This will help with respawning. Now we are going to Mire so fast travel to Sunnytop Ski Lanes and make your way East. Fight your way to the hangars that will be labeled “Medical”. FFCC (Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered). Head along the river towards West and you will find Kesha’s remains. Move along the runway camp to the east and the area will be marked Quarantine. Use pick lock to get to the Terminal to disable turrets and Supervisor. Time To Test This is the end of the “An Ounce of Prevention” quest. Go back to Charleston Fire Department and register yourself in the Fire Breather’s computer system. This Fallout 76 quest will take you to Morgantown Airport. Use the lockpick to enter and get to the locked door at the end of the basement. Activate the dispenser to get the Operative Underarmor and head through the Orientation door and then downstairs. This will divert power to the Signal Repeater. Open it and listen to the Overseer’s log. The door will be locked and the key in under the mat. This main quest focuses on you joining the “Fire Breathers”. Investigate To get to the Flatwoods, journey along the road towards SouthWest. Now you will have two options, either run or fight. When you are ready, it is time to take the test. Fill out information and approach the DMV Bot B2. Select “Boot Up Department B” and the robots will start their work while you fight monsters and wait for your number. In short, you just need to follow the instructions shown at top right of the screen! Now you need to get to the Palace of Winding Path and you will find the Admon Password in a dresser inside the palace. Exit the building and enter the neighboring one. AVR Medical Center Just walk northeast from the Flatwoods along with Interstate 59 and eventually you will reach the Morgantown airport. Not only that, from this point onward you need to play with friends to complete the game. Go back up the third-floor and load the Master Holotape. You need to root out Commie threats in this training. If you enter the wrong launch code, then you will have to repeat the entire process. Go to the Military Wing through the laser grid and exam room. Your feedbacks will be checked by our staffs and will be attended to accordingly. Leave the research center and go east along the road and you will find a care package containing Orbital Scan Beacon and Orbital Strike Beacon. Event 4 Put the password acquired from Whitespring Bunker. Get to The Whitespring Resort and then head to the Whitespring Bunker. Check the terminal and it will give you an objective maker for the Password. The test itself is very simple but, if you don’t want to take any change then you can grab the answer key from the main office above. Go to the main room and deal with the Sentry bot and other robots. Obviously, there are multiple objectives to this quest but, there aren’t any optional ones. Now go to the room next to the terminal on the second floor and press the button to play the priority message to complete the quest. The Password This is a single-use keycard. You will find a couple of Hazmat suits in the starting area of this event. Back To Basic quest in Fallout 76 will see you getting tour uniform and going through a series of training courses. Now use the Tinker’s Workbench ad craft five Upgraded Motors. Go and get the ID if you haven’t already. Activate the “Activated Promotion System” and you need to rise through the ranks which require you completing a number of tasks and objectives. © 2018 Bethesda Softworks LLC, a ZeniMax Media company. Early Warnings quest will task you with finding the missing uplink, repairing it and followed by multiple objectives. However, you will find Overseer’s log here. Our Fallout 76 main quests walkthrough will help you complete all the main quests in the game. Live Fire It is a very dangerous place so be prepared. Head back to ROse at the Top of the World with all of the key fragment and she will task you with finding a body of a woman named Rosalynn at the Charleston Capitol Building. Head back to the entry room and use the Scorched Detection System Terminal and select “Communications Uplink Repaired” and then get back to listen to what Abbie has to say. The Final Departure quest in Fallout 76 focuses on finding out what happened to the Responders. Flavors of Mayhem quest is quite a lengthy mission with quite a lot of objectives to complete including the optional ones. Our Fallout 76 main quests walkthrough will help you complete all the main quests in the game. Investigate Jimmy’s, Topher’s and Jianjun’s rooms and speak to each of them. Head to the waypoint and when you enter the quest boundary use the radio for signal strength. There will a motel to the NW of the Visitor Center. Once you have collected three blood samples, return to the AVR Medical Center. You need to register yourself on Fort’s Security system. but it will be locked. Interact with the diagnostic terminal and choose to “Analyze Water Sample”. Go up and hack the terminal to access the