Future says it best himself: “Ain’t really mean to hurt you.” Calling this record deep is an overstatement, but there is some substance there. Don't use this space to complain about the average rating, chart position, genre voting, others' reviews or ratings, or errors on the page. The Musical Hype, Form action I find most Future projects alright but HNDRXX is so fucking bloated and basic. EP, Review: Wale Shreds Police Brutality & Racism With Forceful Bars On ‘The Imperfect Storm’, Review: Pop Smoke's No. HNDRXX does offer a take on classic Future minus the drug and gunplay through early tracks “Lookin Exotic” and “Damage.” The late night creep hymns of “Use Me” should make Bill Withers proud as his same-titled classic evokes the similar sentiment and marks the most romantically vulnerable a the Dungeon Family member has ever been this side of Andre 3000. Michael McDonald, Wide Open | Album Review , 15 Sugar Songs That Are Indeed Sugary Sweet | Playlist , 20 Amazing Songs About Girls | Playlist , Ariana Grande, Positions | Track Review . What made it work for me was the same ridiculous amount of subtextual satanism as Hendrix. Like Future, HNDRXX is chocked-full of future, running just shy of 70 minutes in length. Ironically, the pop record is the more artistically adventurous of the two and people are just starting to fully appreciate that, myself included. Clearly, Future doesn't need to sing urban pop love tunes for mass appeal anymore. It’s impossible to forget the title of “Keep Quiet” – Future only repeats it a million times. Aside from his selflessly shallow lyric, ✓ “Damage” sounds like nothing else that’s graced a Future album lately. Future – HNDRXX (Album Review) By QD on February 24, 2017 • ( 3 Comments) Future pulled a Nelly from 2004 by dropping his version of ‘Sweat’ & ‘Suit’ this week. But, I had to clean the discs because they had some dust in the grooves. On “Lookin Exotic,” Future is all about the ladies. Meek Mill kicks off ‘Meek Mill season’ with his new single, “Glow Up.” “Glow Up” is a good turn-up track, but by no means the second coming. Some of the most underrated hip-hop albums of the 2010s: Travis Scott’s, Can someone please do the world a favor and tell Future that singing is not his thing. To rate, slide your finger across the stars from left to right. Those ideas are permeated throughout HNDRXX ‘s hour-plus timespan. is that Future doesn’t want the chick that he is sleeping with (but not necessarily dating) to tell about their non-relationship/relations. Then I received my replacement, the discs were correct. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. What are your top 10 albums of the year thus far? Compared to the hard-hitting FUTURE, a track like “Solo” shows how potent the rapper can be without being incredible forceful. When digested with Future, HNDRXX shows listeners what lies beneath the veneer and posturing, a brief look at the struggles one man must face when the party ends. If one is going to add filler, might as well add them at the end as they don’t get in the way of the album’s best tracks. Expectedly, on the hook, Future makes a reference to drugs and hallucination. The third verse is arguably the most interesting, particularly where he highlights his legal issues: “You turned your back, I shouldn’t have ever gave you a chance / I got four lawyer fees, shit ain’t ever end…”. 30 customer ratings. Future Releasing New Album 'High Off Life' This Week, New Track: Future – “Life Is Good” (Feat. February 28, 2017 15:07. HNDRXX › Customer reviews; Customer reviews. What's your most listened record from 2017? ✓ “Turn on Me” gives HNDRXX a lift, thanks to its oxymoronic production work. Regardless, he tried his hand again fearlessly by fully shedding his superhuman trap star exterior and HNDRXX is better because of it. If nothing else, it’s a fitting closer. Don't post randomness/off-topic comments. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. 