kids. He then on the spot asks us if we'd want to be hired to re-create our student project using Source. It was one of the few times where we could sit down and have a good time together. I honestly can't really say what other developers are or are not thinking, but for me I think creating a good game is all about walking the fine line of being able to convey a particular experience and at the same time giving players the opportunity to create their own. It was the senior game project of students attending DigiPen Institute of Technology. So we had a room where we wanted to teach players to put a box on a button. Then second year is 2D. Narbacular Drop. So we of course jump at the opportunity, all the while thinking: "Wow, these guys are really nice to give us feedback on our game in person.". So basically looking for a job. These present far tougher challenges, often requiring you to fall into a portal on the floor to launch yourself from a portal on the wall at high speed, just one of the many ingenious methods of portal usage. And as more people that enjoy video games, grow up and have kids, they more than likely want to play games with their kids. After about 10-15 minutes through the presentation Gabe stops us and asks what we're planning on doing after graduation. I took a couple of community college C++ courses in high school and what I learned in those two semesters were surpassed in about a couple weeks at DigiPen. It was a turn-based strategy game. The design documents for Narbacular Drop, created by Nuclear Monkey Software, can still be found on the website of DigiPen Institute of Technology. One achievement and trophy in Portal 2 is called Narbacular Drop for PC. The premise is that you've come in contact with Earth and you're trying to figure out what to do with it. Wow, that totally didn't answer your question... Basically you're in control of a space ship. And obviously, we were happy to insert Portal into the Half-Life fiction. And get paid for it. Advertisement Sub-games Game free download full version for PC | Speed-New © 2020 All rights reserved, Asterix and Obelix XXL 2 Mission Las Vegum Full PC Game, Master of the Skies The Red Ace Full PC Game, Monster Trux Extreme Offroad Edition Full PC Game, Game free download full version for PC | Speed-New, Slamdance Guerrilla Gamemaker Competition Finalist (2006), GameShadow Innovation In Games Festival & Awards Nomination (2006), Game Informer The Top 10 Games You've Never Heard Of, Edge Internet Game of The Month (March 2006), Gamasutra Quantum Leap Awards: Most Important Games «Honorable Mention» (2006). We were thinking maybe, one or two people would show up to take a look. On this website several different kind of documents about the game can be found (Docs section) as well as the finished game (Downloads section). The most fun outcome of the game is to just blow up things with an ion cannon. Narbacular Drop 2005. endobj Well I was interviewing and hoping I might get a job with Crystal Dynamics actually. Back to top. A sequel, Portal 2, was released on April 19, 2011.