Raliegh’s terminal. Not get to the Big Fred’s BBQ Shack and there will be a swarm of Feral Ghouls. Install the Signal Repeater and divert the power to it from the terminal located in a small station which is SW of the Repeater’s location. Once you push the emergency beacon fight your way to the surface and talk to Bernie. Military-Issue ID Now the iD needs to be printed. Make your way to National Isolated Radio Array. That is all for our Fallout 76 Main Quests Walkthrough Guide with tips on how to complete the main Fallout 76 quests. You need to repair the pipes but have to shut down the reactor for that which initiates the security system. Cross the bridge of scraps to the next building. However, we will only focus on the main objectives for this Fallout 76 quest. Fort Defiance is located SW of Camp Venture. Now you need to acquire a series of Heating Coils from a number of locations. Use the Northern door to enter which can be opened by pressing the button on a nearby Computer Terminal. Go to the Command Center and use the terminal to input the password. Go to the first-floor foyer and use the Uniform dispenser to get the Uniform. You are looking for “Senate Orientation Letter”, “Record Of Divorce: The Blackwells”, and “Intelligence Memo – 18/16/77”. Check your Volunteer status and the quest ends here. This quest will take you through a number of locations including some new ones. Read on for tips and tricks, walkthroughs, and more! By using our site you agree to our privacy policy. These will earn you Promotion Commendations. Access the Armory Access Terminal and insert the Master Holotape. This quest can’t be completed without three of your friends online. Rose now wants you to become friends with a Deathclaw. Earn enough and gain a promotion. Head to the Top of the World and get to the second floor. Glassed Caverns is a dangerous place and also the home to the fifth Transponder. Talk to DMV Bot C1 and use the number printer. Make your way back to Flatwoods Church and go to the makeshift lab. And after leaving Vault 76, you will see the first quest completion message. Head to the objective marker and enter the Blackwater Mine. *Offensive, insulting or inappropriate use of forum may lead to ban/restriction. Follow the objective marker to a container holding the item and complete the objective. Event 2 Enter the motel and on the second floor, you need to loot Major Darion Jone’s body to retrieve Signal Repeater Schematic and Signal Repeater notes. The notes will lead you back to Savage Divide to get the Gourmand’s key Fragment in a place known as Wendigo Cave. keep going up the floors and eventually, you will come across another laser grid. While you are in the elevator use your Pip-Boy to use the Bypass Holotape and elevator panel unlocks. The second transponder is found right next to the crashed aircraft. Not that you have the password, you can access all of Delbert’s entries. IGN's Fallout 76 complete strategy guide and walkthrough will lead you through every step of Fallout 76's main story missions. Get outside and pass the field-ops tower. GO back to the Whitespring Bunker and go to the Military Wing. Check Out All Story Quest List & Walkthrough! You will need a password to get inside. Use the card reader to enter the Fujiniya Intelligence Base. You need to get to the basement of the AVR Medical Center. Also, there are no optional objectives for this quest. Reclamation Day is the starting quest in Fallout 76. The agility course is the first training to be completed. Find a busted train cart here where you will find the second required item. Take them and go back to Whitespring Bunker and speak with Modus to complete the quest. In our guide, we will guide you through each and every step and objective of Fallout 76 quests. Exit the building and get to Charleston Capitol Courthouse. Use the terminal to open the door. Then run back to hit the Button A. But the launch code will only be viable for a week. Step 3 is to overcome the Automated Silos. Enter the building and head left to go downstairs. Get to the Charleston Capitol Building and enter the Charleston Capitol DMV building. Will is our resident review-master, and it's him who writes most of the reviews you'll have read on our site. Head inside the cave and you will find an Agent’s body. Go up and you will receive the task of using each terminal which will tell you how to use Nukes. Decyphering the code is a global process but changes every week. Modus will request a test that you can skip using the terminal behind the testing computer. Select Inbox and then read the “Admin Password Entry”. Search the remains and you will find a Holotape and a Water Testing Kit. While the quests can be completed as a Solo player but, for the final few Fallout 76 quests, you need to play with friends. Once crafted, head outside and test out the Explosive bait. The main objective of this Fallout 76 quest is to track down Kesha Mcdermott which will be followed by a number of other objectives including the miscellaneous ones.