Up With the Sun; Posts: 5,245; It's all ball bearings nowadays. “If you want your life back, you’ll have to kill me,” he laughed. “Don’t worry though,” he smirked. The twist in my tale was that my friend became the biggest rock star on the planet. Nick saw it as an everyman tale, because most people have more experience of failure than success. I hope so. Gloria was there, she knows the whole story, we have lived together for more than 20 years and have a child. You are not allowed to view links. Killing Bono The true story of Neil and Ivan McCormick, two Irish brothers who try to eventually become rockstars but may only look on as their school friends u-2 end up being the biggest band in the world. That should be enough to put people off.”, I suggested we get Brendan Gleeson or Colm Meaney to play Bono, a good Irish character actor, preferably old, overweight and balding – the ultimate revenge. Some achieve greatness. « on: April 01, 2011, 02:19:29 PM » Just watched the movie decent film not worth watching again though , does anybody know how much of it is really true? Killing Bono is the true-ish story about the 2nd best band in Dublin. It just never occurred to me it would be a comedy. I think the film is largely entertaining, if only out of intellectual curiosity. I became a rock critic. So, in a sense, I created a version of myself to suit my book, emphasising the comical tales of plucky failure. “So what did you think of that, darling?” said Nick Hamm, the director. And mine.” He was right, of course, it’s a better title, which was preferred by the US publishers. But eventually I wrote a book about our misadventures, I Was Bono’s Doppelganger. Its not really a U2 movie and could have been about anyone with a dream to be a rock star only to have a friend make it and they dont. [2] It marked the final film role of Pete Postlethwaite, who died three months before its release. and ended up living in the shadows of their classmates’ fame. For some it is a soap opera, for others an epic, but, for all of us, it’s an ongoing narrative that we constantly manipulate and reshape, improving (like the best anecdotes) in the retelling. Film is a very different medium to the written word. Neil McCormick was a young musician in Dublin at the same time U2 were just getting started,and Bono did ask his brother if he would consider lending Neil to U2, which was refused. Was I really such an idiot?) ( Log Out /  But 'Killing Bono’ was not what he expected. (Read 13319 times) 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. i had the book come through today so i havent had chance to read it. Information 114 min - Comedy | Music - 1 April 2011 (UK) Director: Nick Hamm Writers: Dick Clement, Ian La Frenais, Simon Maxwell, Neil McCormick (book "Killing Bono: I was Bono's Doppelganger"), Ben Bond (additional writing) Cast: Ben Barnes, Robert Sheehan, Hugh O'Conor, Pete Postlethwaite (who played… To me, the film is a kind of riff on the themes of my book, my life in a parallel universe, where I still don’t get to be a rock star, but I do get the best lines. Paul had adopted his teenage nickname of Bono. But 'Killing Bono’ was not what he expected. killingbono .co.uk (gone). It has some Bruce Springsteen songs being played in a couple of scenes. At least, in best theatrical tradition, he was still calling me darling. I said to Nick, “With his looks and my talent we could have gone far.” Nick said: “It’s OK, he’s playing you as a kind of supergeek. Neil McCormick was delighted when he heard his memoir about failing to become a rock star would be made into a film. The Exile. You weren’t thinking we were calling U2 the second best, were you?