But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. Wait while the ATM machine processes your transaction. Re-enter your PIN, if you select the wrong numbers. Make sure no one else can see the ATM's … Take your cash from the machine. Choose whether or not you would like another transaction. Your email address will not be published. Many transaction options are available at most ATMs, such as withdraw, deposit, balance inquiry and transfer. It is totally up to you whether or not you want a copy. For a balance inquiry, you can choose the option to have the amount displayed on the screen or a printed receipt. Using an ATM is extremely simple and requires minimal hassle, after all, these machines features customer friendly interface and step by step instructions! Verify the network logos located on the back of your bank, credit, EBT or debit card. Some credit or debit card companies mail your PIN separately for security reasons. These machines provide service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can bank whenever & wherever you need. The most popular options are Spanish and English. In addition to those two functions, they can also be used to print statements (record of all account activity and transactions), check account balances, transfer money between accounts, and purchase stamps. For example, most ATMs allow users to withdraw money and make deposits. Most ATMs will display these fees, so you have some room to think about your transaction. Why use ATMs? Kansas Department of Corrections: How to Use an ATM. Enter your PIN number on the keypad to prove you are an authorized user, make sure you are doing this away from prying eyes. Minimize risks by checking your surrounding for suspicious activity, people, or ATM equipment. By continuing, you agree to their use. Required fields are marked *, CIT Bank Promotions: 0.50% Savings Builder, 0.55% Money Market, Up to 0.50% APY CD Term for October 2020, Discover Bank Promotions: 0.60% APY Savings, Up to 0.80% APY CD Rates, & $360 Cashback Debit for October 2020, Chase Business Checking Promotions: $300 Sign-Up Bonus Offer, TD Bank Promotions: $300 & $150 Checking Bonuses for October 2020, Simple Review: Earn Up to 0.60% APY (Available Nationwide), Chase Freedom Unlimited Card $200 Bonus (Up to $400 Value) + Up to 5% Cash Back, BBVA Promotions: $125, $200 Checking & Savings Bonuses, Ally Invest Promotions October 2020: Up to $3,500 Bonus Cash + Free Trades, Chase You Invest Promotions: $200, $350, $725 Bonus October 2020, 1000+ Best Bank Bonuses & Promotions for October 2020, Credit Card Bonuses & Promotions – October 2020, Best Brokerage Bonuses & Investment Promotions – October 2020, Best Bank Rates & Savings Accounts For October 2020, Chase Total Checking $200 Cash Bonus Coupon – Available Online (Many States), Chase Premier Plus Checking Account $300 Bonus Offer Coupon (Available Nationwide). A diagram showing the correct way to insert the card is displayed on the machine. Some machines returns your card immediately while others takes a hold of it until transactions are completed. Deposits made on weekdays won't update or be available for withdrawal until the end of the next business day.