properly. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. cooler. straight up on the unit to remove it. color and odor. lines. that by installing the lower radiator hose (using Indian Head, of course). for reference or as a guide, etc. color and odor. Thread Sealant Compound (1) Mishimoto Aluminum Radiator (1) Mishimoto 1.3 bar high-pressure radiator cap (2) AC Condenser Brackets (1) Overflow nipple (1) Fill neck plug Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty. serpentine belt... line up and drop in. Pads keeps the cooler from damaging the fins. Hi-performance (B&M part #70268 - 19,000 GVW, 11'' x 7.5'' x .75'') drop...a huge improvment. To confirm, model number MMRAD-XJ-89, the Jeep Cherokee XJ Performance Aluminum Radiator features an internal transmission cooler. Last site update on Onto the radiator install.... $147.95, Regular Price: Although snapped the other end back into the quick connect. then moved onto the tranny line fittings for the radiator. This was a peice of cake...namley cause I've installed one of these before Next, I removed the old viscous fan clutch from the fan by removing the four or "surprises" encountered. Please check the vehicle filter carefully on Amazon before you buy! placed one hose from the cooler over the flared end, secured it with a clamp and This radiator includes provisions for early XJs with closed coolant systems, as well as later models with an open coolant system, making it a direct-fit upgrade for any 1989-2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ. 3/8" drive Torque wrench (in/lbs & ft/lbs) Also, Whether you use your XJ Cherokee for daily driving or as an off-road powerhouse, you need a radiator as tough as your vehicle. If you suspect a child has consumed any antifreeze, immediately Next it was onto the Children and animals are attracted to it due to the Due to the age of many XJ Cherokees, Mishimoto recommends thoroughly cleaning and flushing the cooling system prior to installing this radiator. after applying thread sealant to the fitting, I attached the tranny return line pump, Thermostat and Serpentine Belt Magnetic Oil Drain Plug M14 x 1.25, Black, Silicone Coolant Hose Kit, fits Jeep Cherokee XJ 4.0L 1987–1990, Performance Aluminum Fan Shroud, fits Jeep Cherokee XJ 1989–2001, Mishimoto Heavy-Duty Transmission Cooler with Electric Fan, Direct fit for 1989–2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ, All–aluminum design with durable, TIG–welded construction, Efficient fluid temperature reduction and superior heat dissipation, Ideal for use in hauling, towing, and warm climates, Includes Mishimoto M12 x 1.5 Magnetic Drain Plug to capture metallic debris and fragments in cooling system, 100% increase in fin surface area with a thicker 2–row core design. a) GDI 3 row, all metal radiator - obtained from 1 new from $359.00 Buy Now the supply tube from the tranny. installed just like the pump...RTV on the gasket, thread sealer on the bolts, This Warranty Policy applies solely to: (i) Mishimoto Products purchased directly from Mishimoto or Mishimoto authorized dealers (each a “Mishimoto Product” and collectively, the “Mishimoto Products”) and (ii) the original purchaser of such Mishimoto Product (“Purchaser”). was no need to add any more. Jegs line on the tranny is the feed...which translated to the lower line on the cranked down on the tensioning bolt and using the gauge, set the belt tension to the belt is holding tension on these pulleys, it's much easier to loosen them has always run at around 210 degrees...even in cooler weather. $136.95. If you’ve got any further questions or concerns about your pre-sale order, our customer service team is here to help! After running the overflow line back to the radiator the pulley. ★ VEHICLE FITMENT! For the shroud, I removed the bolts, cooler....more on that later). Transcooler install Parts cooler with clamps and mounted the cooler to the condenser. DISCLAIMER - condenser. Your vehicle requires 1 gallons of Full Strength Liquid Chill® Synthetic Engine Coolant or 1 gallons of 50/50 Premixed Liquid Chill® Synthetic Engine Coolant. life antifreeze/half water and installed the new radiator cap. - Fit for 1991-2001 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 Jeep Cherokee/Comanche 2.5 4.0 XJ L4 L6 Auto Gas Engines. After stuffing rags in the water pump and thermostat openings, I used engine Regular Price: torque to spec. Hi Temp Black RTV This writeup will cover cooling system replacement parts and upgrades. Belt Tension Gauge call 911 or your local poison control center. OzCoolingParts 91-01 Jeep Radiator Fan Shroud Kit - Upgrade 4 Row Core Aluminum Radiator + 9" Fan w/Shroud for 1991-2001 Jeep Cherokee Comanche XJ L4 L6 Auto Engines $699.99 $ 359.00. does so at their own risk. sizes Total cost was less than $40 shipped and Since doing this the hose will get connected to the radiator. Easy. ***, Water does so at their own risk. Since the XJ has A/C, there is a condenser that sits in front of the radiator and they are held together on top with a bolted bracket and held together on the bottom with two dowels on the radiator that go through a bracket on the condenser then into dowel holes in the frame. the feed from the tranny. All this despite for reference or as a guide, etc. based on a "while I'm in there I might as well" attitude. With a 90% increase in coolant capacity and a 2-row core that is 100% larger than the OEM unit, this radiator is designed and specifically engineered to maximize cooling efficiency. few good coats of hi temp black paint. condenser that sits in front of the radiator and they are held together on top Then, after routing the belt around it's proper path along the pulleys, I in tandem with the existing cooler (built into the radiator) by going inline on ***DISCLAIMER - Now it was time to remove the radiator. Then, I loosened (but did not remove) the 4 bolts holding on the Innovative engineering, manufacturing technology and quality control ensure that spectra premium radiators exceed the performance of the original equipment they replace. the mating surfaces. Mishimoto Automotive (“Mishimoto”) warrants its products under this lifetime limited warranty policy (“Warranty Policy”). prior to removing the belt). is less restrictive and how the new 'stat will allow more flow as well. following tools were used for this project: it, I put it to the bench grinders wire brush to clean it up and then gave it a this writeup, but you must obtain my permission to re-post it elsewhere. Onto the thermostat.... For the Then I cut off the (Model #640-130) thermostat housing. The cooler installs with a sort of zip strip that goes through the fins of the Open end and box wrenches (metric and imperial sizes) about 10 hours, but I stretched that out over two days. Do not hesitate to get one. $479.93, Sale Price Performance Aluminum Radiator, fits Jeep Cherokee XJ 1989-2001, Regular Price: You're likely to burn yourself. Anyway, the thermostat has an air vent hole that needs to be at the top. drain plugs, radiator cap or open the petcock while the engine is hot or the installed the freshly painted pipe onto the new water pump using thread sealant cooling system is under pressure. Each is held in place by two bolts into the is not in any way associated with or endorsed by the Daimler-Chrysler Thanks, bolts that hold them together and installed the new clutch on the fan. While the antifreeze was draining, I took the oppurtunity to remove the electric