Your level increased day by day as you encounter the right answers much more. Web Design : Graphéine - Développement site : Mon Coach Personnel : Je suis bien dans ma peau. Sometimes it appears and sometimes it doesn't. And also you cannot play this game on Laptop or Computer. Search any app on play store by writing Word Coach. Check Her Score Now. In the Recent 2020 Update, Now it suports other languages also. In another game, you're shown a list of words in one screen while alphabet blocks fall slowly into the other screen. You also get to choose your own coach character. You can play this game directly from the Google Search in Your Phone. The next level is a little harder as compared to the previous one. Pour ne pas avoir à saisir les informations de code/nom vous pouvez vous créer un compte gratuitement ! Just Press it. All over the world, the Coach name is synonymous with the ease and sophistication of New York style. What I didn't like about MY WORD COACH: I find this to be a game I unwind with. The object is to touch the blocks in order to spell the words on your list before the screen fills completely with blocks. ~~Definitions of the words are included (after the game you are playing is finished) so it's not just 'some word' you get familiar with seeing, you can learn what the word is and how to use it in a sentence ~~Great for a wide range of ages! But there are some drawbacks of this game also. I will write another review after I have played it even more. It is not easy to say what is the highest score ever made on Google Word Coach. While some adults may resent the emphasis on speed that is part of the games, for kids, the speed angle may actually help to sustain their interest in these educational games. Reproduction interdite sans autorisation. The questions asked are mostly related to similar words, opposite words, and sometimes you have to choose from the images. Your score is based in part on how much time you took. This is how the Explanation of every word asked in quiz is provided. (Image Question Quiz), After that, a small box will appear in the search result. If you are a child, the words presented to you in the games will be easier than if you are an adult. It is suitable for all age group people who want to increase their knowledge of English. You may be interested in: Start Game. item 5 My Word Coach (Nintendo Wii, 2007) 4 - My Word Coach (Nintendo Wii, 2007) AU $9.95 +AU $25.00 postage. But sometimes it may change to 180 or 220 or maybe something else. I like it, and as long as I am not too tired, I enjoy playing it a bit everyday. Game Over Australia 1 -, My Word Coach Nintendo DS with box and manual . As we can see that Google is getting smarter day by day and its New Game "Google Word Coach" is helping a lot to the users to expand their English Language and Vocabulary in a Fun Way. The main reason for making Google Word Coach Game is to help non-English Speaking users to expand their English Language Vocabulary. You choose from one of four word entertaining coaches to guide you. Pasta Letters and Safe Cracker also incorporate the definitions, but they are a little harder. Game » consists of 2 releases. This is a review of the DS version, which is better than the Wii version. And the security features are not guaranteed in such apps. I wish they had this when I was younger! ~~You can choose the on-screen character (coach), which is a little bonus, but appreciated by me, as sometimes the host character on some games can be really annoying. Sometimes the definitions are wordy and a context is put into the definition which I don't like. It takes a little practice to learn the best way to write particular letters (so that the game understands you right away) but for the most part I didn't find this to be a huge problem ____________________________________________________________________________ : ) There is no limit of playing this game. Start Game. Note: If the game doesn’t open with the link provided above. For Example - “A driving instructor" How is institute different? If you play this game directly from your mobile phone Google search. Educational Video Games: My Word Coach | As with the popular Big Brain Academy game, what makes this game fun is that you enter a school to train -- here it's called the Institute.