Or WHO is lying the world? There's much to celebrate about the late star. The Germans had planned to attack London with it by digging tunnels near the coast of France. After getting inspired from the Germans and learning from their mistakes, the British too invented their own jet engine which was far more advanced than the Heinkel. It had a lot of issues in it, and the total operating life of the jet engine was only ten years. But there were plenty of German military weapons developed during World War II, and theory or real, this list has all the craziest inventions, supposedly developed by the Nazis. Spy Camera Watches – Best Form of Security? Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Security Camera Systems, 10 Gadgets Every Smart College Student Should Have, 2030 Mercedes Benz Aria Swanwing by German Student, 5 Common Computer Issues You Can Fix Yourself, Facts you must know about analog and digital TV, 4 Ways to Effectively maintain improve your Gadget blogging, How to Buy the Best Computer System for Day Trading, 10 Ways You Can Extend the Life of Your Mobile Phone Battery, Airplane Mode – Why does the power need to be…, 10 Effective Tools Used By Otolaryngologists, 6 Secure Cloud Computing Methods: Risks and Reality, The Main Engineering differences Between the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 from years back. The cannon was immobile and impractical, and became an inviting target for Allied bombers, but did manage to fire a few shells. Changes need to happen in how we transfer radical inventions from the lab to the marketplace, via a set of public-private institutions that do for America what the Fraunhofer centers do for Germany. One of the most surprising entries on the list, mass meth production was made popular by Nazi Germany even though it was first invented by a Japanese Chemist in 1893. One of these people is Australian zealot Ian E. Stephens, who wrote a pamphlet that quoted another anti-fluoride researcher, Charles Perkins, who in turn quoted nameless “German scientists.”. It was fitting that the German soldier would become addicted to the stuff: the drug, German newspaper “Der Spiegel” notes, first became popular in Germany, brought to market by the then Berlin-based drugmaker Temmler Werke. The “Kugelpanzer” still sits in a museum in Moscow, unexamined by Western scientists. Thus was born the German Autobahn. Such troops fitted in perfectly with Guderian’s vision of Blitzkrieg, the lightening war. The B-2 proved a useful artillery spotting aircraft and an observation unit was established in 1945. Is USA lying to WHO on virus data? Few countries have contributed so much to science and technology as Germany. A Luftwaffe general, Kurt Student, was given charge of airborne training. These tanks alone were more stronger and efficient than battleships, naval guns, and armed man. Chief among these is the “Nazi UFO” conspiracy. In the attack on the Netherlands, German paratroopers played a major role isolating the city of The Hague, and in Belgium, they seized vital bridges, and glider troops took the strategic fort at Eben Emael.