Machine gun fire will tear up wood, so fences won't keep you alive for long. In both cases because of the context of the games that the gore appears in, it's fine, it fits, and it's frikin' cool. Ultimately Hell's Highway won't be for every first-person fan out there. But for all the trumpeting about destructible environments, new cover mechanics and advanced AI, Hell’s Highway – disappointingly – feels very much like a BiA 1.5. Again, it's worth pointing out the hospital level here - a wonderfully detailed and atmospheric environment where it's as entrancing to stare at every wall as it is to bear witness to the degradation of Baker's mental health. At its heart, Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway is a solid squad-based WWII combat game. GamesRadar+ is supported by its audience. I know what you’re thinking, but yes, World War II apparently features teleportation devices (I know). You spend a good portion of the start of the game being shown flashbacks of his earlier years, as well as a portion of the stories (from other games in the series) leading up to this point. Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway drops you into Operation Market-Garden, the largest airborne operation of World War II. It's well voice acted, the dialogue is authentic, the sound effects superb and the soundtrack Hollywood quality. We love the new bazooka crew; their ability to obliterate sniper nests or make short work of any Nazis behind cover never fails to make us whoop with glee. There's something peculiarly puzzling about gore in video games. Learn more. Operation Market Garden is also known as the largest airborne invasion within the history of warfare. The series has always followed the 502nd Parachute Infantry, 101st Airborne Division throughout their trials and tribulations of war. It has been revealed that earning a trophy on the PS5 will record a small snippet of gameplay, replacing the screenshot feature we had on the PS4. BIA: Hell’s Highway ends up being a beautiful last opus for the series, but falls a tad shy in comparison to other games within the first person shooter genre. But the damage has been done, and the game clearly makes no apology for their inclusion. Your squads do as their told and are even capable of doing some intelligent thinking for themselves. And there's the odd utterly frustrating and completely unrealistic tank mission, where you play a British tank commander and tear up German armour and infantry as if you're Rambo himself, that feels about as removed from the main campaign as a level from Halo 3 would (the fact that the game ends rather limply with one of these missions is a bitter, anti-climactic pill to swallow). If I had to pick the shining star of BIA outside of the story, though, it would be the sound effects and dialogue.