We guarantee the best prerequisites, but must point out that there is always a chance the northern lights will not be visible. The Flight Physiological Centre in Linköping, Sweden, is one of the world’s advanced Dynamic Flight Simulators (DFS), combining a man-rated, long-arm centrifuge and flight simulator. There are flights to Kiruna mainly from Stockholm. Spaceport Sweden together with QinetiQ offers courses at the Flight Physiological Centre that will prepare passengers and crew of future space vehicles for the unique acceleration environment they will experience. Spaceport Sweden is proud to be a part of Kiruna’s space heritage and is enormously excited to be contributing to its next phase. The space station looks like an airplane or a very bright star moving across the sky, except it doesn’t have flashing lights or change direction. Check-in while multicolored curtains of light illuminates the northern sky. Seeking a unique environment for your PR event? Autotrack and program track capability in S-band. Touroperators or agents, welcome to contact us regarding reselling, package and/or charter. Your next adventure – your ultimate adventure – is almost here. KIR-2: 13m-diameter dish antenna with reception and transmission in S-band and reception in X-band. Talks and technical visits The station's location at a high-latitude position plays a primary role supporting ESA/EU low Earth orbiting satellites, as it provides visibility for 10 to 12 out of 14 daily orbits. Before tucking in your legs to begin a somersault, you wave to the camera, sporting the widest grin imaginable. Meetings, incentives and conferences After an introduction to the Aurora Borealis, you will take off at Kiruna Airport-Spaceport Sweden in a Jetstream32 with dedicated window seating. With our Talks and Technical Visits you will be able to see and listen for yourself the incredible strides that we’ve made and discover first hand the latest developments in space exploration. Those who book will likely be among the first thousand people to have this absolutely extraordinary experience of being the first intrepid explorers to travel into space. Let you and your team be inspired by space and the overwhelming beauty of Swedish Lapland with the help of Spaceport Sweden, its network and partners. Both operate in S-band for uplink and downlink and X-band for downlink. Space Camp is the ultimate adventure for your ultimate adventurer. Departures 2014/2015:New dates are soon available for bookings. All the air Zero G flights will take place in the presence of Jean-François Clervoy who will share his experience as an astronaut with the passengers throughout the course of the day and will participate with each group in turn during the flight. The future is here now and Spaceport Sweden is delighted to be able to introduce the newest generations of earthlings to the wonders of space with our Space Camp. This is your opportunity to experience the ultimate space adventure and magical feeling to float in total weightlessness. Price:  € 6340 - include a full day, meals, clothing and of course the amazing flight. Spaceflight ticket You have already liked this page, you can only like it once! The coordinates of the KIR-1 antenna are +67° 51' 25.66", +20° 57' 51.57". Children attend an educational and inspirational camp where they meet astronauts, test the laws of gravity, understand our solar system, and learn to work as a team as they simulate an entire space mission. Press enquiry As every aurora is unique, this is literally an incomparable opportunity. Spaceport Sweden is honored to be a part of this tradition and proud to be one of the pioneers working to make commercial space travel a reality. The mere possibility of one day ascending through Earth’s atmosphere into space is enough to grab the attention of the most seasoned adventurer. It wasn’t a wasted day as it was just an hour or so detour from the Ice Hotel which was our main focus that day. The station hosts a Galileo Experimental Sensor Station (GESS) receiver and a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver, which deliver continuous data to ESOC. This is a must see when visiting Kiruna and surroundings,,it was small,,but we liked it anyway,,we have been there and recommend you to go there .Now we have some more information about whats going on there! The slightest push sends you gliding through the air and as you approach the wall you execute a perfect flip turn. Have you ever dreamt of flying, defying the laws of gravity and float free in the air like an astronaut? It is a base for scientific research with high-altitude balloons, investigation of the aurora borealis, sounding rocket launches, and satellite tracking, among other things. You know you are being monitored but it really doesn’t matter as long as you don’t go through the door marked alarm- although it really was tempting to push lol. Northern Lights Flights are prepared together with the Swedish Institute of Space Physics, a world leader in research on the aurora borealis with considerable expertise in teaching the science behind this natural wonder, which has fascinated and mystified humanity for over two thousand years. These grainy black and white photos appear underwhelming today, but at the time they sparked the imaginations of millions of people around the globe who had never imagined they might one day see Earth from space. Clients will learn about the effects of +Gz and +Gx, gain practical experience of the symptoms they are likely to experience and the actions they can take, if required, to effectively counter these symptoms. This is where your space adventure begins. Spaceflight preparation program Spaceport Sweden works constantly to generate innovative collaborations and partnerships with the best of the space, aviation and tourism industries. Put aside some time during a conference to play on one of the world’s northernmost golf courses, which has been specially designed to accommodate snow golf in the winter. They will accommodate 40 passengers divided into four groups in the free-floating zone, each of which can take ten passengers, a safety crew and an instructor. Esrange Space Center (short form Esrange) is a rocket range and research centre located about 40 kilometers east of the town of Kiruna in northern Sweden. The visitor centre has good information about the range of activities that Esrange provides. The station provides routine support for satellites in low-Earth orbits (LEO) in the routine phases, and specialised support during the Launch and Early Orbit Phase (LEOP). Envisioning the ultimate event for the launch of your latest project? Charter and incentivesLet us offer you a chartered flight for your company and/or PR event.Available September-March. Spaceport Sweden is a pioneering initiative to establish commercial human spaceflight in Kiruna and become Europe’s gateway to space. In 1946, a camera riding on a V-2 missile took the first images of earth from space. Spaceport Sweden together with ICEHOTEL and Lapland Resorts is offering a space adventure that will allow you to get an even closer look at the mythical northern lights. KIR-1: 15m-diameter dish antenna with reception and transmission in S-band, and reception in X-band. You start your information yourself from the lectern by pressing your language. Learn from the experience of figures who have been involved in global collaborations and who are in continuous dialogue with people in the forefront of their industries, government agencies, researchers, and trade councils. X-band reception is used for high-rate payload data for Earth observation and scientific missions. Meet some of the greatest minds in science, engineering, and tourism and see the technologies that will be sending civilians into space. Spaceport Sweden has partnered with QinetiQ to develop and deliver a world-class spaceflight preparation program together, where future space travelers will emerge prepared, confident and relaxed, ready to maximise their journey to space. Many of these are currently in development alongside the most cutting-edge technological innovations. When the website says there’s a small museum- well... it means it - it really is small. 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