The school has teachers for each subject they teach, and they select the curriculum and create the syllabus' and schedules. Thankfully, my daughters and I have always really enjoyed the curriculum used in the Grammar levels. IVE Homeschool Phoenix, Phoenix, Arizona. It’s a great situation for my children. Everything is not perfect and fluid. SCHOOL DAYS: My daughters attend school two days a week, Monday and Tuesday. All students would be expected to participate in all fundraising efforts. All of my children attended the Academy we now attend and began the program at grade 3. Eligibility to participate in the following: College guidance services*Additional fees apply. homeschool consultation, Parent Portal for currently enrolled families, View 283245175051010’s profile on Facebook, View learnbeyondthebook’s profile on Instagram, View learnbeyondbk’s profile on Pinterest, Independent Study Department (for homeschoolers), Contact us to set up your tutoring appointment today, Contact us to set up your music lessons today, Testing site for the CHSPE (currently not being conducted). As for the actual coursework, hybrid schools usually offer students the ability to choose subjects individually. Some of the hybrid homeschool options in the valley are We never have to worry about “what” to wear to school, everyone looks the same and as the headmaster of our academy states . North of Phoenix Homeschool Support Groups. If you are considering the home education path and are not sure where to begin, or what curriculum to select, then Hybrid Homeschooling may be the perfect option. At the Grammar Level (grades 3-6), my children attended classes once a week, on Mondays, and we schooled the remainder of the week at home. , Imagine Math access, hands-on material kits,  all in person events at our Homeschool & Family Learning Sites. Please do not use my images without my permission. Immanuel Christian School will admit students of any race, color, national, or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally made available to students at the school. HOME | Blog | Homeschool | Travel | Collaborate | Recipes | About | Disclosure Policy | Privacy Policy |. This worked for my family — at the time — but we are always adjusting situations, plans, school years as issues arise. AFHE’s set of three free MP3s provides a great way to get started, as you listen to experienced homeschool moms address those common concerns and share how you can get started in this new endeavor. Download Now Become a Member ... Visit Phoenix’s beautiful Victorian Rosson House museum located downtown. I didn’t love it, they didn’t love it, but they went, it was only once a week, so it was enough to not make me want to quit. We don’t miss a beat. With the hybrid homeschool option, students are able to socialize with peers on a regular basis. Extra-curricular clubs, fine arts programs and Winterim trips are also open. (ELA, Math, Social Studies, Science, Art, PE, Spanish, & Computer Science total of 8 courses). Valor’s hybrid learning model takes the personalization and flexibility of online learning and combines it with the structure and support of traditional schools. The academy does offer to provide standardized testing to any family who would like, but it is not a requirement for students to take standardized tests each year. The Phoenix Hybrid is a Legendary pet in Bubble Gum Simulator. Valor Preparatory Academy of Arizona is founded by Arizona trailblazers with nearly two decades’ experience in online charter school leadership. I have to set priorities and educational goals for each of them and we review all the time. , hands-on material kits, Imagine Math access, all in person events at our Homeschool & Family Learning Sites. Enrichment Classes Homeschool CO-OP Tuition and Fees by Program Elementary Day School Middle & High School . At the Logic Level (grades 7-8), the students have the option to attend Tuesday as well for a study day. A hybrid Homeschool Model (and is also known in other terms) may be a classroom setting for part of the week and parent led lessons for the remainder of the week. Includes unlimited access to our BEACON House, Inc. courses (4 can be in progress at a time + STREAM course too), hands-on material kits, Imagine Math access, all in person events at our Homeschool & Family Learning Sites. It is just like a regular school, except it is private, they wear uniforms and have to bring all their books with them in crates. The academy my daughters attend does not offer sports, however, it does collaborate with private schools in the area. In person events are located in Hagerstown, Maryland and the surrounding areas. Every year we evaluate how the school year progressed, we make appropriate changes and tailor education to the needs of the child. We do pay a monthly tuition to attend this private hybrid homeschool academy. Some families may find that providing your own transportation to and from school is a negative, but this does not affect our lives at all. It worked well enough. It is offered at the Logic level and is mandatory at the Rhetoric level. Hybrid Homeschool Models. The teachers encourage every student, at each grade level, to make use of each element of the classical trivium in their thinking. Partnering with Immanuel Christian Homeschool Hybrid offers the following benefits: High school students are invited to enroll in two to four classes of their choice from our entire course list. The tuition is a smaller amount than we paid at the private Christian schools my children used to attend. My son attends a public high school, but he is IN a private academy program for gifted students IN the high school. We had so much fun and I will say, those were probably my most fun homeschooling years with my daughters. SCA has the ability to partner with homeschool families in some cases, with an opportunity to be a part of our community and participate in certain extracurricular activities. Results of testing are sent to the family and kept in our online academic database, FACTS online. It is our hope that students enrolled through the homeschool hybrid option immerse themselves in ICHS student life.