often vary from district to district. An Annual Progress Report must be completed yearly by the parent/guardian. For more information about standardized tests click here. Homeschool scholarships come up regularly, so its best to always check up the new scholarship updates for homeschoolers. Public Funding for Homeschooling. This does not need to be filed anywhere, but must be kept in your child’s personal school records that you keep. Congressional App Challenge Austin Board of Realtors Foundation is another option for college-bound students. To request a Declaration of Intent for homeschool students, please email homeschool @doe.k12.ga.us. They also offer state-specific resources exploring the MBA and business landscape, advising individuals on local options for a quality business education. Widows Fund – The Widows Fund enables widows and widowers to continue homeschooling by helping them afford curriculum, HSLDA membership, and emergency needs. Two $300 scholarships are awarded by the Apostolate of Roman Catholic Homeschooling (ARCH) to merit-based students each year. Their 10-part guide familiarizes individuals with business school options while guiding students through the selection and application process. We are committed to the advancement of home education and the protection of every family's right to home educate. If successful, you just scored three to six college credits for $85! Learn more about Sons of the American Revolution Contests. a transcript and SAT/ACT test scores are considered for the awards. For scholarships with closed deadlines, mark your calendar with a reminder to revisit websites later to check for the next application dates! This competition is open to any 11th or 12th grade student in the state of Texas, from public, private, charter or homeschools. My pick in this category: LendEDU.com offers a guide to Texas student loans, scholarships, and grants to help students find affordable options in lieu of or in addition to taking on student loan debt. or case decisions, and because of lag time between changes and the publication of updates. Led by the conviction that everyone should receive equal rights to learning and education, these organizations take into consideration the diversity of educational methods, and offer generous support to promising persons who, for various reasons, did not follow a mainstream path in their development. But what is unparalleled about the program is the individualized attention and mentorship that each professor provides to each Lyceum Scholar. The program pays tuition and fees and provides a living stipend to students enrolled in accredited medical (M.D. Students in the program take eight courses with other Lyceum Scholars in their entering class. gnorance of the law is no excuse, so become familiar with the Georgia Homeschooling Law. National Merit Scholarship Corporation The National Merit Scholarship Corporation offers two scholarship programs: the National Merit Scholarship Program and the National Achievement Scholarship Program (specifically for African-American students). The government is a great place to start when you’re looking for … Mason Lighthouse Scholarship for service-minded students.