While Harm gives Mac a ride in his antique biplane, the engine quits, so they land in a woodsy area. Thanks for your continued interest, I’m with ya’. The hanger mechanic told B that “this wasn’t the first time he had flown out of here with a pretty girl and not come back till the next day.” Bed assured Munoz that this was uncharacteristic and that if H said he could use extenuating circumstances then he would believe him because “he’s very good at impassioned pleas.”. for thousands of people, want this series back it has been the best tv show of my life. Please do one more show for the millions of jag fans. So wrong,” one person summarized. Turns out, the body was an old friend of Harm's from his Academy days. Harm carried M, running, to the plane and was fixing the fuel line when the lead poacher arrived and began firing. Way on. I love watching it. Thanks DJ what was that song that they sung when that guy left the bar 4good was it sonny boy r billy boy, It was “Waltzing Matilda.” I think part of the lyrics go, “And he sang as he watched and waited till his billy boiled. Yeah, their relationship didn’t make it. This content is imported from YouTube. Gunny tails Harm, and they meet. Yes, the death kind of sneaked upon us. Harm had found out who had done it and was going to “take care of him” on his own. Nell (Renee Felice Smith) and Eric (Barrett Foa) both rushed off to tend to Nell’s ailing mother. and (b) don't work as a team - enabling our Dynamic Dup to emerge victorious.But what a lovely old biplane! We're Going to Learn More About Hetty on NCIS: LA, This Guest Star Is Coming Back to 'NCIS: LA'. [To be continued.] One of the poachers opens fire; Harm and Mac escape into the woods, but they meet several challenges and difficulties. However, Harm and Gunny attack the dealer's stronghold. Megan Stein is the senior editor for The Pioneer Woman, and oversees entertainment, features, and news for the website. in the most possible reassuring way for american public (the first market of the series, I know…). Also check out the scrapbooks for JAG Kids, JAG Friends and Families, and JAG Bad Guys. Harm and Mac defend a CPO. To me the Harm-Mac, on again off again social entanglements was always handled way too soapbox-drama’esqe for me. The poachers caught up while M couldn’t run any more so H led them away in a diversion. People are NOT here for this. These extensive JAG episode summaries are almost a blow-by-blow description. They used brandy to “sterilize the wound” but she got infected anyway. The terrorists torture Webb, and they prepare to torture Mac in his presence. Major in the United States Marine Corps and Harm's partner. The dealer goes to the cache of missiles while Harm and Gunny free Webb and Mac. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. By Megan Stein. I have just seen series 1 on dvd and in it Harm is arrested for murder.Series 2 doesn,t follow on when do we see the follow on episode.When I watched it on tv i remember Mac dressing as the murder victim to get a confession it is that series 2 opener didn,t make sense how did Harm get off the charge. Sorry, think you must be loosing it. Or maybe someone could have helped you if you gave them more to go on. There was an episode shown after the series ended in 2005 it was on CBS in the evening harm and Mac did not get married and were older also the rest of the cast it’s been several years ago and it is not on the jag DVD set does anybody have any information on it or am I losing my mind. #ncislosangeles, After years of teases and moments and waiting and hoping, Harm and Mac fans got a big 'ol slap in the face tonight. When she got to the dock, Harm had already accosted the “perp” and was getting ready to do him in when the guy spotted Shoenke’s “ghost” (Mac in the navy uniform) and fell backwards off the dock to be crushed by the ship. Re: Season 2 Episode 4 Heroes, You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Directed by Scott Brazil. Before it could do what it’s done however, it had to be a success in the home (American) market; so, you are correct in calling it a “made in America” product in not only plot lines but in technical filming aspects as well (of course films made in all countries do the same thing). You’ll come a-waltzing Matilda with me.”. Knowing which ribbons each character had “earned” helps understand their “back-story.”.