Sie schlagen sich als Kopfgeldjäger und Zombie-Eliminierer für die unterschiedlichen Überlebenden-Camps in der Umgebung durch. Meanwhile, poor missions are a failure of game design—no, I absolutely do not want to be told in the middle of a mission that I am “leaving mission area”. That’s because it’s already got some amazing systemic interactivity and emergent gameplay, as well as a lot of player agency, but the things it is categorically poor at—generic design, poor storytelling and characters, and an utter lack of polish—are all things that Bend can now nail with a sequel, especially since the technical groundwork of laying down an open world is done. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Note: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of, and should not be attributed to, GamingBolt as an organization. It fashions itself as a stealth game, but the stealth mechanics are sometimes unpredictable and the melee combat grows stale quickly. It does nothing that some game or the other doesn’t account for already. It’s a confounding experience.

It’s haphazard nature wouldn’t have survived on a smaller scale, but this is a substantial thing. In der Hauptquest müssen etwa immer mal wieder Horden ausgeschaltet werden. Sometimes I killed enemies with three or four slashes and other times it took closer to ten. Days Gone does all of this well enough, but it doesn’t particularly stand out in any regard. Das sagt Österreichs Meister, Star Wars Squadrons – Review: Weltraum-Action der Extraklasse. Diese innovativen Spielmechaniken sorgen zwar im ersten Moment für einiges fluchen, aber im zweiten muss man die Entwickler für so ein ungewöhnliches Feature loben. Days Gone picks up roughly two years after the onset of the apocalypse. I wasn't expecting Days Gone to add anything new to the genre, but both in terms of its systems and its story it's uninspired, which is driven home by the fact that it's endlessly, needlessly long. Boozer has fulfilled his role in the exposition, so Deacon gets his own personal young woman to protect named Lisa, who is modelled like a short 20-year old but talks like a 6-year old who got hit in the head. Dazu tragen auch die vielen Cutscenes bei.

After All The Acquisitions, Xbox May Potentially Have A Better First Party Than PlayStation. Melee weapons and silencers for my guns degrade with time, forcing me to be acutely aware of every silent bullet fired and ax swung.
No, there are plenty of better open world games out there than Days Gone. April exklusiv für PS4 um 59 Euro erhältlich.

Though I didn’t get to test it on a PS4 Pro, Days Gone has persistent problems on the base PS4.

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I’m not much of a Days Gone fan either, I appreciate what it does well, but I could have gone my entire life not having played it, and I would never have missed it. Before the release of Days Gone, Sony Bend Studio was best known as the developer of Uncharted: Golden Abyss, a PS Vita spin-off that released in 2011, and the Syphon Filter series on the original PlayStation.