My favorites are when BJ made this cologne.That changes people to a new person. Beetlejuice also loves causing mayhem in the Neitherworld and being filthy, and this last makes Beetlejuice have a pathological and psychotic hatred of baths. It made BJ from a nasty ghost to a clean ghost. Beetlejuice song. Stories about Garfield the cat, Odie the dog, their owner Jon and the trouble they get into, and Orson the Pig and his adventures on a farm with fellow farm animals. He can also become incapacitated mentally and/or emotionally in certain circumstances. A fantastically imaginative comedy about a … Beetlejuice Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. Charles Deetz voiced by Roger Dunn . The animated series was a mega breakout hit for ABC in its initial seasons, and later became one of the first cartoon animated series to ever air on Fox's weekday afternoons children's lineup, though also remaining on ABC's Saturday morning schedules, making it one of the first animated shows to air concurrently on two different United States broadcast networks. Droopy and his son Dripple are detectives on the mean streets of the city. Bad Neighbor Beetlejuice (1989) Season 1 Episode 1-07A- Beetlejuice Cartoon Episode Guide. A number of times, Beetlejuice interacted with Lydia's parents in the "real world" of Peaceful Pines, always under the name of "Mr. Beetleman", and in a couple of instances, he performed a gender change on himself to become a teenage girl about Lydia's age at Lydia's school as "Mr. Beetleman's" younger female relative "Betty Juice", along with twice appearing as the male gender "Cousin BJ" claiming to be on Delia's side of the family. Beetlebones: Beetlejuice's skeleton. However, she is also a strength for him, as she has a powerful influence over him and almost certainly makes him a better person than he would be without her; he will generally (however reluctantly) do the right thing in the end if she asks it of him. Odious: A form he used when pretending to be a stray dog. He was very reluctant in having his funnybone restored, only doing it for the sake of preventing it to get out of hand. The animated version of Beetlejuice is quite different from his live-action film counterpart. However, the episode is revealed to have been a dream sequence, which likely accounts for the discrepancy. Beetlejuice's Funnybone: Claims to be able to "crack people up". The antics of Fred, Barney, Wilma and Betty as children who live in Bedrock. On one occasion, he says "This literal translation stuff slays me", which causes giant letters reading "Literal Translation Stuff" to fall from the sky and crush him.) Beetlejuice is shown crying (as an adult) several times during the course of the series -. Also Known As: [8], On November 5, 2012, it was announced that Time Life (under Warner Home Video license) had acquired the rights to the series and planned to release it on DVD in 2013. Beetlejuice is a 1988 American comedy horror fantasy film directed by Tim Burton, produced by The Geffen Film Company and distributed by Warner Bros. Beetlejuice: The Animated Series is an American-Canadian animated television series loosely based on the film of the same name; it aired from September 9, 1989 to December 6, 1998 showing reruns.