West Ham United women’s team face the daunting task of taking on champions Chelsea. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. And perhaps one of the weirdest examples of the bar being too low for rich white men is the case of Jack Sullivan becoming West Ham United Women’s Managing Director when he was only 18 years old, making him in charge of everyone, even the manager. Britain's YOUNGEST football boss: Billionaire's son, 19, tasked with managing West Ham's women's side by his co-owner dad David Sullivan stars in his own TV show. Before taking on West-Ham, the welsh businessman and Dave's father made his name as a pornographer, initially selling soft porn photos alongside his partner David Gold. When Nike recently unveiled their beautiful new Women’s World Cup ad asking us to “change the world” a scene that really stuck out depicts former Lioness Alex Scott as the first female head coach of Barcelona men’s team, something that she would no doubt excel at. The pair later expanded into sex shops, adult magazines as well as a few low-budget films seeing Sullivan become a millionaire by the age of 25, and by the late 70s he was responsible for over half of the adult magazine titles in the UK. But how exactly did David’s son, Jack, become Managing Director of West Ham United Women? I realized that those questions — that talked about the experience — had become part of the experience itself. "', Another team member adds: 'That is a bit young to be a director of a club, but I believe he has good vision for the club to take the team to the top. Kazakhstan's tourism board adopts Borat's catchphrase, Hair-raising moment police intercept 'drunk' driver of a white van, Thai MP slashes his wrist in anti-government protest in parliament, Man loses control and crashes car into gate in TikTok clip, Crowds panic as Arc de Triomphe is evacuated following bomb alert. The comments below have not been moderated. But wait — according to an interview in 2018, Jack said he actually did speak to his dad after the women’s team was already integrated into the club. 'David Beckham was my hero growing up – now I hope young girls can look up to me’. More than anything, I feel that this meta-discourse, talking about the talk, is part of how it feels to be a “woman in music” (or a “woman in anything,” for that matter — politics, business, comedy, power). It's sister title, Daily Sport came under threat when it went into administration in 2011. A Sky Sports-affiliated Twitter account recently asked (in alarming all caps) if the successful and popular manager of Chelsea Women, Emma Hayes, could ever coach Chelsea Men. Jack organises a publicity stunt that he hopes will boost ticket sales as the team face their first pitch battles. When Jack was just 10 years old, his father admitted that he was grooming him to build a West Ham United Sullivan dynasty; it’s not unreasonable to think that running the women’s team is meant to serve as practice for running the men’s team. Emotional moment First Dates hopeful tells his match he's... WHO reveals Southern hemisphere experiences very few cases of flu, Grassroots campaign group create controversial video about Rishi Sunak, Off-duty police worker in Worthing crashes into pensioner on bike, Police in Wales interrupt church service amid coronavirus pandemic, 'Doesn't exist': Durham councillor claims Covid is 'a fake virus', Princess Delphine cries after winning right to become princess, Distressing moment morgue worker reveals piles of dead bodies, 'Very nice!' They were brought up from the third tier to the first of English women’s football in 2018 after the FA accepted their application. JavaScript seems to be disabled. He is dealt a blow when his number one and general manager Karen Ray suddenly hands in her notice a week before the start of the season in September. Is all forgiven once a club finally invests in a women’s team? Jack admits he has a big task ahead of him to transform the fortunes of the team. ', Role model: Jack's dad is billionaire David Sullivan, pictured, joint chairman of West Ham United and one the UKs richest men. Contains strong language. Take, for instance, head manager of the England Lionesses: Phil Neville, who had no knowledge about women’s football and no long term managerial experience but was still offered the number one job without even having to apply. Seven years on, he took on the Daily Sport and the Sunday Sport which stayed under his name for 21 years until he sold it for £40 million in 2007. Jack Sullivan… BBC cameras will follow Jack and the team on and off the pitch throughout the season. In July 2013 Sullivan became the largest single shareholder of West Ham United acquiring a further 25 per cent of shares in the club. Yet according to statements Jack made in the BBC Documentary, “Britain’s Youngest Football Boss,” he left school at 16, did a year of work experience for West Ham men’s team and then spoke to his father, not about the women’s team specifically, but rather about wanting “a task.” That was when his father gifted him “the ladies” when he was around age 18, in 2017. pic.twitter.com/FUaV2oSxZN. Don’t change your dream. It wasn’t until after the FA complaint and more bad media coverage that the club finally agreed to fully support the women’s team. Little left the club in 2015 after stating on Twitter that “there’s only so much you can take.” Hunt made a formal complaint to the FA in 2016 because the team couldn’t afford a physio and the players were wearing old kits with the names of former players crossed out on the back. Scott, though, has always wanted to be an on-air pundit and never a coach. As the team face their first battle on the pitch, will Jack’s new squad sink or swim? For example, the first female coach of Brazil’s women’s team, Emily Lima, was very well-liked before she was abruptly fired despite protests from many of the players. The show wasn’t called “West Ham United Women,” it was called “Britain’s Youngest Football Boss.” Jack is front and center in all of the promotional ads — a teenager with a baby face in charge of women who are more experienced