Today, Mani Davoudi delves into a brief history of the format and how it evolved to its current state, followed by what Kaladesh Remastered could mean for Historic at the upcoming Zendikar Rising Championship. Card Text. MTG Questions: What's an Easy Way to Sell Bulk? We offer daily articles about the Magic card market, price research tools, powerful collection & deck management, and a real-time Discord chat room full of up-to-the-minute news and advice. Legalities. Oracle Text. MTG Articles Contact Us. This link was posted a year a ago. Advanced card search Random card. Here are a few other suggestions I think would work well with your deck: Academy Elite, Pieces of the Puzzle, Possessed Skaab and The Mirari Conjecture. November 21, 2020 marked the one-year anniversary of Historic's launch on MTG Arena. The End of an Era. magicTCG has gotten a lot of new planeswalkers since then, and with RTR around the corner and rotation, and the previous post did not really get into MTGO. Judgment — Uncommon. Rulings. Home Articles. Search target player's library for up to three cards with flashback and put them into that player's graveyard. A Histroic Year: Then and Now. Who Is the Real MTGO Killer? More cards you should consider to make cards like Quiet Speculation more viable: Increasing Ambition, Increasing Confusion and Deep Analysis. Preparing for the December 6th Announcement; Hold 'Em & Fold 'Em #20 Advanced card search. Quiet Speculation. Recently viewed cards: Random card. Sets / Printings. MTG Salvation . 2019 Holiday Exchange! So I think it might be fair to re-ask the question: Is Quiet Speculation Worth it? Home; Cards; Sorcery; Quiet Speculation; Avg Price $0.25 Buy on TCGPlayer Low $0.10 Avg $0.25 High $1.14 Quiet Speculation. Quiet Speculation is a website for Magic: The Gathering players, traders, collectors & merchants. Good start! Mtg Arena Has Been Framed! A New and Exciting Beginning . Sorcery. Spell_Slam on Merry Lich-mas 1 year ago. MTG Metagame Finance #26; MTG Metagame Finance #25; MTG Metagame Finance #24; MTG Metagame Finance #23 (Free Giveaway #2!)