4.2. out of 5. Like his partner-in-crime, he flexes his muscles. Subscribe “Hallucinating” isn’t a masterpiece in vocal diction, but once more, the record benefits from its vibe. The Semi Official "Fuck You, I Liked It" thread. Drake). Nonetheless, the production work is spotless. Future provides more vocal clarity during the second verse, embracing more a rhythmic, pop-rap approach. A reliable cadre of producers such as Metro Boomin, Southside, Dre Moon, DJ Mustard and even Jake One enable each record’s ability to glide between each track smoothly. There's no need for there to be a track over 7 minutes long on here. Same topic matter. The King of YouTube continues to dominate the charts with murderous raps and unfiltered streams of consciousness. The record features urban contemporary cues, featuring vocals from Detail on the simple, yet catchy hook. 1' Is A Collection Of Sure-Shot R&B Gems, Review: Sonny Digital & Black Boe Are Mostly Empty On 'Black Goat 2', Review: Ty Farris Gives Fans A Worthy Follow-Up With 'No CoSign Just Cocaine 3', his self-titled, featureless fifth studio album, Hip Hop’s controversial “mumble rap” subgenre. Compared to the banger “Rent Money” from Future, “My Collection” is more cool, calm, and collected. He still needs to expand his concepts – there’s more to rhyme about than sex, drugs, and money – but there’s more variation. AllMusic Review by Neil Z. Yeung [+] Released just a week after his self-titled fifth effort, Future 's HNDRXX provided an introspective and confessional complement to the more extroverted Future. Positively, the production blends trap and soul successfully. Expectedly, Rihanna provides a lift, with her distinct vocal timbre perfectly suited for this hip-hop/pop/urban contemporary combination. Overall worth the money, just needs a little quality control. The guitar and drum sounds of “I Thank You” makes the track a real standout as he expresses gratitude toward the woman who pushed him to hustle harder. He loves fine, exotic-looking females and is willing to “peel you off a couple of bands.”  During the course of “Exotic,” he also manages to brag about his money and status, which includes sex and drugs. The results when he gets down with her? Future's 'HNDRXX' album is a reminder that the rapper is one of the most reliable acts in mainstream music. While his most definitive project remains 2015’s Dirty Sprite 2 for its balance of Future’s innate melodic sense and especially effective trap records, HNDRXX comes in as a close second. They simply don’t maintain the same momentum as its early and mid portion. Don’t call “Turn on Me” poetic, but it’s one of the better moments on HNDRXX. Future didn’t have to abandon his comfort zone of trap bangers to rally his loyal following. Something I don't think gets talked about often enough in conversations about Nayvadius - probably because it's been the implied subtext with just about every hip-hop release since, oh, 1993's. ✓ Gems: “My Collection,” “Comin Out Strong,” “Damage,” “Use Me,” “Turn on Me,” “Selfish” & “Solo”. Reviewed in the United States on June 14, 2019, Reviewed in the United States on May 13, 2018, Reviewed in the United States on February 25, 2018, Reviewed in the United States on April 28, 2017, Reviewed in the United States on July 5, 2017, Reviewed in the United States on February 24, 2017, Future's signature sound, vibe and emotion in full effect, Reviewed in the United States on April 13, 2017, FUTURE TRYING A NEW STYLE WHICH AT FIRST YOU WILL BE LIKE WTF THEN YOU WILL FW THE VISION TRUST ITS REALLY GOOD. “I Thank U” is short and sweet…well, at least it’s short. Shit. Nah, man. #1. Sidestepping the “play it safe route,” Future makes good on a recent promise to make his most personal project yet.HNDRXX could also be considered a musical turning point for the man who once popularized the concept of “Gucci Flip Flops” and cheating. Something’s Wrong. We’d expect no less. Future continues to “sing,” as he asserts what he plans to do for and with the bae. Go figure. “Turn on Me” packs a punch, but at times the percussion is lighter, giving it an airy – wait for it – VIBE. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. Read our review of Future's new 'Hndrxx' LP, which trades the menace of its self-titled predecessor for a warm, vulnerable sound. When it comes to the newer independent wave of Hip Hop, the answer to the album's rhetorical question is, in fact, Gunn himself. Any spoilers should be placed in spoiler tags as such. Somewhat laid back, the charm is undeniable. If you offer Future fans a trap record or a pop record, most are going for the trap. Follow-up “Testify” is the less satisfying of the two, thanks to production work lacking notable separation between hook and chorus. Fucking. HNDRXX is Future at his most inventive, or at least the most inventive he’s been in a while. Definitely not the strongest opener. From the jump, his secret weapon is unveiled, finding The Weeknd delivering a beautiful verse and chorus. ✓ “Use Me” is one of the more experimental tracks the rapper has bestowed upon listeners. 15 Sugar Songs That Are Indeed Sugary Sweet features BROCKHAMPTON, Chaka Khan, Glass Animals, Harry Styles & Hayley Williams.