This is probably the reason why between April and July each year, the number of young people who are looking for work or looking for work is growing significantly. And also can help pave the way for the kind of life you really want after college. That’s exactly what fourth year Economics and Political Science student Yasmen Abdelkhalek did. Prior to this time, Traditional mentoring has been the only way for academically minded students to earn money during the summer holidays, but thanks to the internet, mentoring opportunities have expanded. Given that there are about 13 weeks during the summer and 30 weeks during the academic year, a college student can work a total of about 13 x 40 + 30 x 12 = 880 hours per year. Learn more about our experts. These high paying summer jobs for college students pay a decent salary and most have flexible working hours or part-time jobs so they do not have to disrupt their schoolwork. Salary: The average salary is $ 10.20 per hour. Similarly many due to financial challenges take high paying summer jobs for college students to aid them to pay their way through college. If you get a temporary job or an internship during a school break, you can start to develop skills and socialize to facilitate a smooth transition from student to a job. Day to day her responsibilities also included conducting n, Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivs 2.5 Canada (CC BY-ND 2.5 CA), BRIGHTER Click here to register to our job site, then you can start applying for your perfect summer job. Why Hire a McMaster Science Co-op Student? Online Volunteer and Part-Time Job Fair. Moreso, The college summer jobs accumulated experience will probably help to discover new talents, personal interests, and professional preferences. Being a babysitter is one of the interesting summer jobs for college students. There are a limited number of positions available, so candidates are encouraged to apply early. At the end of the internship Abdelkhalek was given a reference letter as well as a certificate. You can design work as an enterprising endeavor. Abdelkhalek’s journey to her dream job started when she was a student in Todd Alway’s course 3PR3, The Practice of Politics: Active citizenship in modern democracy, which included a work placement with local MPP Paul Miller. Note, Leisure time may be tight during your studies, but when spending quickly accumulates, part-time or flexible work is a great way to make up for expenses while allowing enough time for academics and extracurricular institutions. The Clarke Award was established in 2014 by Ryan Clarke (class of ’88) and Leanne Clarke to reward distinguished advocacy demonstrated by students at McMaster University who are, or wish to, advocate for some type of meaningful social and/or political change.