than he is. There is the music itself, then there is the ongoing dialogue about how it feels. The papers are reflective of Sullivan's history in the adult industry with it best known for its semi-nude content of women. New Signings, A Crucial Cup Game, And Pep Talk From Dad | Britain’s Youngest Football Boss by BBC Three. David Sullivan made his millions in the porn industry before taking on West Ham FC in 2013. Jack explains he first did work experience at West Ham after leaving school. And while the bar for women in coaching remains impossibly high, the bar for men coaching elite women’s soccer is, at times, incredibly low. Yet according to statements Jack made in the BBC Documentary, “Britain’s Youngest Football Boss,” he left school at 16, did a year of work experience for West Ham men’s team and then spoke to his father, not about the women’s team specifically, but rather about wanting “a task.” That was when his father gifted him “the ladies” when he was around age 18, in 2017. Britain's Youngest Football Boss Series 1: Episode 4 Contains some strong language. Less than one year on in January 2010, joined by partner Gold, Sullivan invested in a 50 per cent share in West Ham United giving them commercial control and valuing the Premier League club at £105 million. Jack springs into action in an effort to further enhance the. Are you serious? There is a common notion that before any woman can even think about stepping foot on the sidelines of a men’s sacred football game, she better have several years of established success as a coach of a premier men’s teams. But wait, the only way a woman can make it to the top is to have already been at the top in a male dominated industry that has historically excluded women? Whenever I experience the dread from the constant debate regarding what women should be allowed to do, I think of Carrie Brownstein’s excellent quote about being asked to prove herself as a woman from her book, “Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl.”, “[T]here was always a sense we were going to have to defend and analyze what we were doing. Series following West Ham United's women’s team and their 18-year-old managing director Jack Sullivan, son of West Ham chairman David Sullivan, one of the richest men in Britain. The BBC Three documentary series follows West Ham United women's team and Jack as he faces the battle to take them to the top of the Women's Super League - the top flight in the British women's game. To this day, because I know no other way of being or feeling, I don’t know what it’s like to be a woman in a band — I have nothing else to compare it to. Please enable JavaScript to take full advantage of iPlayer. I jumped in head first.'. If he does manage to do it arguably it could be one of the most impressive things in football. David Sullivan is not what you would call a feminist pioneer, having became a young millionaire by producing porn movies which starred his own girlfriend. Could you see that happening? That, along with other shared experiences living as a woman in a male-dominated world, make me wonder what kind of coping mechanisms players put in place just to keep playing the sport they love. Featuring a behind-the-scenes look at the day-to-day life of the women’s team, coaches, backroom staff and management, ‘Britain’s Youngest Football Boss’ tells the story of what it takes to become a professional female footballer and the challenges the players face throughout the 2018/19 season. Jack's older brother David Junior, proudly boasts: 'When we're at home I'll be playing FIFA and Jack will be sending emails at ten o'clock at night trying to sign players. However, it shortly returned to publication on 8 May, after it was reacquired by Sullivan for £50,000. While there are nine female head coaches at the World Cup in France, not a single one was in the Nike ad, perhaps because showing a woman over the age of 35 isn’t really on brand. Jack Sullivan was appointed managing director of West Ham United women's team by his billionaire father and West Ham United co-chairman David Sullivan, 69, in 2017 - his first full-time job since leaving school at 16. Advertising in the Sunday Sport was once the responsibility of Sullivan's protegee Karren Brady (now better known for her role as Alan Sugar's aide on the Apprentice), who went on to work alongside Sullivan in both of his football clubs. After Jack became involved, West Ham United Women put together an application to the FA promising a substantial increase in financial resources. One of the players who has 'no idea' what Jack actually does, says: 'It's a little bit like "really? The goals Jack touts on camera are laudable; after investing several million pounds, bringing on a new coach and many new players, the team had a commendable WSL freshman season, making it to the FA Cup final and coming in 7th place in the 11-team league. As soon as that year finished I said, ‘Dad I want to do something, I want a task, a mission’ and that was to run the ladies, which I love. ', Plenty to prove: Jack's family have full confidence in his abilities but some members of the women's team are less certain and question whether he has the experience needed for the role, Britain's Youngest Football Manager is available to watch on BBC Three iPlayer from 10am on Wednesday 5 December. Sullivan now publishes the paper three times a week as Midweek Sport (Wednesdays), Weekend Sport (Fridays) and Sunday Sport, through his company Sunday Sport. Granted, Jack is no ordinary teenager; he is the son of David Sullivan, the billionaire owner of West Ham United. If Jack one day loses interest and moves on to his next project or passing interest, will the women’s team continue to receive adequate resources? David is confident of his teenage son's abilities to manage the women's team - even if the players themselves are unsure about his young age. In terms of me I've had to deal with kit issues and a lot of other issues that Karen would have dealt with. 4:33. When a teenager can be a Managing Director of a women’s team but a grown woman can’t be a coach of a men’s team.